Summary: When the Akastuki attempt to extract the Kyuubi, a fail-safe in the seal placed by the Yondaime kicks in taking Naruto away from the ninja world forever. He is taken in for training by Bahamut the dragon king and is now a member of the guild Fairy Tail striving to build his own legend and defend his new home. The Challenger's NarutoXFairyTail challenge NarutoXHarem

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From Ninja to Mage

"So where to first ero-sennin?" asked Naruto. The two had been traveling for a few hours now since departing the leaf village for Naruto's training trip. The whole time so far Naruto had been bouncing around raving about all the new jutsus he was going to learn in three years, so he forgot to ask where they were going. They had just exited a forest and were following a path through a green hilly area.

"Show some respect brat!" grunted Jiraiya, 'I thought the jutsu craze would keep him occupied for another day at least. Kid is actaully getting sharper.'

"Yeah, yeah whatever ero-sennin. Where are we going?" asked Naruto again.

"If you must know we are heading to the Temple of the Fire Monks just outside the eastern entrance of fire country. They will help turn that crap brawling style you have into actual taijustu..." he suddenly paused in the middle of his statement on full alert. Naruto noticed this and dropped into a ready stance of his own. His eyes darted around the area searching for what was out of place.

"What's going on?" questioned Naruto the playful tone now dropped from his voice. Jiraiya nodded up ahead and Naruto followed his eyes to the crest of the large hill behind the short hill in front of them. He was able to make out four figures slowly walking towards them.

"Looks this will be easy pickings, yeah?" stated one of four emerging figures coming over the hillside. They could now make out that the four figures were dressed in cloaks with red clouds came into clear view.

'Akatsuki!' shot through the minds of both toad summoners.

"You said we had three years!" whispered an agitated Naruto. As good as Jiraiya was even Naruto knew he wouldn't be able to beat four of these guys at one time. They needed to find some means of escape back to the village. As strong as these four were they wouldn't stand a chance against the entire military force of a hidden village.

'This is really bad. If I can activate Sage Mode, I'll possibly be able to stall them, while Naruto retreats to the village before having the toads summon me back to their realm. I'll have him use the escape plan we came up with after our last run in with these guys.' thought Jiraiya as he began making signals to Naruto.

"Plans change kid, it's the nature of the business. Deidara, Kakuzu, Itachi and Kisame? Isn't this overkill for one kid?" questioned Jiraiya as the four Akatsuki had reached the crest of the hill in front of them.

"The kid is easy pickings, we came here for you old man." stated a smirking Kisame.

"We do not come across one as skilled as yourself quite often Jiraiya of the Sannin. If you fight well enough perhaps I will replace one of my hearts with yours." added Kakuzu.

"Naruto-kun, come with us and your sensei can live." offered Itachi.

"I think you guys are underestimating us. Now Naruto!" yelled Jiraiya as he went through the hand signs and slammed his hands on the ground to summon. Naruto made the hand sign for Kage Bushin and smoke suddenly filled the area blinding their opponents. When it cleared it revealed Jiraiya with two old toads sitting in his shoulder, two copies of him standing to his right, and nearly a thousand Narutos with various toads accompanying him filling the area behind him.

"They said the kid had a lot of chakra, but this is insane. Perhaps after the extraction is done I'll use his heart as well." commented Kakuzu.

"All this chakra has Samehada exited for a good meal." gloated Kisame.

"Such disrespectful children Ma!" commented one of the toads on Jiraiya's shoulder.

"Yes, we should help Jiraiya-chan teach them some manners!" replied the other.

"It seems we have no choice. Kill the Sannin and capture the Jinchuriki." ordered Itachi.

"MOVE IT!" yelled Jiraiya as he engaged Kakuzu and Kisame while his clones pursued Itachi and Deidara. The Naruto clones and toads jumped into action all fleeing in random directions through the forest they just exited. Deidara summoned a bird of clay and took to the air in attempt to strike down the clone army from above the forest, however Jiriaya's clone used a couple of fireballs to steer him away from Naruto's escape. Itachi stared all the clones down with his spinning Mangekyou Sharingan eyes as Jiraiya's clone approached him before withdrawing a kunai and throwing at one of the toads fleeing with the mass of clones. It struck right through the toads right shoulder pinning it to a tree. In a puff of smoke it revealed itself to be the real Naruto. He began leak Kyuubi chakra, when suddenly Itachi appeared in front of him and everything went black. Itachi removed the kunai and lifted the boy up into the air. Deidara glided by on his clay bird and the bird swallowed Naruto up. The Itachi in front of the Jiraiya clone dissolved into a flock of ravens that swarmed the clone forcing it to dissolve into mud.

"Take him back to base so leader can place him in stasis for the extraction. I will help finish off Jiraiya." ordered Itachi as he returned his attention to the skirmish will Jiraiya.

"Sure just take all the fun, yeah. I hope leader doesn't plan capture the rest this way. It would be too easy." complained Diedara as he flew away.

"DAMMIT! NARUTO!" yelled Jiraiya as he tried to escape to save him only to be walled of by two masks of Kakuzu.

"Nothing personal old man, like you said before it's just the nature of the business!" Kisame yelled as he forced Jiraiya to dodge a swing from Samehada.

