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General PoV

Ryoga had been doing his best to not bite Ryoma.

He really hadn't wanted to bring Ryoma back into the world of monsters and blood. It wasn't the life he had chosen for himself if he had had a choice…well, he was born a vamp so he didn't get a choice now did he? That had to be the one bad thing about being a pureblood.

He had been doing pretty well until that god forsaken movie!

One, who the hell allowed a movie to be made about his castle! He did plan on rebuilding when it was a bit more opportune but not yet.

Two, he was worried it could trigger Ryoma into having flashbacks…that wouldn't be good.

What he hadn't expected was for him to instantly be drawn to Ryoma. He was even more surprised when he realized that Ryoma was feeling the same thing.

Ryoga had still thought he could handle it but his body had other ideas. His hand reached out for Ryoma's…innocent, right?

It was until he pulled Ryoma onto his lap! As though that wasn't bad enough, he felt the pleasurable tingle in his fangs that told him he should bite his bond and fulfill the contract…

Yep, that's right, Ryoga never fully turned Ryoma into vampire. He had made the lovers contract, AKA he gave Ryoma his blood and took Ryoma's but they never had sex…therefore the bond wasn't completed!

And this led them to the problem at hand.

Ryoga was about to act on the sweet throb and bite his lovely one!

Ryoga felt Ryoma twitch slightly as he let his fangs graze the sensitive skin on his neck. His vampire side smirked and Ryoga ran his fangs lightly over his skin again.

He could feel and hear Ryoma's pulse jump which only made his hunger worse. His mind kept replaying the same thing: 'He is yours! Claim him!'

"Ryoma…" he breathed and placed a kiss over his pulse point. Just as he let his fangs lengthen and pulled his lips back to press them through the smooth skin, Ryoma was yanked from his arms and the lights came on.

Ryoga snarled and jumped out of his seat to attack the one who dared take what was his.

"Tezuka…" he growled. Tezuka sighed and shook his head.

"Ryoga, calm yourself! You will only hurt him if you do it this way!"

Ryoga looked down at Ryoma who was staring at him, eyes wide, with a look of confusion, worry and just a tinge of fear.

Ryoga instantly felt his fangs retreat and his temper calm.

"Tezuka, why are you here?"

The three boys turned to the front.

"I need both Ryoga and Ryoma for something." He told the teacher.

The teacher nodded and gave them passes before returning to the movie. Just as they left, an image flashed on the screen that made all of them freeze.

"This is a picture of the family portraits. The first one is of the lord and lady. The second is of their sons."

The screen showed a picture of Ryoma's parents…and a picture of Ryoma and Ryoga…

Ryoma passed out as memoires swarmed his mind.

3 hours later…

Ryoma had remembered…remembered who he was…and remembered who his lover was…but it was gone as fast as it came…all he knew was that Ryoga was a vampire and he had known him previously…but he didn't know why or how…

"Unn…what the hell…" Ryoma muttered as he sat up slowly.

"Ryoma!" Ryoga came into sight and grabbed Ryoma's hand.

"I know what you are…" Ryoma murmured as he let his golden eyes lock onto Ryoga's amber orbs.

He watched as sadness filled them before resolution and slight happiness that was tinged with bitterness.

"Then tell me…what am I?" Ryoga asked in a cold voice.

Ryoma flinched inwardly but kept his gaze locked with the older boys.

"You…Ryoga…you are a vampire." He said as simply as possible.

Ryoga smiled coldly.

"Right, I am monster! I can kill you, ya know…I am evil…I could kill you…" His voice trailed off, losing its cold feel.

Instead of agreeing though, Ryoma raised his palm to Ryoga's cheek.

"I don't know why but…you won't hurt me…Ryoga won't hurt me…"

Ryoga's eyes widened as he saw the pure trust that flashed through Ryoma's golden eyes.

"You…Ryoma why do you…trust me?" he put his head on the side of the bed Ryoma was on. He truly didn't know why Ryoma would want to trust a monster such as him.

He had gotten Ryoma killed!

"What am I? I saw that picture…I am not human am I? Neither are my parents…What happened Ryoga?"

