So, on insistence of a reader I finally went and began posting the sequel for this. Aside from her and a new reader I'm not sure if anyone even cares about this. I have barely had anyone read the start at all. In the end I considered the chance that my old readers might not know I finally decided to go ahead with this. So here we are, consider this my official announcement, the sequel to Promises of Hope is up!

The series is officially named Promises of Eternity now.

The second installment is called Promises of Faith, and the summary is as follows:

Forever is a long time, and some promises are impossible to keep; but even from broken promises new destinies can be made, and new futures created. True light may yet come, but at what cost?

Pairings: Stefan/Elena, Damon/Bonnie, Caroline/Matt (with possibility for change), Jenna/Alaric (that too might change in the course of the story), Jeremy/? (haven't decided, it's between Anna and an OFC).

The sequel takes after this one and completely ignores anything that's happened after 'Fool Me Once' in season one of VD (and particularly anything concerning the Originals, Stefan's past, etc).

You can find Promises of Faith in my profile or through the following story number: 11817166