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"Right there! Oh my god, Jasper!"

I looked at Edward, the way his eyes were bright and wild behind his glasses, and the flush that was making its way up his neck. I wanted to trace the flush with my tongue.

Three years with my fuckhot computer nerd of a boyfriend, and I never got tired of seeing how his body reacted when he got excited.

Never stopped getting turned on by it. I adjusted myself discreetly.

He grabbed my arm. "Jasperrrr." He whined when I didn't give him what he wanted.

"Edwaaaaard," I taunted in reply.

"Jasper, please! There, right there!"

He grabbed my chin and redirected my face.

"Would you please just look?"

I grinned as I turned my head. Then I turned back.

"Yes, Edward, that's Neil Gaiman."


I snorted. I had to get him to stop speaking in internet acronyms.

We were at ComicCon. My book had been optioned as a t.v. show, and I was invited to be part of the panel for the show. Although I was there as a panelist, the truth was Edward and I were pretty much walking around like a pair of slack-jawed fanboys.

But just then?

Just then I only had eyes for my Edward. He was all geek hot, with his thick-framed glasses and Chucks, although I made him wear better fitting clothes since we started dating. I liked seeing my boy's ass in tight jeans, and enjoyed the way his "Resistance is futile" t-shirt stretched across his chest.

We had several hours until my panel, and suddenly I wasn't feeling very fanboyish. No, in fact, there was only one boy I wanted to pay attention to, and he was standing to my right.

"Jasper, do you think we can meet him?"

"What? Oh, ummm, I dunno, maybe? But, ummm, uh . . ." I trailed off hoping he took the bait.

"What's wrong?"

I looked around furtively. "I don't want to talk about it here," I told him, then grabbed his hand and pulled him toward what looked like an empty hallway.

The hallway was long and dark, and more importantly, it was empty. I found a small alcove and shoved Edward into it.


But that was all I let him get out before I kissed him. It was messy and desperate, and I managed to knock his glasses off, but when I wove my hands into his hair and ground...



...and we both began to snicker like a couple of schoolboys as we righted ourselves.

"That was perfect," Edward told me.

I leaned my forehead against his and then kissed him. "Yeah?"

When Edward nodded, I grinned. "Yeah, it was, wasn't it?"

About a year into our relationship, Edward and I had started a list of things we wanted to try, sexual things. One of Edward's favorites was sex in a public place.

Remember what I said about the quiet ones?

Yeah. Edward's list was much, much longer than mine.

I kissed him again, then grabbed his hand and began to pull him back up the hallway, when suddenly a tall, backlit figure loomed in front of us.

"Excuse me," a familiar British accent said. "I'm looking for the loo and seem to have gotten lost."

When Edward and I just stood there, dumbstruck, he continued. "Oh, where are my manners? Hello." He extended his hand. "I'm Neil—"

"Jasper, I think you just fucked me stupid, because I could swear that Neil Gaiman is standing in front of us and introducing himself, and that just can't be, so yeah, you just, you must have, you—"

"I, uh, I think I see . . . oh yes, there's the sign . . . I'll just . . ." and he hurried off, escaping us as quickly as possible.

"Edward? You realize that was . . . that was . . ."

I heard him gulp, then whimper.

I turned and looked at him, then started laughing.

After a moment he did too, and we were still laughing as we walked back out into the main room.

Seconds later Edward's cell phone pinged that he had a text. His face blanched as he read it.

He looked up at me in a panic. "Oh god, Jasper. Did I just tell Neil Gaiman you fucked me stupid?"

I laughed. "Yeah, yeah you did."

"Oh god," he groaned.


Edward handed me his phone.

Eddie, dude, you're gonna owe me big! Room 2142. One hour. Gaiman needs his computer fixed. Now, who's your favorite brother?

"F.M.L," Edward muttered. "F.M.L."

Yeah, we're gonna have to work on those acronyms.

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