Black Dragon

Summary: After DOM incident, Harry looked for better options. New School, new friends, new adventures. Dumbledore, Ron, Ginny Bashing (Not Major). Powerful/Harry.

A/N: I don't own Harry Potter. Some plot lines I used from old stories within fan fiction in later chapters.

Chapter 1

Harry stormed down the corridor. He was beyond angry, he was furious. He was supposed to meet his best friends in the courtyard instead of the common room for privacy, even though it was the middle of the night. But while he was walking there, he had heard them directly in front of him.


"How long are we supposed to keep this up? We nearly died last night because of him and we get nothing from it." Ron ranted as he walked down the stairs.

"Shut up Ron; we're getting paid aren't we? We're allowed to sit in the 'bird-club' meetings if we're needed. So stop talking about him already." Ginny tried to calm him down.

"Easy for you to say, the only injury you got was a sprained ankle. I got attacked by those brain things. What if I'd died? I won't be able to spend that money Dumbledore paying us if I'm dead. I don't think being his friend is worth it. He struts around here like he owns the place, all because he's Harry Potter." He continued to rant down the dark corridor.

Ginny nodded while she followed he brother into the courtyard. Putting on smiling faces they waited. But they didn't realise they had been heard all the way down the corridor by their so called best friend

End Flashback

He thought about all the times he'd suspected some betrayal. And they were a lot, mainly in second and fourth year. But there were other incidents, things like disappearing at odd hours at night and whispering behind his back when they think he is not looking.

He reached the seventh floor and walked toward the wall where the entrance to the Room of Requirements was hidden. He walked past it three times, thinking; Give me a room where I can think and plan.

The door appeared in the middle of the wall. Inside was a huge circular common room with doors around the edge. A great stained glass window overlooking the Black Lake was at the far end of the room. A big fireplace was next to window, the fire blazing. Mounted above the fireplace was a large picture of Hogwarts, also two clocks. The first clock displayed a label saying "School Time"; the second had one with "Room Time." Puzzled by the need for two clocks, he worked around the room.

In the centre of the room was a large oak table surrounded by several chairs, neatly spaced apart from each other. On the table was a piece of parchment. He walked over and picked it up. It read:

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this letter, then you are in urgent need of time that you do not have. My sister was a Seer before she died but was given a vision of a boy's life and needed this room to train yourself to defeat your Dark Lord and unite the four great magical beings together.

This room works, as you have already discovered, by thought. It also functions in a time distortion field at the maximum setting of 1 month to 1 day. So every day outside this room that goes by, one month goes by inside. You will not age nor require much sleep, but you are advised to rest every 24 hours in Room time or so to heal and relax. All minor injuries inside the room will heal very quickly, major injuries with take the normal amount of time to heal.

The other rooms that are connected to this room are duelling room for magical, mundane, armed and un-armed training. By the time your summer is over, you should be able to beat any human you face, though you may still have difficulties with non-humans. There is a library which connects to all those inside Hogwarts. Hogwarts was never meant to be the end all, be all of magical schooling in Britain. My sister has seen what has become of our once-brilliant school. There is a small bedroom, bathroom, kitchen which is restocked every day with food. There is a potions lab which is always stocked with any ingredients needed.

Inside the library, there is a ledger which you can ask for any subject and it will copy and transport every book about that subject.

I would suggest getting a pet to talk to keep you company. I know you can talk to at least snakes, just like my husband.

Once you are satisfied with the level of training you have received here, may I suggest you search for another school. By the time you have learned all that can be learned from Hogwarts a book will appear around August with every know school in your time. One that is not biased and ill run as yours is today.

All the best and good luck

Rowena Ravenclaw

Creator of the Room of Requirements

Founder of Hogwarts

Putting the letter down he looked around the room and smiled, plans forming in his head. But he had to wait till the beginning of summer to begin putting them into action. He spent several hours looking around the duelling rooms and potions lab and testing several features of the room. After making him presentable he went back out.

Walking out of the room, the wall closed up around him. He walked down the corridor trying and failing to keep the smirk off his face. He walked all the way to the courtyard, where Ron and Ginny were waiting for him like nothing had happened, as only a few minutes have gone by for them.

The weeks passed and it was the end of the term. Harry could hardly wait for summer. He placed all his valuables: his wand, map and invisibility clock, in the Room of Requirement. After much argument, Hedwig went into the room as well, but only on the night before he left. Over the weeks, he slowly drew away from the betrayers and Hermione. He didn't know about her, so better safe than sorry. Spending more time in the room, getting everything ready for this summer.

He planned everything down to the minutes. When he got back to London, he was greeted by a large party of Order members. After some very subtle threats to his family they said goodbye to Harry and left. Harry was on his way to the Dursley's when the first stage of his plan to place.

