The Protector

Harry Potter and Final Fantasy VIII Crossover.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Not HP or Final Fantasy VIII. if I did Ginny (scary-obsessive) and Rinoa (Whinny-perky-princess) would have died a death before they existed.

Summary: Squall meets a strange boy while out training, forming a connection with him. It's a friendship that will turn the tide of war and a love that changes the world. HPxSL. Lion Pair!

Note: Harry is the GF Fallen Mage. A non-elemental based offensive attack and provides protection for the caster(s). KNown to KO enermies, he also grants the use of 3rd level magics to his user with the said user having the magic in stock.

Note 2: Lion Pair, my nickname for HPxSL fics. Cos you know, Leonhart means Lion's Heart and Harry is a Griffindor at heart... Just go with it! Spreaad it! Love it!

Note 3: Do not flame my Harry when he meets Squall for the first time. Harry is being carefree for the first time in a long time and he is bored. And they are both young. Harry is jaded and serious but that would scare the shit out of most people to see a thirteen year old like that. As Squall matures, Harry lets more of his burden, emotions and past out.

Warnings: Rinoa bashing, slightQuistisbashing, Boys on boys, kissing, making out. Maybe even (gasp!) sex. Swearing. Power plays. My crazy ideas...

Pairings: HarryxSquall, SelphiexIrvine, ZellxLibrary Girl


There's something about that boy...

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

"You shall live till you find a reason to stop, my Little Protector."

Those words haunted one Harry Potter. He was seventeen, fresh from the Second war and newly defeated Voldemort. Yet magic saw fit to rip him from his world, away from the broken cities from the war and the blood stained streets.

Thinking about it, Harry wondered who had survived the war. He knew Fred died and that George had been a living ghost since. Arthur had been killed by Percy, whom, in turn, killed by his mother. Molly Weasley never recovered from the fact that her son was a deatheater and murdered his own father. He never knew what happened to the eldest Weasleys boys. Pity, Bill had been quite a looker, even after the werewolf attack. He never knew if Ron and Hermione made it out in the end. If Dumbledore had lived. If Neville and Luna had started dating. If Malfoy managed to survive after killing his father when he defected to the Light.

There was so much he didn't know. He had been whisked away the moment he killed voldemort. There had been white light and the feeling he was floating. Then the voice spoke, gifting him with immortality. And then there was pain. Pain beyond pain.

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

Harry didn't know how long his body burnt from the inside out, or at least it felt like that. When it finally stopped, Harry found himself in a paradise. He awoke in a bed, covered in black silk sheets. He was still wearing his battle robes over his dragon-skin boots and pant. And his black acromentula silk shirt. His 'room' was a light blue in colour, with splashes of dark blue and black. Comforting but not too bright. Harry frowned and fingered his wand as he stepped next to the window. His mouth gaped at the sight.

He was in Heaven. The house, from what he could tell, was in a valley. The valley itself was picture-perfect, green with colourful vegitation. The sky was a pure blue with scattered white, fluffy clouds. It was perfect. Too perfect...

A door opened, and Harry whirled around on instinct and sent a spell off as he dived to the side. Rolling, he hid behind the bed, heart pounding.

"Sorry," came a female musical voice, "I didn't mean to startle you. I mean no harm. Magic sent you here to heal from your wounds and from the change."

Harry swallowed. He was alone in an unknown place after he had been kidnapped by Magic after the Final Battle. He vaguely remembered a white room and then pain.

Standing up slowly, wand trained on the woman, Harry almost paused when he saw her. She was tall, blond and something out of Ancient Greece. She was dressed in toga and had an easy smile on her face.

"I'm Siren," she offered. Harry, wand still trained on her, "Harry."

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

And that's how Harry found himself a prisoner of paradise. It seems that Magic was a possessive bitch that didn't like to giver her 'favoured' children to her sister Death. So she changed them. They became Guardian Forces, or GFs, that could be summoned by users in the world of Hyne. A whole new world. Harry groaned as he was told that he would have to take history lessons.

