Vivat Anne

Jane Seymour, what a joke! How one could be such a fool to take interest with this milky faced, pale, snake? Yet my husband keeps running to her as a dog runs to fetch a damn stick!

I, Anne Queen of England, best and most beautiful of all the Howard and Boleyn girls am being put aside for some Seymour whore! I shall not have it! I have worked years to keep Henry! I have danced, sang, flirted, and entertained, with every being in me! And I will not be put aside as Katherine of Aragon was for my sister Mary, or as Mary was for me!

I will not be eclipsed, I will not be passed aside like a dish at a feast that Henry has no taste for.

I am Anne Queen of England, Marquess of Pembroke; the best England has to offer!

This thing with Jane Seymour is but a small phase, he shall tire of all the sympathy and sorry looks. When he is well once more he will want me as fiery and fierce as I have always been. He will want my passion and intensity; he will tire of her as he always does a mistress. He goes hot and cold all the time and Jane Seymour is not the exception.

I sighed the maid combing my hair had long finished but was waiting patiently for her next duty.

"Fetch me my dark red riding gown and matching hat, do not for get the ruby brooch!" I commanded smoothly sending her running away to fetch my things.

The court was already at Greenwich; Henry had already taken off with that demon by his side.

I did not question him but merely accepted the fact that I would have to some how win him back from the whore who enchanted him with her sugary smiles and simple sweetness.

I shall destroy her; everything Jane Seymour is now will be done by the time I am done with her! I'll scratch out her eyes with my bare hands, cut all that fair hair on her virginal head, and rip off that sweet smile that becomes her treacherous lips!

Jane Seymour shall forever regret the day she dared cross me! Anne Boleyn, Queen of England!

The maid returned scurrying back to me all my things in her clumsy hands. She helped me dress in everything but my hat.

I sent her away once more to tell my barrage that we would be leaving in 15 minuets. She curtsied phasing my good heath and beauty.

Standing in front of my full length mirror I stare at my reflection.

My dark red gown looked radiant against my pale completion, my dark hair falling gracefully off my shoulders; I set my lips in my secret smile.

I am any man's dream women; I could steal any man's heart.

I sigh breathing in my beauty and closing my eyes, the pearl choker I wore felt rough against my fingers

It was only a matter of time now. I could win against Jane Seymour; I worked my whole life to get where I am now, on the throne of England! I am not about to be pushed aside from some milky faced Seymour slut!

I smile my charming Boleyn smile letting my eyes flutter open as I slip the choker around my neck putting my hands to the golden B.

Jane Seymour will lose everything because I am Anne, Queen of England.

I will and shall not be put aside for some virginal milky slut. Not I, Anne Queen of England!

A/N: Thank you for ready ^^ I enjoyed writing this and may do more through different characters points. This one takes place after the monster baby is born and the court leaves Anne behind to head to Greenwich. Please R&R and thank you once again.