Blair and Chuck were going on holiday to England because she loved shopping in London and making fun of all the people who rode in the red triple decker buses.

Chuck had promised to buy her a bunch of fancy headbands from some of the elegant shops round Picadilly Circus. They were admiring a bedazzled number in a shop window when they heard the voice of a young man speaking to his mother.

"That scarf is HIDEOUS! Isn't it, mother?" he snarled, regarding Chuck with disgust.

His mother agreed, turning her nose up at Chuck. "Sodding muggles never have any fashion sense…"

Blair, intrigued by these cruel and unusual words, turned her head toward the speaker. Her eyes met his. He was a young man with bleach blond hair and gray eyes. Blair thought him rather handsome, but shot that thought out of her mind immediately. She had a boyfriend, she reminded herself.

Chuck looked extremely offended. "This is 100% polyester!"

Blair looked at him with a revolted look on her face. "Polyester? EW."

Chuck shrugged sheepishly. "It's my favorite scarf."

She rolled her eyes. She looked at the blond boy. "I think you're right. I've always hated Chuck's scarf. It's hideous. So true!"

Chuck looked as though he'd been slapped in the face. He thought Blair had always loved lil' Scarfy!

"Blair…." He began, staring daggers at her.

But she paid him no mind. She was introducing herself to the blond man.

"I'm Blair Cornelia Waldorf. I'm a member of La Table Elitaire."

The boy was nonplussed. "Kay."

"Who're you?" she asked.

Chuck was sulking in the corner, giving Blair puppy dog eyes. She ignored him.

"Draco Malfoy," he said pompously. He shook Blair's hand.

A lightning bolt shot through Draco.

"Nothing like shaking hands with Pansy!" he said, but when no one said anything in reply he looked rather embarrassed.

"Nevermind," he said, feeling moronic.

"Is Pansy here?" asked Draco's mother.

Draco nodded. "She's over in the shop buying muggle clothes."

"What's a muggle?" Blair asked, confused upon hearing that weird word again.

"Errr.." began Draco. "It's a term my family uses to describe people with manias."

"What sort of mania does Pansy have?"

Draco paused for dramatic effect. "Sex mania."

Chuck looked interested in the conversation for the first time all evening!

"Oh, look!" said Draco. "Here she is now!!"