Naruto grimaced in pain as he slowly awakened. He had no idea how much time had passed since he was knocked out, all he could remember was Itachi appearing in front of him, then nothing. He tried to move only to find himself paralyzed from the neck down and his mouth gagged. Odd cylindrical black rods were stabbed into his arms and legs. He looked down to see himself shirtless and bound on the center of a large stone circular tablet. A dark-haired man wearing Akatsuki robes and an orange spiral mask was leaning over him staring down at his exposed seal.

"The sealing abilities of the Yondaime Hokage are truly unrivaled. If we had not taken down Jiraiya and utilized the notes from his instructions on how to tweak the seal we might never have managed to crack this thing." spoke the man as he scratched his chin.

'Dammit! Not ero-sennin!' thought Naruto as he grunted. The last images he had of Jiraiya staring down the Akastuki flashed through his mind.

"Yes, we had to take him out for obvious reasons, but don't blame us. Your own village sold you two out, well not the whole village just the council. They figured they could pull a fast one on me by simply coughing you up in exchange for not attacking their precious village. They figured we couldn't crack the seal, but they didn't figure on us taking down Jiraiya and stealing his knowledge! What fools! Don't worry, one of my associates has a grudge against your village, he'll take revenge for you!" stated the man cheerfully. Naruto merely possessed a look of horror, then anger, followed by defeat. Then suddenly there was a spark of hope and defiance in his eyes.

'I'm going to die anyway, I might as well release the fox and take them all down with me!' thought Naruto has he attempted to retreat into his mind to cage in the sewers holding back the fox only to find that he couldn't enter his mind scape. After a few tries he began to panic.

"Ah, trying to do the classic, 'I'm takin them down with me!'? Too bad we already tweaked your seal to cut you off from the Kyuubi completely! Good try though!" patronized the man as he wagged his finger at Naruto.

"Madara, it's time." stated an orange haired man with piercings all over his face that appeared on the fringes of Naruto's vision.

"Well, it has been fun young one, but all good things must come to an end. Have fun on the other side eh kid? Look at bright side at least you won't be seen as the Kyuubi anymore." said Madara as he backed up a short distance away. The orange haired man now stood in front of Naruto and began flipping through various hand seals before stopping at ram. The black rods in Naruto's body began to glow with a white aura. Naruto felt himself fully paralyzed when the seal holding back the fox gained a blueish glow.

"Good, so it's working after all." stated Madara when suddenly the seal started to spin at a high rate and a blue column of chakra emitted from it.

"What is this!" exclaimed the orange haired man.

"Pein, what's going on!" yelled Madara.

"The seal it's acting on it's own! I'm not controlling it!" he replied. The chakra column died down and a poof of smoke appeared to reveal the kneeling form of the Yondaime Hokage.

"Impossible! You've been inside the seal the whole time!" exclaimed Madara.

The Yondaime looked at him with recognition, "It's you the one who sent the Kyuubi. I knew you would come back for it. That's why I added this small addition to the seal at the last minute. A fail-safe, if you will, to protect my son if need be."

He looked down at Naruto, "I know you're probably angry with me for giving you this burden, but you were the only one I could trust not to abuse this power. You've done well my son, from here on out you won't have to carry this world on your shoulders anymore. My fail-safe was to send you to another place, a dimension that you will only be able to travel to one time and stay there forever. Good luck Naruto, know that I'm proud of you and believe in you." He then placed his hand in front of the seal and it suddenly gained a golden glow, soon the glow encompassed Naruto's entire body.

"You will not foil my plans again!" yelled Madara as he and Pein attacked the Yondaime only to phase right through him.

"It's too late, my body hear is only a chakra construct. Shinigami-sama allowed my consciousness to appear hear because of the contract we made. " stated the Yondaime as he and Naruto suddenly disappeared in a flash of bright light.

"Damn him! The moon's eye plan ruined! All my plans ruined!" exclaimed Madara in rage.

Makarov sighed as he leaned back against the rock he was sitting in front of and took a long sip of the cup of ale he held. He had been on his way back to Magnolia town when he decided to take a detour through the mountains to check in on his old friend Bahamut the king of dragons. One of Bahamut's mountains was merely a cover for his stockpiling of barrels of ale he would pilfer from time to time. After days of dealing with those fools in the council, he really needed to kick back and have a few drinks. They had been on his guild's case again for their blatant disregard of the rules and regulations established by the council. He finally became fed up with their useless bickering and told them exactly where they could shove their idiotic regulations before rubbing their faces in the fact that Fairy Tail was the number one guild for client satisfaction by a wide margin. He went to take another sip to find his cup only to find it empty. After finding the barrel he was drinking from empty, he moved to open another.

"This ale isn't free ya know. I'll be expecting two barrels of that rum you get shipped in from the Eastern Port in return." commented Bahamut as he eyed Makarov opening another barrel.

"Not like you pay for this.." grumbled Makarov as he poured himself another cup.

"What was that?" questioned Bahamut with a pointed glare.

"I said even Igneel has adopted a kid to train, what about you? I figure the Dragon King would want to have his own pupil to parade as the toughest mage around." suggested Makarov attempting to change the subject.