Back to the point, it seemed that all the GFs resided in the Paradise whilst seldomly venturing down to grant the use of their power. GFs lent their powers to those strong worthy They were junctioned to be used by summons and could speak to their users.

It was quite complicated but apparently not overly so for the GFs themselves. They stayed in Paradise, only descending when bored or a human catches their interest. Mainly boredom as Paradise was perfect, but got old fast.

Forever young, immortal and trapped by Magic who didn't wish for them to go.

It had only been discovered a month later that Harry wasn't a normal summons. Unlike the others who didn't have a human form but merely a projection of what they had looked like when they were human. Harry only has his human form, no GF form like the others did. He was the living GF, the first sorcerer. And the words came back to him. The blessed curse.

"You shall live till you find a reason to stop, my Little Protector."

Harry spent most of his time in Paradise only venturing down with the others on occasion. The world was boring and there wasn't much to do. He merely watched over the years as humans grew and waged their wars. He watched as Sorceress Adel went mad with power, wincing at her pain. He watched as the others fought and how the war ended. He watched Esther disappear from the world. He could only watch as he had yet find anyone worthy of his power. No one could defeat him in battle to use the Fallen Phoenix as a summons.

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

It had been pure coincidence the day they met. Harry was down for a walk with Shiva while Ifrit was doing his yearly tests of the Seed candidates for Balamb Garden. They posed, when seen together, as a family. Harry, still having his magic, deaged himself to thirteen. Messy black hair and green eyes, he walked next to the darker skinned black haired woman. Shiva was beautiful as she was cold. Though, she seemed to have a soft spot for him especially when he looked young. Harry had once spent the day with, degade to a three year old, and she had loved it. Ifrit, when in his human form, would pretend to be the bumbling husband of a family on vacation. Red, wild hair and a set of darker green eyes, it was plausable that they were a family. Except when Shiva and Ifrit got into fights. Fire and Ice don't mix that well, it seemed.

The stormy eyed boy came crashing into their path as he ran from a T-rex. He was fourteen at most and terrified, even though he tried to hide it. He was keeping a calm head as he weaved, occasionally hitting the dinosaur when it was safe, trying to lose it. Shiva had pushed Harry behind her, grabbing the grey-eyed boy in the process and also pushing him behind her. Icy blue eyes narrowed as she hurled a barrage of ice spells at the monster till it died.

Harry stumbled as he was pushed back. He pouted. That was why he hated being the youngest of the GFs. All of them had the parental gene! Shiva, bless her soul, was the worst. Something knocked into him, sending him sprawling on the ground, again. Grumbling, Harry looked up to give a tongue lashing of note when the words died in his mouth. Green met storm grey. Brown hair hung in his eyes and he had a serious look even though he was young. Hearing a roar from the monster, Harry found himself pressed to the floor with a slightly muscular body holding him down. Shielding him.

For Squall it had not been a good day. He left the Garden to get some training done and get away from Seifer. He killed some Bug Bites before venturing into the forest just outside Balamb. Just his luck he would run into a T-rex.

Running through the forest, he run into two people. The woman grabbed him and chucked him behind her. Squall cursed slightly as he stumbled and hit something soft. He opened his mouth to apologise when he was enchanted with green. Green eyes unlike anything he had ever seen. Upon closer examination, he was almost on top of a boy, thirteen at the most with wild b lack hair and a pretty face. Not overly feminine but alot prettier than most males. Hearing a roar, Squall acted on instinct as he pushed the other boy down, shielding it from the expected attack.

Nothing came. Blushing Squall pulled away as he stood up. He looked over to the monster to see it fading into nothing, slain by the lady.

"Sorry," Squall mumbled as he offered a hand to the smaller boy. The green eyed boy glared before sighing as he accepted the help.

"It's okay," Harry said with an easy smile. Their was something about this boy that interested him. The first in over four hundred years. "I'm Harry." It slipped out.


Harry nodded, still smiling. The moment was broken.

"Well, Mr Squall. What were you doing in the forest alone?" Shiva asked in a frosty voice from behind the pair. Both jumped slightly.

