When Perry got up next morning, the whole house was already on feet. The empty bed next to him made him sad, but it was just for tonight, so he could deal with it. There was a big bag and Chloe's little backpack near the door and he could hear laughter from the kitchen.

But there was another bag standing near, which he recognized. It belonged to Harry. Perry felt his heart beat faster again.

He made his way towards the kitchen.

" 'Morning." He greeted, but it was far from optimistic.

"Harry? Is that your bag near the door?" He asked carefully and ignored Rachel's eye-roll.

"Uncle Harry is coming back with us!" Chloe informed him proudly before Harry could say anything.

Perry gaped, not sure what to say. Then it hit him and he stormed out of the room rather quickly, feeling miserable. Harry was leaving him...

"Perry! Wait!"

Harry ran after him and grabbed his shoulder.


Finally, Perry stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn around.

"She's just a child, don't take her seriously."

"You are not coming back to me, are you?


There was no answer.

"Perry, what's wrong?"

"I love you, that's fucking wrong! And now you are going back home."

Perry had told the magic l-word to Harry more than once in the past, but now it felt much deeper and real.

Harry smiled and turned Perry around so he could hug him tightly and bury his face in Perry's chest.

"I went to tell you in the night, but you were already fast asleep. I'm not leaving, okay?"

"But she said..."

"I decided to go with them, but just for a few days. I forgot how good it felt to be at home and eat my mum's cake and I must make sure that I still win at cards with Jeff, no matter how hard he tries or cheats." Somewhere in the middle of his speech, Perry started hugging him back.

"You idiot, to scare me like that..."

Harry leaned in to kiss Perry and they both forgot that Rachel and Chloe were still in the house.

"What? You guys are together?" Rachel sounded shocked, but not pissed.

Harry jumped - surprised - and teared quickly away from Perry.

"Really Harry, you could have told me." She remarked.

Both men were staring at her in disbelief. Harry recovered first. "You...you don't mind?"

She grinned and rolled her eyes. "And why would I? You've never been good with women Harry, maybe this is the reason why."

This time it was Perry, who laughed.

And Rachel continued. "I guess it explains a few things. Also, I now get why are you two living together and why is Harry so happy."

The last statement made Perry warm inside. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all... After more explaining and hugging, the girls left them alone for a while and went to the car.

Harry kissed Perry gently, before grabbing his bag. "I'll come back, don't worry."

Perry grinned. "Okay, but it's you who should worry--"

He kissed Harry in return.

"--because the first thing I'll do when you are here is making you pay for all the lonely nights."


Well, the original prompter wanted happy ending - here you have it ! I hope you all enjoyed! :)

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