"You act like kids just fall out the sky these days! Besides I won't take in just anybody! I have a reputation to keep up!" countered a snorting Bahamut.

"Yeah, yeah you just don't want anybody cramping your style. Be hard to drink, pick up chicks, and cause mischief while lugging a kid around." retorted Makarov.

"Exactly! I'm not getting any younger! I've got to make good use of my prime years!" replied the dragon as he took another gulp of ale. Both drinkers were distracted by a bright flash of white light that originated from high in the sky. They looked to see something falling towards the ground from high up above the mountain tops where the light originated at fast speeds. Makarov's eyes widened as he made out what it was.

"It's a person!" he yelled as he raised his arms up sending out a swirl of winds to slow their descent. His actions cause the person's speed to slow down to a float. Bahamut had taken to the skies swooping around to catch them on his back before descending back to the ground. As he landed he used his tail to grab the person from his back and place him on the ground in front of Makarov. Makarov leaned down to check them over. The person turned out to be a young boy with blond hair and whisker like marks on his cheeks. He was shirtless with a necklace on and some strange markings on his stomach. After finding that the boy was breathing and had a steady pulse he checked over his extremities finding what looked like stabbing wounds on the boys arms and legs.

"The boy appears to be fine, but he looks like he got roughed up pretty good." commented Makarov as he looked over his body checking out other small wounds.

"Where did he come from?" pondered Bahamut aloud as he looked back into the sky where the boy appeared.

"Well you said you wouldn't take just anybody, so this kid decided to just fall out of the sky for you. Ready made so he wouldn't cramp your style." joked Makarov.

"Hmph! We don't know anything about him! He could be some weakling!" proclaimed Bahamut.

After patching up the wounds as best he could Makarov poured some water down the boy's throat. This seemed to jump start the kid as he began to stir. Suddenly his eyes blinked open and he sat up taking a look around. His eyes landed on Makarov and he seemingly blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"Hey old man this must be the fire temple right? Where's ero-sennin? He must have put me in a genjustu to knock me out cause I was annoying him. It was crazy! I got captured by the teme's brother and then this weird dude in a orange mask was talking to me. For an evil guy was weird trying to act all nice and all. What's so nice about trying to kill me ya know? Oh! And then the Yondaime appeared and he was like 'I'm your dad!'. I was like 'What the hell man! You put a demon in your son's gut!' but then I was like 'Holy crap! I'm freakin son of the Yondaime! I rule!' Then I woke up. Hey do you guys have any ramen? Whoa! A dragon summon awesome! I wish I didn't have toads now, dragons are way cooler. Hah! The teme owes me money, he said there was no dragon summons..." Naruto just rambled on and on, only to finally to be silenced by the laughter of Bahamut.

"Hey what are you laughing at! I don't care if you are a super cool dragon! I'm Naruto Uzumaki I'll still kick your ass!" declared Naruto shaking his fist at the dragon. This prompted Bahamut to laugh even harder and Makarov to snicker.

"Don't mind him he's had too much to drink -"Hey!"- anyway I'm not quite sure about what you just said, but you just happened to fall out of the sky not not fifteen minutes ago." said Makarov.

"What are you talking about old man? Where's ero-sennin?" asked Naruto with a confused expression.

"Maybe I can clear things up." stated Makarov.

Makarov placed his hand on Naruto's head and sifted through his memories and thoughts. Bahamut had placed the tip of his tail on Makarov's shoulder to also tap into the connection.

"Ah, I see now." stated Makarov removing his hand from Naruto's head.

"What? What?" asked Naruto impatiently.

"What happened to you was not a dream my young friend. It was all true. In a stroke of good fortune, your father's seal really did send you here successfully. However, I'm sorry to say that he was correct in there being no way for you to return." he said observing the boy for his reaction. A frown appeared on Naruto's face as he took it all in.

'Dammit, now I can't become hokage or keep my promise. But, being a Hokage is about making tough choices me being gone forever keeps everyone safe from those psychos, not just my precious people, the whole world! I have to do it's what the old man or even my dad would have done.' thought Naruto as a spark of determination appeared in his eyes once again.

"It's no big deal if this keeps my friends safe, then I'm all for it. Besides I'm the son of the Yondaime I can deal with anything." he stated proudly.

"Well said, ah I guess we should introduce ourselves. This is here his Bahamut the dragon king and I'm Makarov Guildmaster of Fairy Tail."

"Eh, what the heck is a guild master and a fairy tail?" questioned Naruto scratching the back of his head.

"Thats right, I should explain this world to you..." said Makarov as he launched into a detailed explanation about the world, mages, guilds and even the council. After he was done Naruto just stared at him with a completely dumbfounded expression.

"Eh, could you say that one more time?" asked a puzzled Naruto. Bahamut snorted before jumping in.

"Let me give this a shot Makarov. Hey kid you know those ninja villages in your home world? Their kind of like the guilds in this world. The mages are like ninjas and guildmasters are like the kages. And mages wield magic instead of chakra." stated Bahamut.

"Ah, I get it now!" exclaimed Naruto as he nodded sagely.

'How in the world did that make sense to him?' thought Makarov.