"I'm sorry for the trouble ma'am. I was doing some training and ventured into the forest to fight some caterpillars. I didn't expect to find a T-rex," Squall said with his poker face. He wouldn't want to enrage a woman that single handily took down the monster. He was not stupid.

She sighed and nodded, "You're from the Garden?"

Squall nodded sharply, raising an eyebrow in silent question.

"Harry and I are meeting my husband in Balamb. He were taking a walk to see the Garden and so Harry can fight some of the easier monsters. It's passed lunch. Let's get something to eat at Balamb and then head to your Garden. I'm not one to let a child walk alone," Shiva said, daring the pair to argue.

Harry shut up at her tone of voice. One could only get away with so much. Plus, he got to spend more time with Squall this way.

The odd group made their way to Balamb, Shiva allowing the the two younger boys to fight off monsters they ran into as she kept a watchful eye on them. The pair moved well together and Shiva had to suppress a smile. It seemed that someone finally caught the young Sorcerer's eye.

For the first time in a long time Harry had was flushed with excitement. Something in him yelled on glee as the two of them, well, danced. For once, he fought with a partner whom could read his movements, allowing for him and he for the other. It was a deadly dance of swords.

Squall himself was pleasantly surprised when he observed the younger's boy swordwork. He was good, better than most people and Squall felt the sting of jealousy. But he also felt the flare of a friendly rivalry. Something that would benefit him greatly, he concluded as he watched the green-eyed male attack the monster with precision that only spoke of years of experience. He never worked with anyone else unless he absolutely had to, and even then he resented it. Yet, Squall found himself working well with... Harry.

Slaying yet another Bug Bite, Harry grinned as he threw a Cure and Shell at Squall. The other said nothing but nodded. Harry long since figured out that Squall rarely spoke. He was closed off, citing he was betrayed at a young age by someone he trusted absolutely. trust issues that forced him close up. Harry snorted, he should know because he did the same thing. The Dursleys broke him and the wizarding world reinforced that he should guard his trust. Small betrayals by people he trust.

"You're very good, Squall," Harry said with smile as he flicked the blood off his twin katana with practiced ease. "Good choice in weapon. Though I can't help but feel your limiting yourself by workinng with such a simple blade."

"Limited myself?" Squall asked confused as he looked down at the bastard sword in his grasp. He was confused. He wasn't that good when compared to Harry yet the boy said he was limiting himself.

"Harry's right," Shiva said, breaking the moment as she walked passed them towards Balamb. "You're young and don't have the extensive training Harry has had. But you potential is astounding. We will check in Balamb for a better suited weapon."

Harry looked away when she mentioned his 'training'. He wouldn't wish anyone to that Hell.

"Training?" Squall asked confused, "But isn't he your son?"

Shiva gave him a sad smile as she looked over at Harry, whom was walking away. "There were circumstances after his birth that he was taken by another. He was trained as a weapon for his potential. We only got him back recently."

Squall nodded. It made sense to him as Harry didn't address her as mother. He winced when he realised he was jealous of something that probably haunted Harry. The rest of the journey was quiet.

They entered Balamb and made their way to the Seaside Hotel. It had a pretty good restaurant and they had rooms there to freshen up. Harry had brightened up once they entered the town and chatted happily next to Squall. He tried to entice the boy into speaking. Squall's lips quirked at Harry whom merely grinned back cheekily. Shiva rolled her eyes but in her mind she knew that if Squall became close to Harry, he would unknowingly be granted every GF. Especially her powers if he could keep Harry smiling like that. So carefree...

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

Lunch itself was a quiet affair as they ate hungrily. All that fighting rose their appetite and the food was the best in Balamb. For Squall whom lived in teh Garden for as long as he could remember, it was a rare treat. He had explain it quietly to Harry when he asked about Squall's general life, with a quiet Shiva listening.

For Squall it was strange that he wanted to trust Harry. There was something about Harry that screamed at him to protect, despite Harry being stronger. And he wanted Harry to trust to him in return.

