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Story start

"You're going to be late for school," my older brother yelled at me through the bedroom door. I poked my head out of my covers and growled at the clock on the nightstand. My bright pink hair, which I had dyed a few days ago, resembled a bird's nest. I rubbed my eyes tiredly before my light blue eyes lost the blurriness caused by sleep.

My short body of 4'8" slipped out of my black sheets. I changed out of my pajamas into some black sweatpants and a red t-shirt. I brushed my waist long pink hair while slipping on some red flip-flops. When my hair no longer resembled a bird's nest, I grabbed my neon orange messenger bag filled with my school stuff.

"Christie, school isn't going to wait for you," my brother Mark yelled again outside of my bedroom door.

I looked in the mirror one last time at my reflection and sighed. I was an eighteen-year-old girl finishing my last year of high school in Japan at a rich school, Ouran High School. I got in by winning a scholarship. My brother was thankful for me winning the scholarship, because we needed to leave the states, and this scholarship presented us with the perfect opportunity. We ran away from our family, if you could call them that.

"I'm ready," I yelled as I opened my door and my brother just shook his head.

"You're wearing that?" he asked and I just shrugged.

"I'm not going there to impress people, anyways I want to be comfortable," I said and smirked at my brother, who just laughed and gave me a hug.

"Come on, I'll give you a ride to school," Mark said as he picked up the keys to his motorcycle. I made sure I had my cell phone before we left the apartment. Mark tossed me my helmet, which was bright green. He picked it out for me. As soon as we were on the bike with helmets on, he cranked the bike and off we went.

My mind thought over how school was going to be. I sighed when I realized that I had no idea. I hoped that I could find some nice people to hang out with, if not well then I would just be fine by myself. I hope that the stereotype of all rich kids being haughty was not true.

My eyes bugged out a bit when we finally arrived at the school, which was….pink. "So cute," I said and my brother laughed at me. I act all tough, but I love cute things. I smacked my brother on the back of his helmet before I hopped off the motorcycle. Other students were staring at my brother and me. I took off my helmet and put it in the bag attached to the bike.

"Have fun with the marshmallows," Mark said and gave me a thumbs up before riding away. I shook my head before facing the school and making my way inside. I gave a small shudder at all of the girls in the ugly yellow dresses.

"Now to find the office," I thought as I entered the building. I smiled when I saw a sign pointing to the office. I made quick work of walking through the halls. "So cute," I heard a few people whisper as I walked past them. I entered the office and got my schedule from the secretary. She sent my outfit a look but she quickly hid it when I raised one of my eyebrows at her daring her to say something.

I headed to my homeroom class and entered. I handed the teacher the paper that the secretary had told me to give to all my teachers to sign. "Oh a new student, class quiet down now, well introduce yourself please and tell us something about you," the teacher said and I turned around to face the class.

"Alright, hello everyone my name is Christie. I'm eighteen years old and I like bright colors," I said as I looked at the different people in the class. My eyes stopped on a boy that looked to be one inch taller than I. He was adorable. His brown eyes, blonde hair, and cute look made my inner girly self go aw inside.

"Thank you Christie, you can take the window seat at the back of the class," the teacher said, which was a seat surrounded by a bunch of girls in the yellow uniform.

"Marshmallows," I thought with a small shudder that I did not show. I took a seat at my desk and I heard a few people whisper about my pink hair. I just smiled and looked out the window a few minutes before focusing in on the lesson.

The first few classes were fine, no complaints. I sat around the same girls from homeroom. The only open desks in class were around them. I was a little sad that I was not able to sit near the cute blonde-haired boy that I noticed earlier. I would talk to him, but he was always talking to a tall guy that was quiet.

"Um, Christie-san, do you want to eat lunch with me?" one of the girls that sat near me asked when the lunch bell rang. I smiled at her and stood up.

"That'd be great, what's your name?" I said as I grabbed my bento out of my bag.

"My name is Hitomi," the girl said with a small blush. I smiled and looked up at her. I was used to looking up at people by now.

"Nice to meet you Hitomi, so how about we go eat in that cool garden I saw out the window," I suggested and Hitomi smiled brightly.

"That sounds great," Hitomi said and we left the classroom. I received a few more looks and whispers and I walked by Hitomi, who led me to the gardens.

"So where are you from Christie? You're Japanese is good," Hitomi asked as we sat down on a bench under a cherry tree.

"Oh I'm from the States. My brother and I learned Japanese from our grandmother on our dad's side," I answered and Hitomi nodded.

"So anything fun to do around this place?" I asked looking at the beautiful garden around us.

"Well a lot of girls like to go to the host club," Hitomi said and she gave a dreamy giggle. I looked at her curiously before smiling.

"Well we should go check it out later, if you want to," I said and Hitomi's smile grew bigger. I smiled and then wondered what the host club was like. I wanted to find something interesting about this school besides the garden and I will check everything out once.

"You're bento is interesting Christie," Hitomi said slowly and I looked down at my open bento. I laughed at Hitomi's expression. My bento was not the typical Japanese bento. Inside were Pringles, pixie sticks, and some Cap N' Crunch cereal.

"Thanks," I said and Hitomi just giggled at me. "I like your bento too," I said as I looked at Hitomi's bento of white rice and egg rolls.

Lunch passed with lots of smiles and I was excited for the rest of the day. Hitomi had told me more about the host club and I'm not kidding when I say I burst out laughing at some of the things she told me about. I could not wait to meet these hosts. They sounded entertaining.

"Alright time for class again," Hitomi said as she closed her bento. I closed mine and let out a big sigh.

"I don't want to go," I said and gave Hitomi a pout. Hitomi went aw, I swear she did, and then she made me get off the bench. I laughed and poked her side. "Don't go aw to me, I'm short and have pink hair, but I'm not a cute kid, I'm eighteen remember," I said and Hitomi blushed and I just smiled.

"Sorry," Hitomi said and I just gave her a thumb up.

"No problem," I said and we went back to the last few classes of the day.