Deep within Naruto's mind behind a door labeled "Knowledge" several Narutos were sitting at desks writing on various scrolls. One of the Narutos jumped up and threw away the scroll he was just working on entitled "The New World" before he grabbed a scroll labeled "How the World Works" a simply started replacing the words ninja with mage, chakra with magic, etc.

"Hey, kid since you're new here what do you think about joining my guild? We can offer you exciting jobs that are just like missions! They'll be way better than those boring missions you had to put up with!" proposed Makarov. Naruto merely stared at Makarov with an intense look of concentration while scratching his chin.

"What?" questioned Makarov he figured from the kids personality the missions would make it an easy sell.

"You remind of me of old man Hokage, so I'll join." finally answered a grinning Naruto. Apparently the kid wasn't as simple minded as he thought.

"Excellent, perhaps I could take a talented kid like you on as an apprentice..." began Makarov as he scratching his chin in thinking fashion only to be stopped by Bahamut.

"There will be no need for that. A kid like this is exactly what I was looking for. He's got guts and is tougher than nails, he'll be training under me." stated Bahamut.

"Who says you get to keep him? A young talent like this would do wonders under my tutelage with Fairy Tail. He's a shining example of the true spirit of our guild." countered Makarov.

Deep within Naruto's mind in a room behind a door labeled "Decision-Making" a Naruto dressed like Jiraiya riding atop a dragon did battle with a Shadow clone army of Narutos dressed like the third Hokage.

"I tell you what, you let me take the kid under my wing and I'll let you keep your rum. After he's done he can go join your little guild." offered Bahamut.

"Deal!" declared Makarov while on the inside he thinking, 'Haha sucker! I acquire a new recruit for the guild, don't have to train him, and keep my rum!'

"Wait a minute, you're a dragon so what exactly will you be teaching me? It's not like you can do human stuff." questioned Naruto.

"Who needs that weak human magic! You will learn to wield the five elemental armors crafted from the scales of the most powerful dragons to ever have existed!" proclaimed Bahamut.

"You're pretty lucky kid, most dragon's just grant their pupils the ability of dragon-slayer magic limiting them to one element. You'll get five! The dragon style requip magic is particularly powerful. Even I've never seen the armors of Wildfire, Torrent, Halo, Hardrock, and Strata in action." elaborated Makarov.

Bahamut was now giving Naruto an appraising eye trying to get a good sense for his current powers. "I will also help you augment the abilities you already possess, it seems your journey here converted your old chakra into your own brand of magic. It seems your old ninja techniques are now your personal magical style independent of what I will teach you."

"Yes, I can sense it too. How curious I wonder if that was a natural occurrence by your arrival or a result of your seal?" contemplated Makarov.

"I think it was nature balancing him out as the fox's power no longer mingles with his own. Though it still exists inside him they are now completely independent of one another." replied Bahamut.

"Does that mean it can break free?" asked Naruto.

"No, it is trapped within its own realm inside of you. Also, I no longer sense the malevolence your memories tending to associate with its powers. It's as if its energies have been balanced out." answered Makarov.

"Maybe, we should go check it out." suggested Naruto.

"We can't do that for just as the fox cannot reach out to you, you cannot reach out to it. Very curious..." said Bahamut.

"We can figure all this out later. Come along now you should come meet the guild before you start your training so you can become an official mage." ordered Makarov.

"Get him some new clothes too, no more of that orange kid. You do need your clothes to gain attention anymore your skills will do the talking." added Bahamut.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Hey can we stop for ramen? I'm starving!" exclaimed Naruto as his stomach growled.

"What the hell is ramen?" said Makarov with a straight face. A look of utter horror crossed Naruto's face, 'No ramen...'

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he screamed causing Makarov and Bahamut to erupt with laughter.

'Too easy!' they thought.

1.5 Years Later

"I'll never get tired of seeing this place." stated Naruto as he admired the giant Fairy Tail sign while walking into the door of the guild. Bahamut liked to him send back to Fairy Tail every so often to rack up experience by doing jobs and break up the monotony of training all the time. Recently his training had prevented him from taking a job for four months, so he badly needed to kick some ass. As he entered he came face to face with the usual sight that he found even on the first day he entered, a giant brawl.

"And people used to call me hyperactive..." he muttered as he walked through brawl avoiding getting sucked in and moved past the bar right over to the job postings. His time spent training under Bahamut and had mellowed him out a bit. Now he actaully paused to think about things before then throwing a punch, the delay often caught people off guard. He would normally join in a good brawl, but he really wanted to get out on a job. He quickly scanned the wall when his eyes came across the posting of a B-Rank job with decent pay. He saw another hand starting to reach for it so he snatched it quickly and started to read it.

'So glad old man Makarov took my ninja experience into account when I got my mage license allowing me to skip those lame ass job equivalent's to D-rank missions...' his thoughts were interrupted by a white haired girl jumping in his face.

"What do you think you're doing! A punk like you doesn't deserve that job, it's mine!" she screamed at him.

"White hair, blue eyes, goth clothing..oh no..Not you again!" groaned Naruto. Ever since this girl Mirajane first laid eyes on him all she'd done was pick fights with him. She used to get under his skin, but now he just got her riled up for the fun of it.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean you jerk?" she said poking her finger into his chest.

