Harry Potter and the power of knowledge


Harry Potter is an intelligent person who devotes his life to everything magic has to offer. But he also realizes not everything in life has to do with magic and devotes his life to bettering himself.

His purpose, curing his mother from the coma she is in since January 1982.

Neville is the boy-who-lived and raised to like his title. Dumbledore is manipulative of Neville and overlooks Harry for the first while.

Harry will do many things which will be consistent with the version from 'nkari127' "Knowledge is power" where the situations will be mostly the same. This story was reposted since 'Fettucini' deleted his version of 'Knowledge is power'. They didn't finish the stories which I am definitely going to do but for that I want to write my own storyline and thus with differences.

Harry is independent, helpful, using grey (light and dark) magic and will be aware of his heritage as Lord Potter. Eventual Harry will meet Fleur and that will be the main pairing of the story.

October 31st, 1981

As the imposing, snakelike figure walked through the village, people were bustling around in costumes and holding lanterns for the Halloween celebration. Though he was wearing a glamour to prevent interference from his task, this child he had to take care of, people could feel he was not to be messed with so they moved out of his way. As he moved past the last Muggle house, he could feel the ancient anti-apparition wards of the Manor up ahead.

While he continued on he mused to himself he was lucky to have his spies so deeply entrenched in the Order and the circles of the two candidates of the prophecy. He had planned on taking longer to breach the ancient wards of the Manor, because he would have expected Dumbledore to better protect the families of the candidates. But this was a good surprise for him. 'Probably because of their trust in the Fidelius and their secret-keepers', he thought.

As he neared the front door of the house, he saw movement in one of the windows to his right and knew he was noticed. He blasted the front door to smithereens and heard the husband screaming to someone upstairs. 'Thank you for locating my target', he thought to himself as he started repelling the ridiculously easy attack from the man. He briefly considered leaving him alive and invite him to join his Death Eaters once his precious child was gone, but it was just a second later that he uttered two words out of habit and a sickly green spell hit the man in his chest.

He was already headed for the stairs as the thud of a body hitting the ground was heard. When he entered the nursery he had to shield himself from the volley of attacks coming from the woman standing in front of a crib. As she paused he said, "it's not necessary for you to die woman, stand aside and I'll let you live". 'Like that would ever happen', he added silently. The woman quickly realized that she stood no chance if her husband had lost without causing any sort of damage to the Dark Lord. She felt down her knees and pleaded with him. "Not Neville, please take me instead. He's just a baby, what threat could he possibly be to you?" The Dark Lord visibly held back for a moment as he felt magic swirling around the baby while the woman kept muttering "Not Neville, take me". He raised his wand, rushed in anticipation of the unknown magic the boy was outputting and quickly killed the mother, "Foolish girl, you should have stepped aside."

He approached the crib and looked down at the small boy with the same look as his mother, 'so this is the child of the prophecy', he thought. He knew his instincts were usually correct and though Pettigrew was earlier with his report on being made the secret-keeper of the Potters, he knew it was more likely that the pure-blooded child would be his potential vanquisher. If the boy already had an aura that he could feel, this would become a powerful child indeed. 'It is best that I take care of him now', he thought. 'Though if it weren't for the prophecy I might have considered letting Lucius raise him as an ally.'

He raised his wand and for the second time in that room uttered the words to end the boy's life. "AVADA KEDAVRA". The next minute a dark mist floated out of the room, leaving only the robes and wand of the Dark Lord, together with a boy crying in his crib for the attention of his mother, with a lightning-bolt-shaped cut on his forehead.

As Neville was crying in his crib, a headmaster in the Northern part of Scotland noticed one of his many trinkets whistling and grabbed the tail of the phoenix while mentally asking his familiar to transport him to Longbottom Manor. They appeared in the entrance hall of the mansion and Dumbledore immediately noticed Frank Longbottom, auror captain of the MLE, lying dead near the door. Curse marks on the walls showed it must have been an intense but short battle.

As he started to search the other rooms on the ground floor he heard a baby crying upstairs and headed up there with his wand in hand. He knew there were no more enemy wizards in the house but it never hurt to be prepared. As he entered the nursery he saw the body of Alice Longbottom lying a few feet away from the crib which carried Neville, one of the candidates of the prophecy that he heard nearly a year and a half before.

Neville, though crying with a bloodied cut on his forehead was none the worse for wear and Dumbledore immediately realized what had happened. He looked around and finally saw the robes and wand in the corner, which he recognized from several battles and from long ago when Olivander invited him to see the wand made with the feather of his phoenix.

He scanned Neville with his wand and noticed traces of the Killing Curse on his forehead. 'The prophecy must have protected him', he mused to himself. He scanned the room closely and saw no body of his old student, 'though mangled it may have been, there still would have been a body'. He then realized that Tom must truly have immortalized himself and sighed. "He will return, Neville must be prepared," he said quietly.

Three months later the Potters were attacked by a group of leftover Death Eaters who had cornered Pettigrew for the location of the their home in Godric's Hollow. On the 26th of January, James Potter was killed in a duel when he was distracted because Lily Evans Potter was tortured and he tried to protect her. Lily was then subjected to the Cruciatus for questioning of the location of the Dark Lord. Though Lily worked for the Unspeakables, Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange reasoned that since James Potter was an auror captain, he would know where the Dark Lord was hiding and would have told his wife. For they realized their Lord couldn't be killed and would return, hopefully with their help. While Lily Potter did not know of the location of the Dark Lord, she also didn't say anything to the contrary. It was only when Bellatrix threatened her child that she started screaming and wailing, despite minutes of being tortured with the Cruciatus curse. When Bellatrix Lestrange finally fired an unknown curse at Harry, Lily Evans Potter sacrificed herself by jumping in front of her child.

When the aurors came, the death eaters were subdued quickly because they had the element of surprise. However, Lily Potter was in a coma due to being hit by the unknown curse and couldn't be awakened by the healers at St Mungo's. Dumbledore realized that Sirius Black would have been a Death Eater spy to reveal the location of the Potters and issued an arrest warrant to the aurors. Harry Potter witnessed the death of his father and his mothers fate that lead to him being orphaned and would remember the horrible event when in the presence of dementors. Dumbledore gave Harry to Hagrid and told him to bring him to the Dursleys and that he would wait for him there. The next morning, Harry Potter was laid on the front doormat of number 4, Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey.

The next day as Harry was discovered by an enraged Vernon Dursley, Sirius Black was cornered and stunned in the middle of the street by aurors in a Muggle neighborhood after killing thirteen Muggles and Peter Pettigrew with one curse. All that was found of Peter was a finger, and he was awarded the Order of Merlin post-humously for trying to apprehend a known criminal. Sirius was sent to Azkaban without a trial for he was shouting in the middle of the street 'I killed them', over and over with tears streaming down his face when the aurors encountered him on that street. Probably for realizing his Lord was destroyed by a one year old boy, or so the aurors reasoned.

After that a flurry of things happened, Augusta Longbottom assumed guardianship of her grandson Neville and would raise him as the next Lord Longbottom, the Boy-Who-Lived. She would receive help if required from the headmaster. Dumbledore kept the prophecy to himself but realized that Neville would be held in check by the imposing woman whom held a position in the Wizengamot. He would train the boy a bit before his eleventh birthday so that he could take on a leadership position at Hogwarts. This would ensure he would be placed in Gryffindor and assume the role he was destined for. All over England, people raised their glasses "To Neville Longbottom, the boy-who-lived!"