Looking around i felt the need to add a little on the intro. First, when i started this story i was used to writing short chapters, and the writing wasn't as good b/c i wasn't used to writing. I'm getting better, and the chapters are longer. I say this b/c i've noticed that most people only read the first two chapters or s before stopping. Please, keep reading! I promise, it gets better! And with your help i can continue to improve. In my most recent chapters i've really been getting better. I'm no longer focusing just on my OC's. From chapter 7 on there will be alot of story on normal Naruto characters. At this point it will mostly be team 7, and also some for Hinata. So again, please read through till at least chapter seven, (being posted later tonight) and then even if you don't like it, review and tell me why so i can better learn what i can do to improve my writing, okay? Thanks.


Also, since 'carnax of oblivion' was too scared to login when they reviewed, i'm going to start off with this note as they're comment was a valid point:yes, i put the story down as NaruHina; no, they are not in actuality the main characters of the story since my two main characters are OCs, but they WILL be two of most important people for one of the main characters as we get further on in the story, it's just going to take a little bit to get there, so please be patient with me.

Now, for the original intro:

This is a fanfic that a co-worker and I created. At least, we started to. It came time for me to go to college and we haven't really corresponded much on this project. My co-worker has seen pretty much everything that I've written up to this point, and if i don't hear back from him soon, then I'l be keeping the story going on my own. We were having our own discussion on Naruto and came up with this idea. I'll let you know what the discussion was when I get to the part of the story that reveals this little bit of fun.

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy it. There will be a little bit of normal parings going on, but that's mostly because this was a possible way that we saw for how things would turn out, and the pairings used were the ones we liked. You'll figure it out as things go.

Disclaimer: as much as I wish I did, i do not own Naruto. Almost all characters and such are owned my Masashi Kishimito.

Now, R&R please.

Around the time that Madara was defeated, two children were born, both of them from well known, and liked, leaf shinobi. One of them was a girl, the daughter of Sarutobi Asuma. Nara Shikamaru was there for the birth, of course, and he spent much of his spare time at Kurenai's helping to raise the child. Kurenai, of course, already knew that Shikamaru would do this as he had already been doing things for her every day he was home in the village. Because of this, she named her daughter Shika, after her godfather.

The other was the son of Hatake Kakashi. This came as a surprise to everyone. No one had even known that he'd had a wife. They had chosen to keep it secret for a time due to how much people outside Konoha wanted Kakashi dead and because his wife could be used to try and get at him. With the general unity that now connected the Shinobi villages, however, they felt they could afford to be in the open, and the birth of Kakashi's son was much celebrated by his close friends. His wife insisted that they name their child after Kakashi, but he wanted it to not be exactly his name, so they settled for just dropping the 'K', and so Hatake Akashi was named.

Both children would one day grown into strong, confident shinobi of the leaf village, but they had to overcome many challenges in their lives before that could happen, and those challenges would be mostly those of their own creation…

The next chapter will start with our characters being about 12, like Naruto was at the beginning of his story, and will also start near of the end of the academy.

Let it be noted- the personality and abilities of Akashi were mostly created by my co-worker, and Shika was mostly done by me. We started creating this story before the manga got to the death of Danzo, so, obviously, while much of the story will attempt to remain true to the storyline, I cannot help that some of the pieces of the plot were concieved to a nigh unto unchangable point by the time some parts of the manga came out [and the same will hold true for the future].

Also, I both read the manga and watch the Anime. I don't know if this will happen yet, but while this will obviously most heavily rely on the manga, do not be surprised to see something from one of the 'fillers'/added story arcs. There are some characters that I really like from some of those, so if i decide to include them, i will.

Well, now that i've finished setting the story up and explained myself, to some degree, please review this story, and feel free to suggest your own ideas for how things should go. You don't really know the characters yet. But you will soon enough. But seriously, please send me your ideas. I promise that I'll write in who gave me the idea!

final note that i felt i needed to add:If this story ever become M rated, it will be b/c of violence. Nothing else.