"Not even a crazy bitch like you is going to ruin today! My first mission in six months!" he suddenly felt a chill down his spine and looked in front of him to see the eyes of a demon looking to claim his soul, "Shit, I said that out loud didn't I."

"It was nice knowing you man." said Elfman from behind Mirajane as he bowed and gave a quick prayer.

"DIE!" she screamed as he jumped on top of him and pummeled him into oblivion.

"Mira-nee always so violent." Lisanna shook her head as she watched from beside her brother. A moment latter Mirajane stood and dusted her hands off while admiring the now bruised and blooded form of Naruto.

"Serves you right!" she gloated until Naruto suddenly turned into a puff of smoke.

"I don't have time to play with you today, maybe next time!" rang the voice of a snickering Naruto who was walking out the main door.

"ARGH! That bastard! I'm going to kill him!" she screamed.

"Mira-nee if you like him so much you shouldn't be so mean to him all the time." commented Lisanna.

"Hmph! Who would like a loser like him!" she replied turning her nose up at the thought. However, Elfman spotted the slight blush on her face and decided to tease her.

"You usually just insult everyone else as you walk by like they're not worth your time. He's the only one you actually take the time to pick fights with! You're way to obvious." He soon found himself flying through a wall courtesy of her fist.

"Not another word." she threatened before snatching a job off the wall. "Common Lisanna we'll show that punk who's who around here. I bet that mission sucked anyway." she said as she stomped off with Lisanna following behind her.

Naruto was now catching a ride out to an island on a medium sized speed boat captained by a old man and his dog. Since he had no other passengers the old man gave him a discount for the short trip across the sea. Naruto leaned over the side of the boat clad in a dark red sleeveless shirt and black gloves and headband along with black pants with red trim. Tsunade's necklace hung around his neck. He scanned over the details of the job one more time.

B Class Job

Threat levels - medium

Pay - 100000 J

Task- Group of Cultists illegally captured citizens and are using them as slaves. Using them to build paradise tower AKA R-system in order to resurrect the spirit of the Black Mage Zeref. Take out cultists, free the illegal slaves, and destroy the tower to prevent resurrection of Zeref.

'This isn't B Class job because of the difficulty, but the amount of work that needs to be done. I could free the slaves first, they might be eager for some payback or I could just swamp the whole tower with shadow clones or maybe both. I hope there is at least one good fight, then maybe I can awaken one of these damn armors!'

While initially excited that he would be wielding the elemental armors he found that awakening his abilities was not a simple process. He scratched the tattoo of the symbol for fire that now displayed on his right shoulder. He now possessed a tattoo for each of the five armors on his right arm in addition to his fairy tail tattoo on his upper left shoulder, but he had yet to acquire the ability to wield one. Each tattoo represented the linking of the armors magic with his own. "The armors are nearly sentient so when the time is right the armor will come to you" Bahamut had told him over and over again. His patience was beginning to run thin though.

'It's almost been 2 years! I should be able to wield at least one by now!' he thought to himself, "Oh well I can't dwell that now it's mission time. The improvements we've made on my ninja skills will carry me through.'

"Land Ho!" shouted the old man from his steering wheel as the dog barked in response.

Naruto stood up looking to see they had reached the target island. He tossed the old guy a tip before jumping off boat and onto shore.

"Thanks for the ride old man." he said waving over his shoulder as he walked away.

"No problem, Fairy Tail looks out for one another." he said flashing Naruto the Fairy Tail tattoo on his wrist as he turned the boat around to head back in the other direction.

'No wonder I didn't see an engine. He was using his magic to power it.' thought Naruto as walked away from the shore. Suddenly the paper in his hand for the job vanished into thin air.

"What the hell?" he shouted, shocked by it before shaking his head and turning to look up at the massive structure in front of him, "So this is Paradise Tower, what a bunch of nut jobs. Alright first I break out the slaves then, then I bring this place down."

In front of him was the main gate of the tower. He used a Rasengan to bust down the gate revealing several paths and tunnels. He formed several clones to search out for the location he desired. He waited patiently for a few minutes before one of his clones dispelled relaying the location of the slaves to him. He the descended down the stairs of the tunnel to the far right.

Down in the cells the slaves sat quietly agonizing over their predicament. There was a creaking sound as the cell gate suddenly swung open and the slaves looked up to see the trembling form of a shackled Erza entering.

"Hey nee-san you're okay!" exclaimed on of the children.

"Idiot look at her how can you say she's okay!" replied an older boy.

"What about Gerard, he said he was going to get past those guys to save you..." asked another boy before an old man cut him off.

"Just let her sit quietly, poor girl must have suffered a lot in the punishment chamber."

Erza didn't respond to any of them, just kept slowly walking forward.

"But what about Gerard..." the old man shook his head to silence him but he kept on speaking, "I bet he got caught and taken in her place. Those bastards!"

"I WANT TO GO HOME!" yelled one of the crying children.

"What's all the racket in here!" yelled one of the cultists as he and another guard stormed the cell.

"Calm down Shou!" pleaded a boy as he tried to comfort the child.

"It's okay Shou-kun, Gramps is here." said the old man trying to help as well.

"You better shut up you little whelp before I cut your tongue out!" yelled one of the guards. He suddenly began choking and grasped his throat. Everyone saw the tip of a knife sticking out of the front of his throat as blood gushed from his neck before he collapsed to the ground dead. They all sat there stunned and not saying a word.

