Wedding Dress

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Edward Cullen has loved Bella Swan since they were toddlers, Bella always and still secretly sharing those same feelings. Now both in their early twenties and working in the local hospital, Bella is engaged to ex-high school player Emmett McCarty, they of course become married, but its never really going to be a happy ending is it? BAD SUMMARY B/Em/Ed A/J R/? Em/?

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Chapter 2


"Thank you, everyone, for attending our wedding today. You have all certainly made it a memorable day, one I will never forget for as long as I live." Emmett announced on the microphone that hardly fit in his gigantic hands, I snorted and took another swig of my beer, letting the bottle fall against my chest as I closed my eyes.

Bella had looked…Well there wasn't any real words or way of putting words into a formable sentence to explain how my one love had looked. The way her dress fitted her, hugged her curves and shown her natural beauty, made me want to stand up as the priest asked for any objections, and tell her my feelings that I had hidden so well since I had first seen her.

She gracefully waltzed around the hired hall in Emmett's arms as they had taken to the floor for their first dance as a married couple. I had to leave for a cigarette to calm myself, the idiot had his hands all over my girl. My girl. That's how it was supposed to be, but obviously and clearly not.

When it had been my turn to dance with her, all I could say to her was 'I hope he doesn't break your heart' which angered not only her but her oath of a husband. I laughed in his face as he warned me that he could have me removed from the party, he wouldn't dare. Whether he wanted to or not, Bella would never have allowed him, she had restrained him from hitting me as I had laughed.

"Edward, how many have you had exactly?" I heard my father, Carlisle, ask rather disappointedly. I rolled my eyes beneath my eye sockets and eventually opened them to glare at him, I was 25.

"Does it matter how many beers I have drank? I have just watched the absolute love of my mother-fucking life get married to an absolute idiot that will without a fucking doubt end up hurting her. Do you want to know how many beers I've drank dad!?" I growled, slamming the empty bottle down and storming out of the hall and out into the fresh air.

The cold air was glorious on my over heated skin, I ripped open the top of my shirt, hissing as I started to cool down already. I dropped to the ground and sat up against the nearest wall, watching as the cold made my breath stand out against the darkness and rare stars in the sky.

"Edward," the voice, I hoped wouldn't follow me out, whispered. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, not letting her see the tears in my already bury eyes, I had obviously drank a lot more than the eight bottles I thought I had. Stupid lightweight gut.

"Edward, please come back inside, I don't want the night to end like this!" She begged, approaching me slowly and stopping just at my knees, before sitting down beside me. I huffed as she lay her hand on top of mine, letting her fingers slip between mine. "I thought you'd be happy for me, why are you always like this about Emmett!?" I snarled and whipped up into a standing position, crouched over slightly so I was in her line of sight.

"Do you really want to know why I fucking cannot stand the man you have just married? Why I can no longer be in the same as you two? Why I couldn't even stand at the wedding ceremony and look at the two of you for longer than two seconds? Do you really want to know the fuck why Isabella!?" I roared, pacing back and forth, grabbing and un-grabbing my annoying hair.

"Yes, it is why I asked and for god's sake stop being such an ass!" She complained, wobbling as she rose from the cold concrete back onto the awfully big heels my sister had given to her for the after party. Trust Alice to make things even more difficult for my clumy Bella, tonight she had had relitively stable, for once.

"Because I, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, fucking love you. I have loved you since the day I met you in kindergarten and we wanted the same crayon. Every time I look at Emmett you see me cringe and begin to get rather angry, yes!?" She was beginning to cry, the tears were falling either side of her button nose, I so much wanted to kiss them away tell her everything would be alright and we'd be fine, but it wouldn't, she nodded cautiously.

"Because that son of a bitch has the only girl I have ever loved, he has her fucking heart and will have the pleasure of messing with it. I know his type, I have been friends with several of the idiots, I'm not dumb and blind Bella . He will hurt you, and the day he does of course I will be waiting for you but I will not give you any sympathy. You have married into this shit, you have chosen the big idiot over the guy who has stood by you throughout the whole of your life. Do you not see that!?" I punched the brick wall, regretting it immediately as the bones crunched and pain shot through the whole of my right arm. "Forget it Bella, go enjoy you're the rest of your night, I'm moving to Chicago tomorrow, I think it's best if we have some space for a while."

For the first time in my life, I walked away. I could hear her sobbing, breathing heavily and panting as she attempted catch up with me. "EDWARD!" I began to jog over to my Aston Martin as I heard Emmett angrily shout my name. Time to get out of here, time to start my new life. She couldn't hold me back any longer, I would try to move on, she had a husband why couldn't I have myself a wife or a girlfriend?

Quickly but carefully, I twisted the keys into the car lock and collapsed into the seat, cursing that I had drank so much. I locked the doors and started the car, reversing backwards and grabbing at the water I had left on the seat beside me for emergencies. I chugged down the whole of the two litre bottle and immediately felt slightly more awake and alert. The pain in my obviously broken knuckles multiplied and I cursed, not even Bella, right now, was worth punching a stone wall whilst half tipsy.

I put the car into automatic and jolted forwards, keeping my foot pressed down on the gas, I spotted Carlisle and Esme beside the front doors to the party doors watching my car drive by, both frowning. I laughed and pressed my foot down on the gas even harder and shot down the road towards my house. I would sleep there tonight, tomorrow I would gather a few items of clothing and personal belongings before jumping back into my Aston Martin and driving towards Chicago, I had enough money to last me for years to come already stored in my bank account, nobody other than myself had access.

Goodbye Bella Swan, hello new life.

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