Finishing up with lunch, with Shiva paying, refusing to take money from Squall. She cited that there was no way she was going to let him pay and that if he really wanted to pay her back he should not go into forests alone. This pulled a blush from Squall, sending Harry into a fit of giggles. Shiva then rounded on him, and with a few choice words, shut him up. This elicited quiet laughter from Squall. Harry pouted.

True to her word, Shiva dragged the boys to the only weapons shop in Balamb and asked to see the swords they kept. She sighed as she apraised the swords. Not much of a selection.

Harry and Squall hung by the door as Shiva harassed the shop keeper. Harry sighed and gave Squall a tired smile. Squall frowned.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice slightly tinged with worry. Harry nodded and pointedly looked at Shiva.

"She gets excited when she works with weapons. We are going to be here for a very log time if its up to her," Harry explained quietly.

"Harry!" came the frosted voice of Shiva, "Upgrade your weapon while your here. The blacksmith is quite good." And that was some praise coming from the Ice Guardian.

Harry smiled at Squall, before grabbing his hand and dragging him to the counter. Squall watched in amusement as Harry order the assistant around in a very similar was his mother. Handing over his weapons, Harry glanced through the new Weapon's Monthly he had purchased. Finding nothing, Harry now eyed Squall's sword. Squall felt nervous.

"Come on," Harry said, with a serious light in his eyes as he dragged Squall to Shiva. For the first time that day he wondered how on Hyne he had the luck to run into the mother-son team on his day out training. He thoughts stopped as he wonder what Harry's father was like...

Harry, on the other hand, glanced at each weapon before moving on. He didn't spend time studying any, like Shiva, but held a critical eye. Squall was dragged out of his thoughts by a "Eureka!". He raised an eyebrow and stared at Harry, whom blushed lightly.

"Found your weapon," Harry said with a shrug. Shiva raised an eyebrow. Harry's eyes widened as his head whipped from Shiva to Squall to Shiva again. "Both of you do that freaky eyebrow thing! You sure you aren't related?"
Harry pouted and Squall traded looks with Shiva, whom rolled her eyes.

"Well, which weapon, brat?" Shiva finally asked, which prompted a cheeky smile from Harry. He placed the weapon on the counter.

"A gunblade?" Shiva asked, slightly curious at the choice. It was a rarer weapon and difficult to handle.

"It suits him," was all Harry said with a shrug. Squall frowned but picked up the weapon. He tested the weight and raised it. It was heavier than what he was used to, but there was something about it...

Before anyone could say anything else, Squall turned to the shop keeper ans said, "I'll take it." It was a gut feeling and Squall had long since learnt to trust his gut. That, and he loved a challenge...

The walk back to the garden was less eventful as they stuck to the road this time, with only a few monsters crossing their path. but the time was filled with chatter from Harry and a few, well-placed words from Squall. It seemed the Ice Prince was warming up to the green-eyed boy. There just something about him...

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

For Squall, whom had grown up in the Garden, it wasn't much of a sight. For Harry, whom had never been inside, he gaped at the size of it. It reminded him of Hogwarts in a way, a more upgraded, less magical and more technology Hogwarts. But still, it was a school and a home for many. And that made the same as Hogwarts.

Still, Harry's jaw dropped at he stared at the technology and the design of the school. And for Squall, seeing Harry so amazed, wide green eyes and mouth open unabashed, was refreshing.

Abruptly, Harry whirled around to Squall, "You live here?" he demanded. Squall suppressed a smile and nodded. "That's so cool! I wish I could live here! Can I?"

Shiva simply shook her head at Harry's antics. Though the other GFs would throw a fit at the thought of him living alone on Hyne...

They walked till the front gates. Harry itched to get inside but sighed and stepped back with Shiva as Squall turned around to leave.

They stood there silently, facing each other. Shiva made no move to say anything. It was up to the two boys to end the awkward silence. Surprisingly, it was Squall who spoke.

"There's an open day in two months time. The second of April. You should come," Squall said quietly. He refused to meet Harry's emerald gaze.

The next moment, he was tackled into a hug by a black bullet and Shiva chuckled.

"Thank you!" Harry said excitedly, "I would love to come. Maybe we could meet up?"