"What the hell was that!" yelled the other guard before his eyes suddenly rolled up the back of his head as he collapsed. When his body hit the floor three kunai knives could be seen sticking out of his back.

"Two assholes down plenty more to go." rang out a voice. They all turned to see the form of Naruto holding more knives in his hands with traces of blood splashed over his clothing. Footsteps were heard as a group of twenty cultists charged around the corner and came face to face with the scene.

"It's him the intruder! Kill him now!" roared the man in front.

"Time to get wild!" he yelled as began to rush forward to take down the charging cultists. He formed four shadow clones to even out the numbers he began to cut them down left and right. About twelve of them surrounded him to cut him off from the slaves as the rest of the group marched forward to the cells the leader of this guard group among them.

"One of you must be responsible somehow! No one should know about this island! No matter he'll soon be dead and as example to all slaves some of you will die! Starting with you!" he pointed the tip of his spear at Shou and started charging forward when shout rang out.

"RASENGAN!" yelled Naruto as the spiraling sphere shot forward out of his hand like a bullet into the side of the cultist send him crashing into a wall. He then slumped to the ground dead with a massive hole in his torso leaking blood.

"Yo, you guys just gonna stand there or are you going to fight for your freedom! These guys are nothing but pansies!" he yelled back at them while ducking a stab before landing a kick that sent an enemy flying.

His words cause Erza's eyes to widen as she remembered what Gerard had told her. "We have to fight..."

She gained a determined glint in her eye as she picked up one of the dropped weapons before charging forward and cutting through the reaming cultists in front of them. Even Naruto and his clones stared in awe as she proceeded to slice the remaining cultists to shreds.

'Where did that come from? She took out the other half by herself!' he thought.

"We won't become free by following orders or running away," she said turning around to face her fellow slaves, "We have to Fight! Stand up for Freedom!"

Inspired by her words the rest of the slaves stood up and armed themselves with what they could find.

"Follow me! I'll show you the way out!" yelled Naruto as he ran up the stairs.

After arriving outside from the cells, Naruto and the slaves came face to face with an army of cultists hell-bent on squashing the revolt.

"You think you can rebel! Put them all down!" yelled the head of the cultist army.

The sides charged in a massive clash with the slaves fighting tooth and nail for their freedom.

"You won't take advantage of us! Kill them all! Kill all the slaves!" yelled the cultists.

"We have the numbers! We will have our freedom!" roared the slaves. Naruto was at the head of the charge cutting down cultist left and right with brutal efficiency. He formed to clones to aid in the battle, which didn't go unnoticed by the cultists.

"That kid he's not one of the slaves he's a mage! Call in the magicians to take him down!" yelled a cultist.

"Shit!" yelled Naruto as he looked to Erza, "You seem to be the leader of these guys, stick to regular cultists I'll handle the magicians."

"Wait, you can't do it alone! I can help you!" she replied.

"Don't worry I'm a Fairy Tail Mage I can take it!" he grinned before he jumped over the cultists in front of him and charged the incoming magicians.

'He's like Ojii-san...A real Fairy Tail mage...' she thought stunned.

"You bastards think you can take illegal slaves and no one would find out about it! All to resurrect some stupid god? You answer to me! ODAMA RASENGAN!" He formed a Rasengan the size of his body and threw it at the Magicians lined up to fight him. The attack plowed through their ranks leaving a huge trench in its wake. The Magicians regrouped and began to rapidly fire blasts of magical energy from their staffs. Naruto countered by forming a group of clones and who proceeded to dodge their attacks and fire Rasengans in retaliation. One of the Magicians noticed he had directed their fire away from the rebels taking the brunt of their attack by himself. Seizing the opportunity he jumped behind his fellow warriors using them as cover and took aim at the rebels and fired a blast directly towards Erza.

"Erza!" yelled old man Rob as he dove in front of her to take the blast. He braced himself for the hit, but was stunned as it never came. He open his eyes to see a smoking Naruto crouched in front of him with his arms crossed.

"That was a cheap shot!" grunted a panting Naruto as he staggered to his feet. The blast hadn't hurt him too much, but it took a lot of energy to block it.

"This boy...incredible..." uttered Rob in awe. Now up close to the boy he got a good look at the Fairy Tail tattoo on his arm.

"What are you going to do now boy! There's no way you can keep this up! Just give up now and your death will be painless!" declared one of the magicians.

The guy was right, Naruto while possessing massive reserves of his own, being cut off from the Kyuubi's power put a halt to him having an infinite supply of power. Still he wasn't going down without a fight. He still possessed one thing that was greater than any of theirs, willpower.

"I don't care if you have another million people on your side! I'll never give up! I won't stop until all these people are free!" he yelled digging deeper than he ever dug before for energy.

"Tajuu Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" he declared forming enough clones to outnumber the cultist five to one.

"What is this kid!" one of them yelled.

"He's on his last legs crush him!" another yelled. They started to charge only to be halted in their tracks as bunch of weapons had raised in to the air above the clone army pointed at them.

"What is this?" they yelled.

Everyone turned to see Erza with her hands raised in the air.

