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In Number 12, Grimmald Place, Harry Potter was brewing a potion that would hopefully bring certain people into the future. The potion needed to be just right, otherwise it wouldn't work, or it might even hurt the ones he wanted to bring forward in time. And he wouldn't let that happen, if he could prevent it.

"Dad…mom…everyone… I want to be able to know you, even if it's not in this time, or as you expected to meet me," he mused as he worked.

Eventually, though, the potion was finished, and it was time to test it. At this point, Ron and Hermione came in the room, and Harry showed them the finished potion, merrily bubbling away in the cauldron he was brewing it in.

"All right, it's ready, now it's time to test it. Wish me luck," Harry told them. He cleared his throat. "I want to bring James Potter, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin from 1980 to this location, the drawing room of Number 12, Grimmald Place," he commanded.

Immediately, the potion began to shimmer in a sparkling gold, and then a flash of bright light made the three golden trio members shield their eyes. After it cleared, their sounds of shock were evident to the ears of the four people who had just appeared there.

"Where are we?" James Potter asked.

Hogwarts, 1978

Lily had been arguing with James for the past 15 minutes, and the other three marauders were starting to get bored.

"Potter, I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last man on earth. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!" Lily screamed.

"I bet you would, because you love me," James retorted.


"I wouldn't care, because you'd be touching me."

Lily smacked him across his face as hard as she could.

"Awwww, you touched me!" James exclaimed.

Lily was just about to smack him again when a flash of light made Peter shield his eyes, and when he could see again, he realized that the other four had disappeared.

After the light cleared, James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus found themselves in a room quite different from the one they'd been in previously.

"Where are we?" James asked.

"I think we're in my old house, mate," Sirius replied.

They then noticed the three people looking at them with their mouths looking like they were about to fall on the floor.

"Who are you?" Remus asked.

"And why do you have Lily's eyes?" James added.

"I'm Harry Potter," Harry answered. "And these are my friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger."

"Weasley? As in Arthur Weasley?" Lily asked.

"He's my dad," Ron answered.

"Sooooooo….. what year is this, again?" Sirius asked.

"You are in the year 1998, in my house," Harry replied.

Everyone from the past felt their jaws drop to the floor.

"But we were just in Hogwarts, in 1978! How'd we get here?" Lily cried.

"You got here by a Time Potion that I made," Harry answered. "But it didn't exactly work out right, because I wanted to summon the yous from 1980, but I think it'll work out better this way, because you'll have more time."

"Time to do what?" James asked, messing up his hair as he spoke.

"You shall see…" Harry replied mysteriously.

Ron and Hermione rolled their eyes at this.

Lily and Remus appeared deep in thought, as they were the smart ones of the group from the past. In the meantime, James and Sirius went over to the other three.

"And why did you have Lily's eyes, again?" James asked.

"Again, you shall see…" Harry replied with the air of someone who knew a dirty secret.

"Dammit!" Sirius cursed. "I second that," James added.

"And why does it look like we're in my old house?" Sirius asked while looking around the room they were in.

"You are. Through events which I won't go into detail, I am the owner of Number 12, Grimmald Place," was the reply.

"And who are your parents?" James asked.

"My father is you, and my mother… well, you'll find out soon enough."

"So THAT'S why you look like a mini Prongs!" Sirius laughed. At that point, Ginny came into the room and was about to announce that lunch was ready when she saw the extra people in the room.

"And who's this?" Sirius asked Harry.

"Ginny, my fiancée."

James laughed and slapped Harry on the back.

"Congrats, son. How many kids are you two having?"

Everyone laughed as Harry and Ginny blushed like a pair of tomatoes.

"You know what must be really weird Prongs?" Remus asked. "Having a kid that's older than you."

"Tell me about it," James said with a shiver.

"To get back on topic, do you want to know the reason that I brought you forward in time?" Harry asked.

Everyone from the past nodded.

"He brought you back in time so that you could stop Lord Voldemort," Ron said.

"YOU MEAN HE CAN BE STOPPED?!?!" was heard by Kreacher as he was dishing out lunch three floors below. (At least, I think it's three floors.)

"Yes, he can," Hermione said with her hands over her ears.

"Now would you at least lower your voices? Please?" Ginny asked.

"Okay," everyone replied. Harry pulled a book out of his robes. He then pulled six more out, each one thicker than the last.

"The way is in these books," Harry told the people from the past.

James and Sirius groaned.

"What, is the great James Potter scared of the big bad book?" Lily asked.

"No, I just don't like reading," he replied. He then looked around. "By the way, where am I in this time? And everyone else?"

He instantly knew what had happened from everyone's reaction. Harry and Ron got a sad look on their faces, and the girls almost burst into tears.

"No…it can't be," he moaned.

"I'm sorry dad…you died…" Harry softly told James.

Sirius and Remus started choking back sobs, and even Lily looked horrified.

"Mate, life wouldn't be worth living if you died!" Sirius sobbed.

"As much as hate to admit it, I agree with Sirius," Remus cried.

Lily just sat there, tears running down her face.

"Thanks everyone…" James said gratefully. "Now, did you just bring us forward in time JUST to tell us that we're all going to die?"

"No, we brought you forward in time so that you might be able to stop that from happening," Harry told him.

"HOW???" the four of them cried.

"He had the idea that could stop it from happening by telling you all the story of his life, and I've got to admit, it's a pretty good idea," Hermione replied.

"Okay, so where does it all start?" Lily asked.

"In here," Harry replied as he pulled out a book entitled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone out of the pile.

"He had the idea that we could all take turns reading from it," Ginny explained.

"Can I go first?" Remus asked.

"Sure," Harry replied as he passed the book to Remus.

"Chapter one, The Boy Who Lived…"