"Booth!" Brennan's voice said urgently through his door. She knocked again. "We're late!"

"Hang on!" Booth jogged from his bedroom, zipping up his trousers, and flipped open the lock for her. She immediately opened the door and came in. She looked him over. He was wearing the lower half of a tuxedo and had a smear of shaving cream under his chin.

"You aren't even ready yet!" She accused, her eyebrows drawing together.

"I know, I know!" Booth said in a harassed tone. "I got stuck at the office. I'll be one minute, I swear." He jogged back into the bedroom and returned pulling on a white dress shirt and holding a tie in his teeth. He hastily tucked in the shirt and shrugged into his jacket, shoving the tie into his pocket. "Let's go." He said, patting his chest and hip pockets to check for his wallet and keys.

"You have some…" Brennan pointed at his chin.


She looked around and spotted a damp bath towel slung on the back of a chair. Picking it up, she swiped at the shaving cream. "There." She said, stepping back.

Booth stood like a statue for a breath before taking her elbow and hustling her out the door. As they exited the building and got into her car, he slid her a sidelong glance up and down. She was wearing a burgundy dress, fitted all the way to the floor, which would've been strapless and backless except it had some kind of see-through fabric over the top of it. Her hair was up in a loose pile of curls and she had on really big sparkling earrings. "You look beautiful, by the way." Booth said considerately. His eyes warmed and his lips curved.

Brennan smiled. "So do you." She replied.

"Oh, yeah?" Booth said with a grin and a cocky tilt of his jaw. "Beautiful, huh? I was going for Bond."

Brennan's eyebrows shot up with joy. "I know who that is!" She said, pointing at him.

Booth laughed and flipped down his mirror so he could put on his tie. "So you ready for your big speech?" He asked as he expertly wound a single Windsor knot.

Brennan blew out a breath. "I'm prepared." She answered, not really responding to the question.

"Hey, Bones." Booth finished with his tie and turned to her with dark, searching eyes. "I know you don't like these things but…you'll do great. You're the best in your field. You'll knock 'em dead."

"Thank you." Brennan said with a small smile. "And thank you for escorting me."

"My pleasure." Booth gave her a comic wince. "Maybe just don't call me your 'escort', okay?"

Brennan gave one of her husky chuckles and pulled her car into the lot of the museum wing of the Jeffersonian.