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Remember the niece, Chloe, who Harry was stealing a Christmas gift for at the beginning of the film? She's always liked Uncle Harry, and is glad for his good fortune in L.A.

Her parents are not so pleased; when Harry was the family fuck-up, they looked better by comparison. So when Harry doesn't call in over a year to ask for help, bail money, or to beg off the latest family reunion since his ex-wife has been invited again, they visit L.A. "to check up on him."

Perry and Chloe get along well. Unsurprisingly, however, Perry hates her parents on sight.

It only gets worse when they try to convince Harry that Perry treats him terribly, and they know what's best for him: moving back to New York.

Harry/Perry would be awesome in this (new or established relationship), as would a happy ending.

"Perry! It's just for three days!" Harry whined, which was strangely effective when dealing with Perry. That and puppy dog's eyes - certainly the best choice.

"Doesn't matter. One day would be too much actually." Perry frowned.

Unthinkingly, Harry's fingers crumpled the paper with printed-out e-mail from his sister."It's my family!" He somehow needed to point this out and put an accent on the word family.

That hurt Perry more than he would ever admit. He was supposed to be Harry's family now when they started sleeping together.

"And my apartment!"

Lame response, but it was true.

Harry sighed and averted his gaze. That did the magic.

"Shit, okay! But just for two nights." Perry gave in. "I don't want the house full of people for any longer."

"People? It'd be just my sis and little Chloe..."

"Little? As in..."

"She's eleven Perry. Don't worry, no diapers needed." Harry grinned over his own joke.

"Don't try your luck, chief. They still can stay in a fucking hotel instead." Perry warned.

"Okay." Harry mumbled. Then he thought about something for a while. "I guess you should be glad that my brother-in-law isn't coming. He..." Harry paused, thinking about the best words to use. "Let's just say that we don't get along very well."

"That surprises you?" It's very hard to put up with your idiotic self." However harsh it sounded, there was a small smirk on Perry's face.

"You should know." Harry leaned in and kissed Perry lightly. It still felt weird, but he was thrilled to do so whenever he wanted.

Perry only rolled his eyes. To say the truth he might have been at least a little bit interested in meeting Harry's relatives.

"Rachel is fine. And I'm sure you'll love Chloe. She's a sweetie," Harry told him and smiled a little.

"She must have her uncle's genes then." Perry returned the kiss.

He just hoped that the visit would be quick and easy.

"Uncle Harry!" Chloe shouted from the outside and ran so quickly that she almost knocked down Perry, who opened the door to them.

"Hey princess!" Harry greeted her and they hugged tightly.

Her mom stayed outside with a big bag over her shoulder.

"You must be Rachel." Perry outstretched his hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Perry, Harry's...colleague." He and Harry hadn't exactly agreed if they were going to tell Rachel about their relationship. Well, more likely Harry hadn't. Apparently people like Rachel from Embrey, Indiana weren't ready for their brother being gay.

"Um, hi." She shook his hand and shifted the bag so it wouldn't fall off.

The eyes! Perry noticed at the first sight that it was Harry looking at him through them. They were deep and dark and well...so same. But otherwise this women didn't look like her brother at all. Blonde hair, taller and if not huge then at least good-built. Some wrinkles around her eyes and tired hands. Not like all the chicks here in L.A. Also, she was definitely older than Harry if only a little bit.

Still, something told Perry that they wouldn't get along no matter how he would try. Fortunately, it was just for two days and then he and Harry could go back to their normal lives again.

"Um, mind if I come in?" She asked. Not angrily, but the tone of her voice felt unnatural.

Perry hated himself for analyzing her right here at the porch, but he was a fucking P.I. It was his job!

"Sure. Welcome!" He said and attempted to sound kindly.

Meanwhile, Chloe was already sitting on Harry's knee on the couch and these two were chatting like teenage girls. At least Chloe had the appropriate gender and age, Perry though, when he and Rachel came to the living room.

Harry was giggling at some joke the girl told him when he saw his sister. He put Chloe down and went to hug Rachel as well.

"Hi! How was the flight?"

"Oh, don't ask. We almost missed the plane! But Dave...you remember him? ...Yeah, so he gave us ride and we arrived on time."

She smiled and kissed Harry on his cheek. It surprised Perry how differently this woman acted with Harry around in comparison with their awkward greeting at the door.

At once, he started to feel somehow useless and redundant to the party. The three of them just seemed to get along so well.

"Uncle Harry?" Chloe interrupted and tugged at Harry's sleeve. "Will you take me to the beach?"

"Of course sweetie, but you both must be tired. I'll show you your room first, okay?"

Rachel nodded gratefully.

"This guy's your friend, Harry?" Chloe evidently wasn't done asking yet.

That woke Perry from his thoughts and before Harry could say anything, he approached them and smirked at the girl. "Yes Miss. I'm Perry."

She smiled and hugged him as well.

"Harry told me you have gun, is it really true?" She asked, still smiling like an angel. It was hard not to love her.

Perry nodded and made a serious face. "Yeah, but I only use it on the bad guys." He winked at her and she giggled.

Sometimes he regretted that he might never have kids. He liked children and his mother was craving for grandchildren, but in his situation it wasn't probable to fulfill her wish. Not that he would tell this to anyone.

Harry smiled after Perry's wink, but Rachel just rolled her eyes.

"Come on Chloe, let's unpack a bit. Then you can go with Harry to the sea."

Perry felt useless again, but then something crossed his mind.

"How about something to drink?" He offered. "Tea, coffee, juice?"

"Cocoa, please!" Chloe pleaded.

Perry had to smile. Harry had always acted the same. Offer him three different things and he would take the fourth.

Rachel just shook her head. "No, thank you."

He nodded politely, but inside he was boiling. How it was possible to hate this woman after first fucking fifteen minutes? Kitchen seemed to be safe for now, so he left to prepare the drinks. Coffee for Harry - he didn't have to ask - and he was in a deep need of some herbal tea for his nerves.


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