It's probably too early to do this, but... I just can't wait any longer myself. XD And the prologue's ready to go, so why not?

This is the sequel to Façade: Through the Eyes of the Codemeister. I suggest reading that first before reading this.

This "Façade" series is basically the trials of Total Drama through the eyes of a certain goofy, pervy techno-geek, Cody. Even though this means that the series relies heavily on the canon of the show, I've been told that it's actually really good, so don't count this story out yet. XD

Why did I choose such a title? Well... at first it was obvious (even from just watching the show). No one bought that "cool guy" Cody routine, did they? But what has been seen through the course of the story thus far is that there have cases where Cody has lied to himself, and there will be even more cases yet to come.

Also, A huge thing about this story is to try and make sense out of every (or at least nearly every) unexplainable event that happens in the Total Drama series. One example: Justin's elimination in TDI. I actually thought that one through. XD And from what has been seen already, I've also thrown in some hard truths and life lessons. But don't worry--it doesn't get too preachy.

But enough of my ramblings. Enjoy the show! ...Er, story.


Façade: Behind the Scenes


"Welcome, class. It's 4:00. Time for Abnormal Psychology. Let's get the attendance sheet going right away.

"Last time we learned that disorders generally have both predisposing and precipitating causes. A traumatizing event that happens when a person is a child, combined with a stressful event that happens recently, could trigger a disorder in said person.

"That does not make a person 'insane' or 'psycho.' Please, do not leave this class with that idea. Diagnosed or not, they are no less human than any human being. And more often than not, they're not even dangerous, despite popular belief. In fact, studies have shown that more acts of violence are done to people with mental disorders than done by people with mental disorders.

"Stress is a huge factor in mental illness. Whether it's stress by a traumatic event, or one of life's simple daily hassles, it plays a huge role in triggering most mental disorders..."


Welcome to Total Drama Action, also known as hell.

I wasn't even a contestant this time around. If you recall, I had fallen into a pool of green jelly and escaped a worse fate.

Unfortunately, she wasn't so lucky. In fact, most of us weren't.

And even though I wasn't on the roster, I was still a witness to some of the hardest moments any of my friends would ever go through. To this day, I wish there was more I could have done to prevent TDA. Maybe I could have held on to the case when Owen, uh, did his business. Maybe I could have tied a weaker knot. Maybe I should have never even bothered looking for the case in the first place.

But it was too late. The season was going to happen, no matter how much we wished it wouldn't. No matter how awful it would be, it would happen, and there was nothing we could do about it.

I don't think anyone left Total Drama Action without losing some of the sanity they had starting out. It wasn't just hell for the ones who suffered the most--it was hell for everyone. And it was all orchestrated by the devil himself: Christopher McLean.

Now just because I wasn't a contestant this time around didn't mean I didn't get a fair share of that hell. But unlike the fourteen qualifiers of TDA, my adventure into the depths of the devil's domain didn't start the second that the contestants were dropped off at the abandoned film lot in Toronto. No, my--our--adventure started on the "loser bus," where we met a young intern named Billy...


Welcome to the sequel of Façade: Through the Eyes of the Codemeister. Once again we dwell deep into the (fanon) brain of Cody Insert-Last-Name-Here. Though not a contestant this time around, Cody still has one heck of an adventure before him. But not an adventure in the sense that we probably think of when we think "adventure." No, more like an adventure of the mind, of the heart, perhaps even of the soul. The adventure of friendships and heartaches that we all are familiar with. Expect more things that I have to make up on the spot this time around, and hopefully they'll be appreciated. XD If you are still reading this, thank you for taking the time to actually read my unnecessary ramblings.

One final thing, the intern really doesn't have a name as far as I know. But I've seen several fans call him Billy, so that's the name I'm going to give him. And who knows? Maybe the more we use it, the more likely he will end up like Canaan from Oban: Star-Racers. And for those of you who have never heard about that but are still curious enough to read this explanation, Canaan didn't have a name at first, but the fans started calling him that and the creator of Oban: Star-Racers actually made it his official name. So who knows? Maybe that'll happen to Billy. XD

I do not own Total Drama. If I did, Cody and Gwen would not only be making out, but they would be making Geoff and Bridgette jealous.