Chapter 4 is here! Please read it, as it will probably be the last I post to this story :( I'm totally out of ideas and the story is starting to just go crazy. If anyone likes it, please tell me. And if you don't like it, tell me that too :)

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Chapter 4
"Jane! You have a visitor!" Mrs Reed called. I walked downstairs slowly.
"Hello Mr…?"
"You're really short." I stated the obvious. He was approximately 1m 32cm (and I would say around 4mm).
He glared up at me.
"Does that make me your superior? Because I'm taller?"
"No! Now I have a speech all prepared! So listen!"
"But I'm taller than you."
"I know! But I'm still the headmaster of a school! No LISTEN!"
"I'm inviting you to join Darkwood, it's a really good school." He began in a strained voice.
The speech continued but I was too busy wondering who he reminded me of to listen.
"So, do you like the sound of Darkwood? Do you want to join?"
"I've got it!" I exclaimed, "You remind me of Grumpy! From Snow White!"
Mr Brockleheart glared.
"Turn that frown upside-down, Grumpy! I'll come to your school if it means that much to you!"
"I'm leaving. Goodbye!" And he left.
"It's ciao, actually." He said in a very snooty voice as he disappeared through the doorway.
"Mrs Reed?" I called. She came and I told her everything. From the look on her face (worried, anxious, scared, glaring out the door where Brockleheart left through), she loved Darkwood.

I left the following morning. The journey was long, and arduous (and so, so boring), but once we arrived, I knew it had been worth the drive.
Darkwood was large, the building green with mould and poison ivy. A majority of the walls were crumbling and you could see into the dorms through the crumbling window frames (which didn't contain windows).
"I love it!" I shrieked, running from the carriage and straight into the school, "Hello, Darkwood!"
I received a few scared looks from some fellow students, all of them staring at me wide eyed.
"I suppose you're Jane Eyre. I'm Charlotte. I'll lead you to your room." A girl who had appeared out of nowhere said.
"Why yes! Thank you! But how did you appear out of nowhere? Is this a magic school?" The girl gave me an odd look.
"No, I came around the corner."
"Here's our room."
The beds were all dilapidated, but I guessed it was the style. It was indeed, very stylish.
"Where's the bathroom?"
"There is none. We wash over a sink and go to the toilet outside." I laughed at her amazing humour.
"It's not funny." What's-her-name (Champy? Charles? Chimp? Char? I had forgotten) was starting to sound a bit like a bored robot.
"OK then, Miss Boring."
"Dinner is being served now." She said in a strained voice.
"I'll relax a bit."
"I have to show you the dining hall. And I'm hungry." From the look of her bones (they were very prominent), she was obviously fed a lot, and missing out on a meal wouldn't hurt her.
"Well I'm going to relax."
I lay down on my bed and fell asleep.