Looping one arm around the younger boy, Squall returned the hug with one arm. "Of course. Though, I could give you my e-mail and my communicator number now?"

Moments later, they had traded information and saying teary goodbyes. Eventually, Shiva dragged Harry away and Squall entered the Garden.

Both thinking, 'There is something about him.'

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

"You like him," Shiva said as they walked away. Harry rolled his eyes at her but said nothing. There was just something about Squall that drew him. It may be the hidden potential and power that lay dormant. Or the fact that he hid behind a mask as he desperately waited for someone to care enough to break through. Someone who won't abandon him.

And who better than an immortal GF?

Walking towards the Fire Cavern to meet up with Ifrit, harry had to ask, "What are the chances of me joining the Garden?"

Shiva laughed, "Not happening. Too much of a danger of someone mistaking you for a sorcerer. Though you would be the first one in history.."

"You know," Harry replied dryly, "technically I am one."

"Come along brat," was all Shiva said as they entered the cave, "we an argue when we get back. This is the first time you have been interested in a mortal."

The silent question was unasked but both could hear it. Are you interested enough to lend him your power?

The pair met up with Ifrit who stretched and sighed. He smiled at the pair then frowned at their silence. They usually bickered or something. Something must have happened.

Pulling on a cheerful face, Ifrit caught Harry and swung him around. he loved it when Harry was a kid and tiny compared to his seven foot height. He hauled the child like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder and laughed. Brown eyes danced with fire and his red hair was short and messy.

None of the monsters dared to attack the GFs, considering that the Lord of Fire was in their presence and Shiva had let loose her restraints on her power.

Leaving the Cavern of Fire, Ifrit rounded on the pair. "Okay, spill" he said, "what happened?"

Harry rolled his eyes at the protective tone Ifrit had taken and walked ahead to kill some monsters as Shiva spilled the tale. It was halfway to Balamb that Ifrit and Shiva caught up. Harry knew it when he suddenly holstered up and given a piggyback ride from Ifrit. He just rolled his eyes at the man.

"So, you finally found someone? And a kid at that!" Ifrit said seriously.

"Yes," Harry asnwered just as seriously, "but there is something about him that I can't pull away from. He may be one destined show the world my power or he may end up being my Knight. We have all seen the chaos brewing after Adel."

"Shit," was all Ifrit could say.

Shiva snorted. "Idiot."

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

"Absolutely not!" were the first words out of Siren's mouth when Harry told them he wanted to join the Garden. And she wasn't the only one pitching a fit. Diablo was hissing to himself and Carbuncle had attached himself to Harry in a desperate plea to stay.

Alexander was inbetween the Brothers, trying to stop a fight and Cerebros was giving the youngest GF the puppy-dog eyes. He looked like someone just kicked him. Leviathan was calling for order with the rest of the GFs whom broken down into groups to argue the topic.

Shiva rolled her eyes at the chaos while Ifrit grinned. Oh how much their lives had changed since little Harry joined them. And for the better!

Getting irritated, Harry's whistle pierced everyones arguments into silence a stared at him.

"I may bloody well look sixteen but I have been seventeen for over four hundred bloody years. Stop treating my like a damn pet. I will be going to the Open day at Balamb Garden and I will join if I so wish. There is nothing you can do to stop me!"

And he walked away, grumbling. Behind, he left shocked GFs as they stared at his retreating figure.

"Looks like our little boy just hit puberty," Diablos said as he chuckled. This was followed by hisses of pain as every female hit him over the head in succession.

"Bloody brat has everyone twirled around his little finger," Diablos grumbled but a fond smile played on his lips.

On the second of April, the GFs fluttered around Harry, trying to convince him otherwise until he snapped.

"I will see you on Hyne," he bit out to Ifrit and Shiva before disappearing form the abode. No one said anything but meaningful looks were traded. Another moment passes before the whole herd of GFs, minus Shiva and Ifrit, stampede towards the crystal. The Crystal was a just that. A large crystal in the centre of the small village they had made with powers that allowed the GFs to watch the human realm.

