The Sad Truth

Orihime sat in her bedroom on her bed, staring into space. She was thinking, something she often failed to do. She was thinking about the man she loved, about Ichigo Kurosaki. But however much she loved him, he did not feel the same way, of that she was certain. Orihime only had to look at him when he was with Rukia to know that the two were far closer than she had ever been to Ichigo. He had always seen her as a friend, nothing more.

Orihime lay back on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. Whenever Ichigo was sad, she would try her hardest to help him, but she always fell short. But when Rukia came along, it took her all of five minutes to get Ichigo back to his normal, moody but happy self. Orihime could never manage that, she could never make him smile at all. She always felt that something was in the way between her and Ichigo. They were never as close as she wanted them to be. Whenever there was a fight, Rukia would be up at the front line fighting by Ichigo's side, while Orihime would be standing back, and have to be protected by the soul reapers.

Tears began to form in Orihime's eyes. She felt useless. Yes, she could heal a wound, but so could squad 4, yes she could create a barrier, but it was only so strong, yes she could fight, but only just. On the battlefield she was useless. Maybe that was why Ichigo did not love her, because she was a useless girl, who nobody needed around.

As these thoughts passed through her head, the tears that had begun to well up flowed freely. 'I'm so useless, such a stupid girl, who can't do anything right. It no wonder that Ichigo doesn't love me.' Outside, the rain fell down. Orihime remembered how Ichigo hated the rain, and how he always wanted someone to make the rain go away. But that someone was not her, it was not the orange-haired girl who was crying her eyes out over the boy, it was Rukia, it was always her, it was never Orihime. Before Rukia came, the rain never stopped for Ichigo, however hard his friends tried to help him stop it. Rukia had done it in such a short time.

Orihime hated the way that Rukia was more precious to Ichigo than she would ever be. She did not hate Rukia herself, but wished that Ichigo did not love her the way that Orihime was sure that he did. She wanted Ichigo, she wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything ever before. But she knew that she could not have him. She looked out of her window, and the rain beating down, 'She may have stopped the rain for him, but who will stop mine?'


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