"I won't give up, we won't give up until everyone is free!" she yelled as the weapons launched towards the magicians. They tried to flee unsuccessfully as the mass of weapons cut them down to shreds.

"Awesome nee-san can use magic too!" exclaimed one of the kids.

"With two magic users this good there's no way we can lose!" declared another.

The remaining cultists stared at them in horror.

"COME WITH ME!" yelled Erza lifting her sword into the air.

"COMMON EVERYBODY! LETS GET WILD!" roared the Narutos leading the charge.

The cultists were now on their heels and soon overwhelmed by the slave revolt and Naruto's clones. As the rebels drove the cultists back, the deserters were ambushed by another group of Naruto clones waiting for them at the docks. When the battle started Naruto had set aside a group of clones to protect the young children who couldn't fight and lead them to a ship. The kids and the clones prepared the ship for the slaves escape from the Island. Now that the battle was over everyone moved to the ship excited that their freedom was finally secured.

"Hey, where's Erza?" questioned an older boy.

"She went to find Gerard." replied Rob.

"Nee-san should have been back by now." stated a little girl.

"Shit, you guys go ahead and take off. I'll find Erza and catch up." said Naruto as he turned and ran back towards the tower.

"What's the rush? We can wait." asked the older boy from before.

"I got orders to blow this place sky high. It wouldn't do any good for you guys to be around when that happened. Don't worry I'll make sure that she's safe." he shouted over his shoulder.

"Alright, then good luck!" yelled Rob as Naruto ran back inside.

When Erza arrived at Gerard's location she freed him from his restraints, but then noticed that something was off. He started spouting nonsense about how true freedom was right here and he wasn't leaving. He then used some strange magic to kill some cultists that had been beaten and were barely clinging to life. She pleaded with him to run away and how all their friends were waiting for him, but then he started ranted about Zeref and completing the tower. She thought he was acting strange because he was tortured and declared that they leaving. He then turned on her. Gerard lifted his hand and released a blast of magic sending Erza flying down a tunnel, before she landed skidding along the ground. She rolled over onto her stomach groaning.

"Go ahead, if you want to leave so much then go ahead on your own. However, the rest of your friends will stay here with me to finish this tower. I won't be like them ruling through force and fear. I will give them clothes, food, and the privilege of working for the great mage Zeref!" he proclaimed.

"What are you talking about! Everyone is waiting for us, no one will come back to work here! Open your eyes Gerard..." she was silenced by Gerard lifting up his hand and using his dark magic to choke her.

"I don't need you anymore. As a reward for getting rid of those nuiscances I won't kill you. You can go and find your fleeting 'freedom'." he stated.

"Ge...rard..." she gasped out.

"I'll trust you not to speak of this to anyone, if the government were to find out about this tower of paradise plan everything would be ruined. I would have to destroy the evidence of this tower and eliminate all the workers. You can never return here, if you do I'll start killing all your little friends! How bout I start with Shou..or even better that old man you're so fond of! hahaha!" he cackled with evil laughter as he tightened the grip on her throat.

"No..." she gasped out with tears pouring out of her eyes.

"That is your precious 'Freedom'! Live on with the lives of your nakama resting on your back Erza! AHAHAHAHA!" cackled Gerard only to be blindsided by a punch to the face that sent him flying.

"Not in this lifetime asshole. She's already free." a voice declared. Gerard scrambled to his feet to see the sight of Naruto holding a crying Erza.

"Who the hell are you! What are you doing here!" Gerard demanded.

"Me? I'm a Fairy Tail mage. What I'm doing? Starting a slave revolt, killing off cultists, destroying this tower, but for some reason since seeing this girl cry really seems to piss me off, I'm going to be kicking your ass." Naruto leveled a glare right at Gerard.

"Just, great the fucking government has found out already!" Gerard yelled.

"I'm pretty sure that if the government knew about all this, they'd have sent more than me." retorted Naruto.

"Then it doesn't matter. One lowly mage! Big mistake, you can't compete with the power of Zeref!" he cackled with glee. He launched a blast of magic at Naruto, but he dodged by jumping to the side. Naruto then knelt down to lean Erza against the wall of the cavern they were in.

"I know what's it's like to be looked down upon, to be treated like I was less than a person. What you're doing isn't the answer! Do you see you're doing nothing but continuing what they started!" roared Naruto.

"Why do you care! These people are nothing to you!" exclaimed Gerard.

"Maybe to me, but I've seen her give everything to fight for her friends and to fight for you! I know what it's like to be all alone and to have a friend turn on me. If you do this, that's exactly what will happen her and I won't let anyone else experience that hell!" he yelled as he rose to his feet.

Suddenly he felt a pulse of Magical energy from inside him and he looked down to see his tattoo for fire glowing red.

'I can feel it calling out to me...' he thought as he was lifted up into the air

"ARMOR OF WILDFIRE! DAO JIN!" he yelled as his body was engulfed in flash of red light. Gerard looked upon him in shock. The light faded away leaving an abundance of smoke which soon cleared to reveal Naruto suited up in a red and white armor holding two katanas.

"What are you..." stammered Gerard.