Ryoga flinched. He had only heard that lost tone once…it was the day he lost Ryoma, when the boy had tried to figure out what was happening.

"You are part vampire…I never completed the bond."

Ryoma looked at him and Ryoga sighed before answering the unspoken question.

"You don't feel it now but…we…Ryoma, we were lovers."

Ryoma's brain stopped functioning…1…2…3


Ryoga flinched and smiled slightly.

"Well, um…calm down and I will tell you everything!"

Ryoma glared but settled down and nodded for Ryoga to speak.

"Well, it was 100 years ago…"

Flashback of the story…

A young man in fancy clothes stood by a slightly older man in matching garb.

"My lord, you have yet to get an heir…something must be done! Just because you love that pauper doesn't mean you must be faithful, take a consort and have her bear an heir!"

Nanjiro Echizen glared at his advisor.

"Never! I love her! Even if we never have an heir, I will never take another!"

Before the advisor could retort, a strong wind came up.

"Hello kind sir. You require an heir and I know how to help."

The two men swung around to see a lovely woman with long black hair and glowing red eyes. At her side was a skinny and dirty child with green black hair and amber eyes.

"My name is Aoi and I am the guardian of this child. Sadly, my life is coming to an end…my bonded has died and I must find someone to take care of him."

The young lord Nanjiro nodded his head and bent down to the child's level.

"What is your name child?" he asked softly.

The boy looked up with solemn eyes.

"I am Ryoga…I can be whatever is needed mister…what do you require of me?"

Nanjiro almost recoiled at the sound of the lifeless voice.

"What are you people!?" the advisor demanded.

"We are vampires. Purebloods to be specific. This child has lost his family and been sold into slavery by a hunter that thought it funnier to play with her pray. Please take him in before I die. I only wish to give him a good life."

Nanjiro smiled at the woman.

"I shall take him in as my son and heir. Even if I have a child, he shall still be my son."

Nanjiro bent down again and picked the child up.

"You are now Ryoga Echizen! Come, we must speak with my wife."

The small dirty boy smiled slightly, showing his small fangs, and nodded his head.

Nanjiro left his idiot advisor with Aoi and went to find his wife. He smiled when he found the young beauty in the library.

"Rinko, I found the way to solve our problem. Meet Ryoga, he is a vampire but I have decided to make him my son!"

Rinko looked up from her book and instantly spotted the boy.

"Oh my! Well, he is very cute but he certainly needs a bath."

She stood and took Ryoga from her husband.

"I will bath him, you go find some clothes for him."

Nanjiro nodded. He had known his wife would be a natural mother!

By the time he found the child clothes, from his own old ones, his wide had finished bathing him.

They dressed him in simple slacks and a loose top that were just a bit big but seemed to suit him.

"You look very cute!" Rinko cooed and hugged the now clean boy.

Ryoga smiled and nodded.

The door to Ryoga's new room opened suddenly.

"My…you certainly look better Ryoga. I think I will be happy leaving you here. Is this where you want to stay?" Aoi asked.

Ryoga ran up and hugged her skirts.

"Good bye, Aoi. I will miss you! I am sorry, I got him killed and yet you help me to find a home."

Aoi smiled and sat down to hug the boy.

"I never believed that you got him killed. He loved you and died to save you from that hunter. I am sure that when you find your bonded, you will understand."

Ryoga cried and clung to her skirts.

She smiled serenely down at him even as her skin became chalky and started to crack.

"Good bye, Ryoga."

She turned her eyes to Nanjiro and Rinko.

"I will bless you both to have a child. I hope that you can give him something to love."

As soon as the words spilled from her lips, her body crumbled into ash right in Ryoga's arms. The child was inconsolable for weeks after words but he did eventually get over it.

Ryoga was 12 then.

At 17 it became obvious that he would age no more. It was on what would have been his 18th birthday that Rinko and Nanjiro were blessed with the news that they would have another child.

"Sir, your wife has given you a son." A mid-wife said as she handed off the blue bundle.

Gold eyes looked up at Nanjiro before the child was snatched by a younger boy.

"Ryoma…" Ryoga muttered.