They were on the motor way out of central London when he turned to his uncle and asked. "Could you stop here please? Due to mutual hatred between us, I will not be stepping foot in the hellhole you call a home. Since I'm feeling generous, here's some money; take your disgusting family out to dinner." Vernon stopped quickly at the corner and almost pushed Harry out of the car onto the side road. Harry handed him the Muggle money he'd Transfigured from rats' droppings and collected his stuff from the boot, an almost empty trunk of junk. As they drove away, he smirked, placing his trunk under a nearby bush, he signalled the Knight Bus to pick him up. The large triple Decker bus arrived with a large bang within seconds.

"Welcome the Knight Bus, emergency transportation for any witch or wizard. My name is ..." The conductor was rudely interrupted by Harry.

"Diagon Alley as fast as you can." He said placing a few Galleons into his hand. The conductor nodded and signalled to driver to go straight to Diagon Alley. After a few minutes of being rocked across the sides he bus, Harry walked off the bus, more likely fell off it. After cursing the damn bus for its very existence he slowly made his way down the alley towards the large white marble building, Gringotts Bank. The bank was empty so he walked steady towards the first counter near him. The goblin was writing something in ancient runes. Harry coughed to get his attention.

"Excuse me, can you take me to see a bank manager?" he asked politely.

"Name, please?" the goblin asked without looking up from the book.

"Potter," he answered. The goblin looked up and his eyes went straight to his forehead. The goblin nodded and motioned him to follow. They walked down many narrow corridors until they came to a door labelled "Potter Bank Manger." The goblin opened the door and motioned him to enter.

The office was a large size, filling cabinets along the left side of the wall. A large wooden desk sat in the middle of the room with an old goblin sitting at it.

"Mr Potter, please sit down. We have much to discuss." He pointed to the chair in front of him. Harry sat. "I am Goldsmith, your bank manager. We only sent the letter yesterday about the will reading and your inheritance only yesterday with your bank statement; we didn't expect you to come down this fast." Goldsmith said.

"Call me Harry. I never received any letter from Gringotts. Or any other bank letters from Gringotts about my vault, I just thought it wasn't done here."

"Accounts," Goldsmith corrected. "Gringotts policy states that customers to be sent a statement of their account balance each month. I sent those letters myself." Goldsmith looked at Harry.

"Well I never received them." Harry thought for a moment. "Is there a way to block owls or something without me knowing about it?" Harry asked. He'd been famous since before he was two years old, and he'd never received any fan mail. He thought there would at least be people wanting to congratulate him for defeating Voldermort the first time.

"Yes, there are a couple of ways; the most useful and untraceable is a block on the person's magic which stops owls from finding you. This block can redirect that magical signature which the owls use to find someone in a different location. This can be done without your knowledge but it takes days to cast as it is very difficult piece of magic," Goldsmith said while pressing several buttons on his desk.

Harry felt certain that this method of blocking his mail had been used on him. He had been unconscious for weeks almost every year while at Hogwarts. He thought about how many times he had seen Dumbledore next to him when he woke up.

"Is there a way to find out if there is a block on me, please? I can pay any price." The goblin nodded and pressed a small red button on his desk. He spoke in a varying mix of grunts and other sounds, which Harry assumed was the goblin speaklanguage.

The doors to the room opened after a few minutes, and two smaller goblins walked in. Goldsmith stood and approached them. "This is Silverbow and Bronzeknut. They are Gringotts' best Healers. I have explained what you requested and asked them to look and if remove any and all blocks on you," Goldsmith explained. Harry nodded. The smaller goblin, Bronzeknut, handed him a piece of parchment.

"Please put 3 drops of your blood onto the parchment." The goblin ask, handed him a knife. Harry nodded, even reluctantly. He nicked his finger and drops of blood fell onto the parchment. The goblin nodded and pointed his finger at the cut; the cut was healed and didn't even leave a scar.

The drop start to spread around the parchment and the blood red ink started to write on the parchment. After a few minutes the writing stopped, the parchment read:

Name: Harry James Potter-Black

Age: 15


Magical Power (Blocked – 80%)

Wandless Magic (Blocked – Total, Power Bound by Other Block)

Occulmency/Legilimency (Blocked – Total, Mental Connection: Tom Maravlo Riddle)

Animagus (Blocked, Magical and None Magical Forms)

Beast Speak (Blocked – Partial, Parseltongue connected to other blocked aspect)

Parsel Magic (Blocked – Partial, Parseltongue)

Metamorphmagus (Blocked – Partial)

Healing (Blocked – Total)

Blood Magic (Blocked – Total)

Rune Magic (Blocked – Total)

Owl Post (Blocked - Inbound; Exceptions - Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Ministry of Magic, Hogwarts; Transfer to - Albus Dumbledore)

The office was silent while the goblins and Harry looked at the piece of parchment, shocked at the number of blocks that has been placed on him. After a few minutes Harry coughed and brought round the other occupants of the room.

