Hello, this is just me wanting some advice. I love to write, so recently I have been writing this new story, usually I do things that incopoorate poems into the dialoge, but this story that I have been writing is just another one of those twilight stories. I would like to know if I should post it. So for everyone to give me their honest answer I am going to give you the summary and ppl please review and tell me if I should keep it going.


Edward left me in this shit hole of a life to be human, he wanted me to have a normal human life, but I am here a year later to tell you that it is far from normal, or human. The day edward left me I was kidnapped, the mintue I knew who it was I was dead, and the moment I woke up began my new life. I, Zorie Marie, lives a life that know one knows about, a life of the unknown. And I am here to warn everyone to watch out for what is coming.... The end of our lives.

And here are some minor details:

Zorie is Bella.

Zorie is not a vampire, but MAY have been turned into one that night she was taken.

No one from her human life knows that she is missing, they simply forgot about her. (Unless they are/were mythical)

She has a new family.

She is different thatn she used to be, she is heartless and mean because edward left her.

But she has a new guy in her life that loves that about her.

Her family has 8 members.

The volturi are out to get all of them.

And Zorie is the most powerful thing anyone has ever seen, and no one know what she is exactly. (except her)

This is it tell me what you think.