Nanjiro smiled at his eldest son.

"Ryoma Echizen…I like it!"

A few hours later, they informed Rinko of the name and it was documented as such.

A few years past and Ryoma and Ryoga became closer than close. It was during a meeting for the decision of heir that things got heated.

"How can you make that demon child your heir, Nanjiro? He is not even yours!" his advisor yelled. Others in his court nodded their agreement.

Ryoma went to jump up but Ryoga put a hand on his shoulder.

"Ah, I am a demon. Yes I may be a demon…as such, I will give Ryoma the kingdom when it is safe to do as such!"

The advisor growled.

"Ryoma is to much under you influence to be a proper ruler! I think it would be better if someone from this court were to rule."

Nanjiro laughed.

"My son's would be much better suited than you!"

Another advisor stood.

"Then I propose this. Whichever get married first shall be the king."

The other advisors nodded and Nanjiro turned to his sons. He sighed sadly when he saw Ryoma reach out for Ryoga hand. Ryoma was only 11 but he already exhibited the signs of a bond.

"I cannot…" he was cut off by Ryoga.

"I have no plans on marrying. As such, the kingdom will go to Ryoma by default. If and when he marries, then he will be crowned."

Ryoma nodded hesitantly and the advisor's huffed.


The meeting was called to an end…sadly, that was a fight that should never have been left.

It was 2 years later that everything started to come to a head.

"Ryoga, Ryoma…" Nanjiro said as he opened the door to his youngest sons room.

Ryoga launched off the bed from where he had been on top of the younger, ravishing his lips.

"Ryoga…What are your intentions towards Ryoma?" Nanjiro asked.

Ryoga squared his shoulders and looked Nanjiro directly in the eyes.

"I love him. I wish to make him mine…Ryoma is my bonded."

Nanjiro let the silence rain until Ryoma actually looked like he was going to cry before laughing.

"Ryoga, I was told to make sure you found your bonded…I guess I did that. I support you both but be careful."

Nanjiro went to leave but Ryoma called out for him to wait.

"Dad, Ryoga and I were thinking. To be his bonded I have to be a vampire but that would be a bit lonely…we wanted to know if mom and you would become vampires as well?"

Nanjiro smiled at his golden eyed son.

"I think your mother and I would love that." He turned to Ryoga.

"What do we have to do?"

Ryoga grinned, it was dinner time now…in more ways than one! He stared at the people that had been like parents to him.

"This will hurt at first and you will be a bit disoriented. I will turn Rinko first then I will turn you, Nanjiro. Since I don't feel like dealing with 3 new born vamps, I will turn you guys then wait a week and turn Ryoma."

Everyone nodded and Ryoga walked over to Nanjiro.

"Nanjiro Echizen, do you pledge to watch over and guard my bonded forever until you are killed?"

Nanjiro smiled at his eldest son.

"I do pledge!"

Ryoga grinned and bit into Nanjiro's neck.

Nanjiro clenched his teeth to keep from screaming but soon the pain was only a dull ache.

Ryoga listened and when he heard the heart slow to an almost stop, he pulled back.

"Then you shall be given your pledge." He whispered and slit his wrist with a dagger he had brought for this.

He pressed the leaking wound to Nanjiro's lips.

"Drink" He commanded, his eyes an eerie crimson.

He smiled when he felt the tug that his bite had caused when it made Nanjiro drink at his command. He had purposely made the contract so that he did not control them.

When Ryoga heard Nanjiro's heart speed up, he pulled his hand away.

"He will awaken in 3 days." Walking over to Rinko, he made the same contract.

3 days later, Ryoga went over the details of the contract he would make with Ryoma with Nanjiro.

"It is to be a two part mark. First is that I will trade blood with him but not drain him like I did you. The second part will be to make love to him, at the end of which, I will drain him and turn him completely."

Nanjiro smiled, new fangs glinting.

"I am sure he will be happy with you." He said as he clapped his son on the back.

Ryoga grinned and agreed readily.

It was four days later that he preformed the first bond. The exchange of blood went well. At the same time, they bit each other, this sealed them together.

It was two days later though that it all fell apart…

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