"Her friends lives will not be placed on her back, these people will be free! I'm burning this place to the ground." said Naruto as he stuck the hilts of the Katana together at their ends before lifted the weapon up behind his head. The blades soon began to glow with energy.

"Stop this! You don't know what you're doing!" exclaimed Gerard.

"I know exactly what I'm doing! FLARE UP NOW!" yelled Naruto as he launched his attack swinging the weapon forward. The blast hit Gerard before curving upwards tearing through all the floors of the tower. Naruto sheathed his blades behind his back as turned back towards Erza with the building beginning to collapse behind him. As he leaned down to pick her up he found that she was still conscious.

"Thank you..." she whispered before passing out in his arms. He smiled before running back out the way he came in as the tower began to collapse behind him.

As he reached the end of the tunnel leading out he took a giant leap from the edge of the tunnel all the way to the shore. The tower behind him collapsed into one big pile of rubble. He looked back at the remains before looking down at himself decked out in the armor carrying Erza bridal style.

'Just what in the hell is this armor? As soon as it appeared on me, it was like I had been wearing it and wielding those blades my whole life. And the power of that one attack was incredible! I can't wait to experience the others. Now how do I release it..there!' Naruto closed eyes and suddenly the armor glowed with a red light before vanishing from his body leaving him in his mildly tattered clothing. He looked down on his arm and notice that the tattoo for fire was now colored red as if to signify its awakening. Also a new tattoo had formed beneath he others, it was the symbol for fox.

'Where the hell did that come from? And what does it mean? I'll have to ask old man Makarov or Bahamut about this. Now what to do with you?' he thought looking down at Erza.

"Hey, kid! Nice job!" a voice rang out.

He looked up to see the old man in the boat with his dog who gave him a ride out here.

"Old man? Hey you know what happened to the others?" he asked.

"They're fine took the cultists ship and high tailed it to the nearest town." the old man responded.

"That's good, hey can you take her to her friends?" The old man shook his head no in response.

"That old guy you saved earlier, Rob, he's ex-Fairy Tail. Gave up on magic years ago though, but that girl Erza he said take her to fairy tail! It's her dream to be free and become a mage of Fairy Tail like he used to be."

Naruto looked down at her, "She's got real strength, don't worry I got it covered! Hey if he's Fairy Tail he must have been responsible for the job showing up! That's why it vanished when I got here! Ah man that means there's no pay!"

"He said to report everything back to old Makarov. This should have been a government sanctioned mission so he'll take care getting you your pay."

"Sweet! Well then I'm off. See ya round old timer!" yelled Naruto before he jumped onto the water and took off running at full speed.

"Kids these days, finding the strangest ways to travel eh, Rinko?" said the old man as he watched Naruto and Erza disappear into the distance.

"Woof! Woof!" barked Rinko in response.

Erza awoke with a stir. As her eyes blinked open she found herself in a room laying in a comfortable bed. She saw the blond mage who saved her and her friends chatting with an old man.

"Ah, finally awake young lady? Naruto has told me a lot of impressive things about you Miss Erza." said Makarov.

"Naruto?" she questioned confused.

"That's right, we weren't formally introduced. I'm Naruto Uzumaki and this here is Fairy Tail's Guildmaster, Makarov." greeted Naruto.

She immediately sttod up from her bed and bowed to them, "I'm Erza Scarlett, thank you for saving me and my friends."

"Whoa, no need to be so formal. Besides, you're pretty strong yourself, you probably would have beaten those guys even if I hadn't showed up."

Erza blushed at the praise of her savior.

"I gotta run, need to head back to continue my training and get some answers on this new tattoo. The old man here will show you the ropes here. See ya round!" stated Naruto as he walked out the room. Naruto shut the door behind him before walking out into the main hall. As he headed towards the main door he passed by Mirajane and knocked into an empty barrel before closing the lid on it. He chuckled as he heard her screams and poundings from the inside of the barrel. He quickly reached the main guild entrance and after he's taken a few steps outside a shout stopped him in his tracks.

"Wait, take me with you! We can become strong together! After Gerard I don't wan tto lose another friend." she pleaded as she ran up to him.

"Hey, you're not losing me. Old man Rob said that your dream was to be a Fairy Tail mage, so it wouldn't be fair to you to drag you around with me while I finish my training. This place is awesome so you'll make tons of friends don't worry. I stop in often when I'm on training breaks so you will see me a lot too and eventually I'll be back here for good!" he said trying to reassure her. Naruto paused thinking for a bit before then reaching under his shirt and removing Tsunade's necklace and placing it around Erza's neck. "Someone once gave this to me to show their hope and faith in me. Now you can believe in me too!" he proclaimed before giving her a kiss on the forehead.

Erza stood there stunned with a huge blush on her face, while Naruto walked away waving back at her over his shoulder. Suddenly Mirajane ran outside the doors to stand next to her.

"Yeah, that's right you better run from me you jerk!" screamed Mirajane at Naruto's disappearing form. She then noticed Erza staring off into the distance at him with a dreamy smile on her face while stroking her new necklace.

"What the hell are you looking at!" yelled Mirajane leveling a glare at Erza.

"None of your business!" retorted Erza instinctively leveling Mirajane with a glare of her own. Lighting bolts appeared to shoot out from each girls eyes before they each turned away from one another with a "hmph!".

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