Ifrit shrugged as he met Shiva's gaze before he too departed for Balmb. Shiva followed seconds later. After all, if would be strange if a thirteen year old arrived at the Garden alone.

Two two GFs caught up with Harry as they he reached Balamb. None of the monsters dared to attack the pissed off GF. His eyes were glowing with power.

"About time you got here," Harry said as he saw the pair approach.

Shiva merely cuffed his head, "Don't take that tone with me young man. You may be four hundred years old but I'm fay older than you."

Harry rolled his eyes but smiled at the Ice Goddess and turned to enter the Garden.

"If I like it, I'm joining," was all he said to the pair. Shiva followed him and Ifrit trailed behind them, pondering on the young man that caught his Harry's interest.

They entered with no problem and Harry could only gape at the inside of the Garden. IT had the highest ceiling he had ever seen and everything screamed 'technogoly' to him. There were these strange men in weird robe things directing people around as they showed off the facilities. Leviathen had told him about the Garden Masters. Harry noted there were alot of teenagers here.

'Probably students who wnat to enter,' Harry thought as he pulled out his fairly new Communicator. He speeddialed Squall and waited for boy to answer.

"Leanhart," came the frosty, disinterested reply, and Harry bit back a giggle.

"Squall! Where are you? I'm in the Garden by the map-thingy!" Harry said with a smile.

"I'll be right there," came the reply, considerably warmer.

Hanging up, Harry turned to Shiva, "He's coming!"

They waited only moments before the brunette appeared at their side.

"Squall!" Harry said happily before hugging the older boy. Squall froze but returned the hug with one arm.

"Hello Harry. Ma'am. Sir," Squall said seriously. Ifrit raised an eyebrow when he first saw the kid. The boy was tall for his age and would probably end up with a nice height. Chocolate brown hair that hung in his serious grey eyes. He had a cold demeanour, not unlike Shiva's but seemed too mature for his age. Though, Ifrit did not that he had a weapon junctioned and from what he knew it was probably a gunblade. The kid was built to be a speed fighter but would carry quite a punch.

"Squall, right?" Ifrit said before Shiva could responsed, "A pleasure finally meeting you. Harry's told me all about you."

Squall had to quell a blush and threw a look at his young.. friend. Harry refused to meet his gaze and stared at the crowds around him.

"It's nice to see you again," Shiva said, "Harry has been seriously considering joining Balamb Garden. Why don't you give us a tour?"

Squall shrugged before nodding. And they headed off, Squall leading with Harry by his side.

"He's... interesting," Ifrit murmured to Shiva as they followed. Shiva nodded in response as they watched the pair interact.

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

Cid looked at the next application in the pile. There were less this year but still quite a few new students requesting to join to the Garden.

"So, Harry," he said as he glanced at the piece of paper, "you wish to join the Garden. May I ask why?"

Harry smiled at the friendly man from his chair. Shiva and Ifrit sat on either side of him in the comfortable office of the Headmaster of Balamb Garden. The man was middle aged and slightly plump with a balding head. But his demeanor was definitely friendly and open.

"Well, I was introduced to the Garden by my friend Squall," Harry said, noting the look of surprise that crossed the man's face at the mention of Squall, "and I thought it would be a nice change. I want to further my fighting skills and maybe join SEED. I enjoy combat and I'm good at magic, so I though why not? Where we live there isn't a proper school anyway."

Cid shook his head. Squall Leonhart's friend? That was certainly strange, considering how the cold the boy was. He should let the emerald eyed boy in just to get the cold student to open up more.

"Ah, yes. It does say here you live in... Shealia Village up north... Well, Mr and Mrs Mage, if you still wish to send Harry here, he only needs to take the entrance test. We would love to have him."

Shiva and Ifrit shared a look. Inwardly they prepared themselves for the pain of their decision.

"When can Harry be tested?" Ifrit asked.

Cid smiled, "Tomorrow at nine."

Shiva nodded, "See you then Headmaster. Thank you."

"Thank you!" Harry chimed in with a megawatt grin.

Cid smiled and nodded as they left.

Ifrit sighed. The others were not going to be happy...

~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~ ~~~Lion Pair ~~~~

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