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Sam was drunk. He had been for the last couple of days.

It all started when…

Dean and Sam were cleaning out one of John's storage rooms. Dean had found a VHS tape with the label "Sam" on it. He had kept it in his jacket pocket hidden from Sam, and wanted to make sure there was nothing on it that would hurt Sam before he saw it. When they got back to the hotel room that night, he put it on as soon as Sam went to sleep.

It was an old ad, one that Dean didn't remember seeing.

A young Sam plays with a Barbie, as the picture zooms in.

A soft voice starts to comment.

"Wow, the princess is getting ready for a special night." Sam's smiling as he swings the Barbie around in her pretty pink dress.

Then the song starts as Sam plays with the Barbie, combing her hair and all.

"Rainbow princess Barbie put on the rainbow gown.

Butterflies in her hair that you can comb, if you care.

Rainbow princess Barbie waits for her prince to come and call and they dance at the rainbow ball"

Dean looked in disbelief at the TV, and then a cruel smile came over his lips, as he went over to wake the princess up. She had to see it too.

"Rise and shine, rainbow princess" shaking Sam until he woke up. Not five minutes later had Sam stormed out the hotel room as Dean had called him a Nancy fairy.

He hadn't been sober since!