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Chapter 22

"No Jessie. We will sort this out today itself. You cannot be angry with me for petty little things even if it concerned Amanda. I was not the one who volunteered to help her with her computer. Why don't you understand this?" Kyle said in a cold and angry voice. Jessie stared at him with surprise and knew instinctively that he was not going to let this go.

Jessie just stared at him without saying anything. She felt more and more unsure about Kyle's feelings for her. She stared at his beautiful green eyes and wondered if he will ever come to love her whole-heartedly and painfully thought about Amanda. He will never be mine as long he has feelings for Amanda. She thought with a sinking feeling. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had to finish this today itself. She knew she can no longer keep getting angry at Kyle because of her selfishness. She gently, but firmly removed Kyle's hands and stepped back from him. Her thoughts were in a turmoil and she was not even sure what she was going to say or do is right or not. The words just spilled from her mouth.

"It is not your fault and I can no longer blame you." she said quietly.


Kyle watched the conflicting emotions on her face and wondered what Jessie was thinking. He felt his anger towards drained away as he noted the confused and painful emotions in her eyes. He relaxed his grip and did not say anything when Jessie removed his hands. However, he was not prepared for what she said next.

"It is not your fault and I no longer blame you."

He continued to watch her in confusion and was about to say something but Jessie raised her hand and signaled him to stay quiet.

Kyle had this nagging feeling that he was not going to be happy with what she was going to say. He could sense her distraught emotions and it was affecting him greatly. Jessie gave him a trembling smile which did not reassure him at all and sighed before continuing.

"Kyle, you mean the most to me in this whole world and believe me when I said it hurts me when I hurt you. This has to stop. I deeply though about it and I realized how you have tolerated my childish behavior. This is not fair to you."

Kyle just looked at her with puzzlement before taking a step towards her. Jessie unconsciously took back a step and this caused Kyle to stop.

"Jessie, what are you talking about? You are completely wrong. I never felt the need to tolerate you." He said encouragingly and was about to continue but Jessie stopped him again.

"No. You are just being your usual kind self. I am hurting everyone and I do not want this." Jessie whispered more to herself than to him but he heard.

"I am here for you. You are not hurting anyone." Kyle said earnestly. To his dismay Jessie shook her head and said between clenched teeth.

"No I am and this only makes me more aware how different we are. I am damaged after all." She said the last part flatly. She did not notice Kyle's alarmed expression.

"No you are not and stop saying this word." Kyle snapped. Jessie just smiled bitterly at him and turned away from him.

"It is no use denying it. The sooner I accept this, the better it will be for me."

Kyle just angrily marched towards her and turned her round to face him and said in an equally angry tone.

"Is this a form of punishment because I hurt you? If it is, it is working perfectly well."

Jessie just gasped in surprise and said in a hurt voice.

"Of course not, I will never ever do this to you. Hurting you is the last thing on my mind"

Kyle let her go and raked his fingers through his hair and asked with a hint of desperation in his voice.

"Then why? Why are you being like this?" Jessie gave him a reassuring smile and said carefully.

"As you said, we need to sort this out today itself."


Kyle was feeling extremely nervous. He just hated the way Jessie was behaving. He sighed and forced himself to shoo away those negative doubts. He watched Jessie intently and was not surprised to see the emotional and conflicting emotions on her face. He knew she was hurting too but nothing what he said was comforting her. He thought of calling Nicole but knew Jessie would become angrier. He will just have to be patient and convince Jessie that she is not damaged. Hecleared his mind and started talking again.

"Jessie, I agree we need to sort this but not like this. Let us just go home"

Jessie walked towards the waterfall and said those words she never ever dreamed she would say.

"I want you to be with Amanda. It is clear you love her and I am just being selfish to make you choose."

Kyle listened with stunned silence and he felt as if he has been punched. He walked towards her and forcibly turned her round.

"You cannot mean this. This is just not you." He accused in a painful voice. Jessie just closed her eyes and drew in a ragged breath.

"Do not make it more difficult for me. Now go away before I said something else." She whispered. She felt her eyes burning but refused to cry. This was extremely hard for her but she knew it was for the best. She loved Kyle too much and right now she wanted him to be happy even if this meant he would choose Amanda.

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