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Maddie went out of her way to look inconspicuous, almost to the point that she looked especially conspicuous. Eyes were drawn to her dark apparel, her dark hair, her long dark eyelashes, and her pale white skin. She shone like a ghost under the street light, and she hoped that she would be able to maneuver about the town in the same manner as a ghost would.

Sarah was stomping about angrily. She hadn't slept the whole trip, and she was unbelievably cranky. Maddie could pay no mind to her. She was too set on finding a hotel at such a late hour.

After awhile, growing irritated of constantly tugging on her child's hand, Maddie hoisted her up and carried her. She walked several tiring blocks until she found a place that would let her stay on such short notice.

Once Sarah was put to bed, Maddie could stand it no longer. Her veins felt on fire, her thoughts were racing, her heart was throbbing. She could not stand lying in bed when she was so close to where Soda slept. It was unbearable. She could not wait till morning.

She sprung up from the stiff mattress, dressed quickly, and bolted down the halls, not caring whether her thuds woke the other people who were probably trying to sleep. She only cared that Sarah wasn't woken up, and the little girl was such a heavy sleeper that a bucket of water would hardly make her budge. It was a trait, Maddie realized with a grimace, that she'd acquired from her father.

Maddie, even in the pitch black night, knew where the Curtis household was. It was as if she were a dog, in dire need of food, chasing a scent. She tore through bushes, stumbled over rocks. She didn't give the vague shadows of the night a second glance.

Dark, empty shells of houses flew past her, or rather, she flew past them. One house, a short distance away, still had its lights on. It illuminated the street with a pale yellow glow. Blue shadows cast themselves in the front yard, silhouetting a couple in a loving embrace. It was the Curtis' household, and either Ponyboy had grown, or her Sodapop was staring lovingly into the eyes of another girl.

Her original plan, upon seeing the bright, lit up house, was to be discreet and hide in the shadows. However, her original plan was forgotten when fury surged through her. She drew her pocket knife from between her breasts and stalked forward.

The couple was too infatuated to notice, that is, until she stepped into the light.

Sodapop would've guessed her for a lost, frightened woman, if only he hadn't seen her golden, catlike eyes glisten. Those were the eyes that had haunted his dreams, and would haunt his dreams, for a lifetime.

"What are you thinking?" Maddie shrieked wildly, her lips curling over her teeth menacingly. She flicked the knife out after fumbling for a few short moments.

Sandy stood, horrified, clinging to Sodapop. Maddie lunged forward to stab her before either could think to move.

And then she fell face flat on the ground, her ears ringing.

Sodapop and Sandy jerked their heads up at the sound of the shot, both relieved to see Dally ambling towards them, a sly smile on his face.

"Crazy bitch," he muttered as he stared down at her.

Maddie summoned the strength to roll over. She gasped and choked when her attempt to get up became futile and she fell back onto the grass. She coughed and sputtered, wishing she could think of something to say as the blood trickled down her cheeks.

The three of them watched her wild eyes as she searched for Soda's face. All she could see was the dark sky above her, and even it was blurred beyond recognition. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Pleaseā€¦" she coughed again, "get Sarah, get Sarah."

She reached to wipe away her tears with a trembling hand, and found, with what appeared to be wild curiosity, that it was covered with blood.

Blood that was pooling beneath her.

Her eyes rolled back in her head. Sandy shivered, and Sodapop, deciding that there was nothing left to do but call the police, turned, took Sandy's hand, and went into the house.

"Hey, you know who she was talking about? Sarah, I mean?" Dally called out before the door was shut.

"No clue," Sodapop replied, his voice tired and shaky.


It took the police four months to put the puzzle pieces together, but at last, the mystery of Angie's disappearance was solved. Angie was buried beside her husband, under the name 'Maddie' which her poor, deceived husband had always known her by. Not even her own parents bothered to attend her burial.

But they (her parents) did have one thing to thank Angie for, and that was the beautiful little granddaughter Sarah, who brought them together again and brought life back into their lives. The little ray of sunshine filled every haunted corner of their house with light, and after a year, they happily remarried and moved away to a small town in Florida. They tried to never think of Angie again, and no one who knew Angie and what she had done, could blame them.

Sodapop gladly forgot the last chapter of his life when he bought an apartment and started a new chapter with Sandy. The Curtis household put the memories and thoughts of Angie to rest, just as the police had closed her case.

At last the world was turning again at a steady, rhythmic pace, and no one could give a care if Angie herself was turning in her grave.


Alright, so I killed her...but the title of the story totally foreshadows her death, even if it does seem like it's too soon. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks to all my reviewers and readers!