He shuddered as strong hands stroked firmly up his ribs. Teeth nipped at his collarbone, and he writhed, his hands settling lightly into the long blonde hair that feathered across his body.

Golden eyes glittered up at him, glinting wickedly in the light of the moon, and he found himself entranced. A sharp nip at the base of his throat was followed by a warm, wet tongue.

The mouth that had been at his throat moved up, and they shared a brief kiss. The mouth disappeared, and he groaned at the loss. Two slender fingers slipped their way into his mouth, and he sucked on them eagerly.

A brief brush of hair across his groin was the only warning he got before that hot mouth enveloped him. The fingers in his mouth muffled his cry at the sound, and another chuckle vibrated around him, making him buck.

His lover relaxed his throat, the fingers leaving his mouth and sliding down underneath him. A light pressure, and one spit-slicked finger slipped inside of him. Those clever fingers spent several pleasurable minutes preparing him, while that sinful mouth did the most wicked things to him, always pulling back just before he teetered over the edge.

Finally, when he thought he couldn't take it anymore, both mouth and fingers were removed, and he whimpered. A wicked smile, and his legs were lifted and tucked back towards his chest as his lover entered him in a smooth, painless thrust. When his lover was inside as far as he'd go, he leaned down to kiss him, setting a punishing pace.

It didn't take long after that for them both to reach the peak. With a cry, he watched in delight and awe as the striking white wings burst from his lover's back with his release. Afterwards, they lay there, sated and content, the white wings settling around them like a soft, warm blanket as they drifted off.


Daisuke's eyes flew open, and he looked around wildly, trying to remember where he was. Seeing his own lover resting next to him, he smiled. That's right. Satoshi had decided to take him to England, as a sort of mini-vacation.

Right now, they were traveling along the London Underground, heading for the National Gallery, where they would be able to see over 2000 different pieces of artwork.

Scowling, Daisuke growled at his passenger. "Must you show me that? It's bad enough that I can feel it in the morning!" Inside, Dark just chuckled merrily at him.

"Come on, Dai-kun," he teased, his voice as light and easy-going as always. "It's not like you don't do the same thing with Satoshi. I can feel that, too, you know," he pointed out. "Besides, it's not like I can help what I dream. And it was your fault for falling asleep in the first place."

Daisuke sighed, unable to really argue. He supposed that Dark was right. Besides, remembering Dark and Krad together wasn't a bad feeling. Not at all.