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An Aberration: Out of the ordinary. After a one-night stand, Hermione's over men and ready to give them up. But with a positive pregnancy test and the phone number of the father, she's been given no choice. A story of overcoming the past, family and love.


Hermione Granger.

If we ever meet again,

If we ever meet again, Timbaland ft. Katy Perry

Positive. That little plus sign was the thing that turned by life upside down. At the age of twenty five, I was ready to give up on men, all ready to begin my career at the Ministry of Magic, in the Department of Dark Arts, hoping one day to be the Minister of Magic.

But I guess the universe had other plans for me.

Just one night. Just one stupid night, when I was too emotional to care. I was vulnerable. I was ready to do just about anything. I just let go, giving it my all for the very last time.

I can't remember much about him. It was dark in the bar, and we didn't bother to turn on the lights when we got to my apartment. It was fast, fun and so, so good.

Our lips, moving together like two parts of a whole. There was no awkwardness, it was all or nothing, and we chose all. Our clothes were reduced to a pile on the floor, our hands reaching, touching, and feeling. I was sure this would be my last sexual encounter in a long time, and I wasn't wrong about this. I was just wrong in the outcome.

A baby. My baby. My hand reached to my stomach, where there was absolutely no change whatsoever. I would have to book an appointment at St. Mungos. I would have to tell my parents, do up the spare room in my apartment. Tell Harry and Ron and Ginny. But worst of all, I would have to tell the father.

I would have to tell him, because of the small scrap of paper, in my right hand. In my left hand was the pregnancy test. My future was in these two insignificant items. Two items, which would forever change my world.

A pregnancy test, positive at that.

A scrap of paper, with a phone number on it. The phone number of the father. When I woke the next day, he was gone. All her left was a piece of paper with his number on it, and a short note.

Sorry I had to leave, I have work today.

Here's my number. Call me if you ever need anything.


What would he be like? Would he want nothing to do with me? Would he be clingy, wanting to be involved with me twenty four/seven? Would he be someone I knew? From Hogwarts even? I shuddered at the thought.

Would he be a kind man? Someone who would take care of his child, someone who would love his child? Someone who may even love me?

That would be a dream come true. Not someone who was yelling at me all the time, not someone who was never home. Someone who would put the right priorities first, someone who wouldn't cheat on me, someone who would be there when I needed them the most.

That's who I was hoping for, for the father.

I sat down on my bed letting the tears drip down my face. This was the new Hermione Granger. Not a smart, know-it-all Gryffindor, but a pregnant, single adult. How had her life come to change so quickly?

Even she didn't know herself. Hermione stood up suddenly, racing to the bathroom and puking in the toilet. After she was done, she washed her mouth in the sink and brushed her teeth.

She looked at herself in the mirror, seeing her blood-shot eyes, her pale face. This was the new Hermione Granger, and so far, she didn't like it one bit.

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