Jessie entered Kyle's room and found him sitting at his desk doing some work on his laptop. She wanted to talk to him yet was unsure how to begin. Since the time that Kyle has known Cassidy was his brother he had been completely withdrawn. Jessie had respected his unspoken wish and had not attempted to talk to him. But now it had been three days and Jessie by nature was getting a bit impatient.

"I know you are here Jessie" suddenly said Kyle in a tired voice thus snapping Jessie out from her thoughts.

"Well am glad to know that you have finally decided to talk. The others were worried about you"

"I know that and am sorry about it but I needed some time after what happened that day" said Kyle almost to himself. He then looked at Jessie and the latter was almost tempted to cry on seeing the anguish and pain in Kyle's eyes. But then another face appeared before Jessie, the face of Cassidy and the young girl felt such a rush of pain and hatred that she almost shuddered. Of course Kyle was able to sense her emotions as they were connected. A fleeting look passed through Kyle's face but it was gone before Jessie could analyse it.

"He is my brother Jess" said Kyle in a sad tone. Jessie had a heated retort for that but she managed to swallow it and said in a calm voice.

"Well I suggest you go downstairs ... we will talk about it later."

She saw relief in Kyle's eyes and was almost tempted to hit him but she restricted herself. She started counting mentally in her head and only stopped when Kyle went into the Trager's kitchen. She sighed to herself. It was not that she did not understand Kyle's point of view but it was a bit difficult not to feel hatred for the person who killed her mother even if the murderer happened to be the brother of the person she loved.

"Life is so complicated" she thought wistfully.


Kyle felt a bit guilty for behaving that way with Jessie but he had no option. He did not know what to say and was almost afraid to mention Cassidy's name. He was relieved when she suggested that he went downstairs.