Vampyre's Sweet

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Pairing: Ryoga/Ryoma!!!

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Summary: A new school is supposed to be a new start…right? Well what happens when that school is riddled with vampires! And what if one of those vampires decides he likes you…and has your same last name…but no relation!!!

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General PoV

Ryoma stared at his father and mother.

"You want me to attend this school because you went there?" Ryoma asked, a scowl set on his face.

His father smiled.

"Yep! What kind of son doesn't want to attend the same place as his father?"

Ryoma sighed. He knew that tone of voice. It meant that no matter what he did, short of flying back to the states, he had to do what his dad said…well, that didn't mean he had to like it.

"Just try it out, hunny. I hear it is a great school." His mother said, smiling.

Ryoma sighed again and nodded.

"I will go but I don't have to like it!"

Ryoma headed up to his room and curled up on the bed with his cat.

"Karupin…I have a bad feeling about this." He told the Himalayan cat.

He was asleep before he knew it.

Nanjiro Echizen snuck up to his son's room about an hour later.

"Good luck tomorrow…if that school is anything like when I was there, you're gonna need it."

The next morning was a blur for Ryoma. He threw on his uniform and ran down stairs, still buttoning buttons.

"Dad! Why didn't you wake me up!?" he called as he rushed to the kitchen.

Ryoma was so not a morning person!

"Your mother did but you wouldn't wake. Get going brat! Even I wasn't late on my first day."

Ryoma grumbled and grabbed a slice of toast before running out the door.


Running towards the school, he stopped as he came to a rode of cherry blossoms.

"Hn." He muttered to himself as he looked about.

His peace was disturbed by the sound of yelling.

"Out of my way, Viper!"

Ryoma turned to see two older boys on bikes racing towards him…and not watching the rode!

Ryoma jumped out of the way as the bikes came close. They almost hit him!

"Hey! Watch where your going!" he yelled after them before running to catch up.

He wanted an apology!

"Hey, you guys almost ran me over!"

He told the two boys when he caught up.

One of the boys, he was wearing a bandana, hissed at Ryoma while the other grinned.

"Well we can't be upsetting first years, we can't."

Ryoma waited but the boy only knocked his baseball hat off and ruffled his hair.

"So what's your name, kid?"

Ryoma glared at him.

"Ryoma, Echizen Ryoma."

The boys hand froze for a second before continuing to mess up his hair.

"Interesting. Well, come on, I can show you to the main office so you can find out what classes you have. By the way, I am Momoshiro but you can call me Momo-chan! That is Viper, or Kiadoh."

Ryoga just nodded and followed the older boy since he didn't feel like looking for the office himself. Besides, they owed him for almost running him over!

"Hey, Ryuzaki-sensei! I brought a new student."

Ryoma looked around the room and spotted an older woman wearing a pink sweat suit.

"Hello, you must be Ryoma Echizen."

When Ryoma nodded she continued.

"Well, I have your class list. Quite a bright child huh? Well, you are going to need these boys to show you to your science class but you will need a sophomore to take you to English…Momo, take him up to the student council, Tezuka should be able to pick someone."

Momo nodded and took Ryoma's schedule.

"Jeeze, this is almost as packed as Fuji-sempai's."

Ryoma shrugged. He tended to enjoy the classes that actually challenged him but English was just the easy way out of taking another language since he lived in the states.

"Come on, I will take you to Buchou!"

Ryoma figured he must be talking about Tezuka and followed. He was surprised at just how big the school turned out to be. There were few students out since classes had started already but Momo had notes for all of them.

Momo said that the student council had classes later in the day since they had things to deal with in the mornings.

They reached the council room which was on the third floor.

Momo grinned at him.

"I think you are going to get along with these guys really well!" he said before throwing open the door.

"Yo, minna! I brought a new student. He needs a sophomore to take him to his English class!"

Ryoma stepped into the room and tipped his baseball cap down.

"Yo." He answered.

"What's your name?"

Ryoma looked up to see a rather stoic looking boy behind a desk in the back.

"Ryoma Echizen."

He told the older boy.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu, yoroshiku."

Ryoma nodded in acknowledgement before looking around the room.

Standing next to Tezuka's desk was a black haired boy. On the other side was a boy that kept his eyes closed but Ryoma could sense strength coming of the guy in waves.

Standing in a corner, staring at him, was a red haired boy. Next to him was a tall boy with glasses and on the other side of was a large boy that had a kind smile.

"Well, Ryoma-san, I am Oishi." The black haired boy next to Tezuka said.

"I'm Fuji. Over there is Eiji," he pointed to the red headed boy who waved.

"Next to him is Inui, across from him is Kawamura Takashi. We have one other member but he seems to be…"

Before Fuji could continue, a boy burst into the room.

"Late." Fuji continued with a smile.

"Yo, who is the squirt?" the older boy asked as he walked over to Ryoma.

"You some kid that got lost?" he asked with a teasing grin.

Before Ryoma could react though, the boy stole his cap and placed it on his own head.

"Names Ryoga Echizen, you?" he, Ryoga introduced.

Ryoma glared at the boy.

"Ryoma Echizen." He muttered.

The other boy seemed to freeze for a second before answering.

"Interesting, we have the same surname!"

Ryoma turned molten gold eyes to the boy. Ryoga looked back with his own amber orbs before pushing the cap back on Ryoma's head.

"Nice to meet you squirt!"

Before anyone could say anything more, Eiji jumped Ryoma from behind.


Ryoma wobbled for a second before starting to fall from the unexpected weight on his shoulders.

Oishi grabbed Eiji to try and keep Ryoma from falling but it was a tad too late and Ryoma hit the desk and then the floor, knocking a mug of the desk in the process.

Grunting, he went to stand up and placed his hand right in the shattered pieces of the mug, slicing his hand.

"Ouch…" he hissed and he stood, holding the injured hand in front of his face.

Before he could react, he found himself being drug out of the room. Just as the door closed, he saw a glint of crimson that was not Eiji and saw Tezuka and Inui grab Ryoga.

"What the hell?" he asked once he was being drug down the hallway and towards what he assumed was the infirmary.

"Don't worry about it; we were just worried about that hand!" Eiji, who had been the one to drag him out, said.

Ryoma looked skeptical but could tell that they were not going to tell him anything else on the matter.

Back with Ryoga…

"What happened, Ryoga!? You deal with blood constantly in this school, why freak now?" Inui demanded while Tezuka held the boy down.

"I don't know! I don't know but I want him!" he rasped.

Inui sighed and went to the back room where they kept a stock of blood.

"You have been a vampire for 100 years! You are not new to this, why fall apart now?" Tezuka asked.

Ryoga didn't answer until he finished the blood that Inui had brought him.

"Something about the scent, It made me go crazy. I am going to go clear my head."

Ryoga wanted to go through the door but he knew he would only track the younger boy down if he did that. Instead he walked over to the window and hopped out.

"Mada Mada Daze!" he yelled back.

Tezuka sighed.

"Could it be that that boy is his…" Inui started.

Tezuka nodded.

"I have a feeling your right. That boy is Ryoga's call…"

Inui nodded.

"We can only watch over them…"

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