Wedding Dress

A/N: Hey guys! :] so this is my first fan-fic, well I've had a few but none that I've posted up and published for you all to read because I ended up disliking the whole storylines, blahhhh.

So I have had this one story on my mind for moths and decided perhaps I should just get it written and perhaps change the story characters in the future to my own characters and perhaps have a go at publishing professionally, or not, we'll see how it goes I think.

I had the idea for this when I heard a certain song, it's not an English song but I heard an English version and it fits perfectly:

Wedding Dress Remix - Tommy C ft. JReyez

Search that on YouTube and listen to it if you are curious as to why it is the song for this fiction.

Summary: Edward Cullen has loved Bella Swan since they were toddlers, Bella always and still secretly sharing those same feelings. Now both in their early twenties and working in the local hospital, Bella is engaged to ex-high school player Emmett McCarty, they of course become married, but its never really going to be a happy ending is it? BAD SUMMARY B/Em/Ed A/J R/? Em/?

Chapter 1


"Edward you know she loves him, I know it hurts you to have to attend this service but you need to. For Bella's sake." Alice hissed, her opinion not really bothering me. She never knew when to keep quiet, especially when the topic of Bella and her fiancé Emmett came up.

"Alice, for once please just shut up and let me get ready, I really don't feel like going and you're just putting me off even more. I am going for Bella, but only for Bella because I love her. End of." I snapped as she stormed out, fixing the silver waistcoat Bella insisted all of the males wore for the wedding. The wedding. I sighed and sat on the edge of my bed, grabbing at my hair and gritting my teeth to resist the tears that threatened to fall on my newly bought black slacks.

I had loved Bella Swan since we had both picked the same blue crayon in kindergarten; I never left her side, excluding the portion of time that we slept. She was beautiful, more than beautiful. I couldn't describe in words how amazing she was, everything she did had me mesmerized and I always had been in awe of her.

I was there for her when her mom and dad divorced and she decided to live with her dad, staying in Forks. I was there for her when her rabbit Flop, died. I was there for her when she had her first really boyfriend at the age of sixteen and he attempted to pressure her into certain things, I had always been by her side helping her, comforting her and assuring her.

But not once had she let on that she mirrored my feelings towards her. The pull I had to Bella was rather annoying yet painful. When Bella was in pain, I was too, when she was upset, so was I. Even worse, when she was angry, so was I. It didn't help that when I became angry I would always go on a violent rampage and I would constantly need to re-plaster a lot of my houses walls.

We both went to Dartmouth, both studying Medical and both getting a job at Forks Hospital. That's where she met Emmett McCarty. He had been rushed in for serious head injuries after he attempted to drive home in a storm and crashing his expensive Jeep into a sign pole head on and cracking his skull against the windshield.

The first thing he said to her? 'Wow I must have died and went to heaven, you must be an angel'. She blushed, God how I loved her blush, and thanked him assuring him that he had not died and that she was a fellow human. He gave her his number and they went on a few dates before she moved into his luxury apartment with him. I always asked her why they rushed things; she would huff and start an argument. After a year and a month of dating he proposed to her, officially. He took her to Italy and they dined in front of a 'beautiful', as she called it, lake and he got down on one knee in front of dozens of people also eating there.

Ever since they came back from Italy and told me, I hated Emmett even more and only acted friendly towards the guy because Bella gave me a lecture on how she wanted her two favourite men in her life to get along. I shrugged and didn't dare argue back, her temper could be very temperamental at times and there wasn't a real point to aggravate her.

Here I was now, dressed in a silver tailed tux, the best man. I couldn't understand why he had asked me when clearly he got on better with my sisters fiancé Jasper Hale.

I was dressed for Bella's wedding, but not the groom. I bit my lip, partly drawing blood and allowing the tears to finally fall. Only my sister Alice and Jasper knew about my deep feelings for the woman I had dreamed of marrying and having kids with. Everything I had hoped and wished for was destroyed, Bella didn't even know.

"Edward, we're leaving now. Are you ready?" Jasper asked standing at my doorway, my head whipped up and I sniffed before replying with a curt 'yes' and rising to my feet, noticing the tiny tear puddle I had left on the bed's cover. "Ok well, I'll be here for you man, just try and hold up for Bella." He grumbled before walking back down the corridor.

I let out a disgruntled noise, picking up the tuxedo jacket, the rings and my speech. Turning off my light and TV I closed my bedroom door. Time to face my worst nightmare, seeing Bella wearing the ring from another man.