"I must say Mr. Potter that is the longest list of blocks I seen in years. The other was fifty years ago. He had a slightly smaller list than yours. I believe he could have done many great things, but he didn't." Silverbow said, shrugging. "I will give you the necessary potions to remove the blocks, but it will take up to a month for the blocks to be removed by potions, it is the easiest way." The goblin listed the potions that are required and handed them other to Bronzeknut. Nodding the goblins left, leaving Harry and Goldsmith allow.

"Now, we can look at your accounts. The Late Lord Black's Will states that you get everything which has not been given to the other beneficiaries. All family artefacts were transferred to the family vault the day he died, including those that were stolen and sold without the owner's permission. You have some property and a family seat to be claimed on July thirty-first; so on that day you will gain the title of Lord Black, as he named you his heir when you were born." Harry was saddened by Sirius's inheritance. He spent a month inside the room, grieving and accepting the loss of his godfather, and trying to stop blaming himself for his death.

"Due to an old law, even though you have not claimed the title yet, as you are his heir and will claim within the next two months, you are now considered an adult in both the Muggle and magical worlds. So you can now claim the Potter titles and vaults, which have been quiet over the years. Which will make you now Lord Potter, with both accounts merged; you are now one of the richest customers at the bank. Please sign these to gain total control of the vaults as well as merge them together." Goldsmith handed Harry a stack of parchment with tiny little writing. After twenty minutes of careful reading and signing, Harry handed the pile back to Goldsmith.

"You are officially Lord Potter-Black. Now with the Black Vaults, there is a debit account set up to the Malfoys' and Lestranges' vaults. These were created by Lord Black at the time for the marriage contract were created, late Lord Black's father, as part of the agreement. They have been heavily used by both over the last several months," Goldsmith told him. Harry smirked.

"Is there a way to transfer the accounts to someone else, I would like that money to go to the Tonks vault. I'd also like to disown both Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy from the Black family and cut off their access to the Black vaults and properties. And I welcome Andromeda Tonks back into the family, along with her husband and daughter." Harry said proudly. He was smiling like the cat that got the cream.

Nodding, Goldsmith wrote down his request and started on the Potter summary. "Now the Potter accounts have only been active for six or seven years. They..." Goldsmith was interrupted but a sudden outburst.

"Seven years ago? I only learned about the Wizarding world five years ago. How could I access my vaults when I didn't even know I had them?" Harry asked angrily. Magic in the room became heavy. Goldsmith was shocked at the amount of power that Harry displayed. This was only 20% of what he could do, he could imagine the power at full extent. After a few minutes of calming down, Goldsmith continued with the summary

"There was a direct debit set up to Molly Weasley and to Albus Dumbledore that year. Unfortunately, as he was your magical guardian at the time, by law, he is allowed to do so. A year later another debit accounts was set up to a private vault under the name Ronald Weasley. Another year and another direct debit was also set up for a vault in the name of Ginevra WeasleyWeasley. Molly Weasley and Albus Dumbledore take 100,000 Galleons each year from your account, which isn't much considering your overall value. The younger Weasleys' both take 100 Galleons from your account each month," Goldsmith spat out, angry that he couldn't do anything about it.

Harry was fuming; not only were they getting paid for being his friend, they were getting paid with his money. He was very possessive, be it with people or items. He didn't like his things being taken from him. After a few minutes of careful thinking he looked at Goldsmith and told him.

"Cancel all the deposits and block their access to all my vaults. I'm the only one who'll have direct access to them." Harry snarled, still very angry at the betrayal of his former friends.

Goldsmith nodded and wrote down the request. Harry looked at his watch and it saw that it had been nearly two hours. "Since it's nearly time for the time for me to leave, is there a way for me to spend money without going to my vaults and accessing every time I need money?" Harry asked the goblin. The goblin smirked.

"Yes, there is a debit credit card we use, which is connected directly to your vaults. Once the shopkeeper swipes the card with their wand, the money is directly placed into their vaults. It also works in the Muggle world." Goldsmith pulled out a large envelope and handed it to Harry. "This contains all the necessary documentation you'll need to get by in the magical and non-magical worlds. It has your debit card, passport, birth certificate; all your details are on them. They'll show that you're eighteen in the Muggle world. I have a feeling we'll not being seeing you again after the will reading, so there is a blank set of those documents. Just fill them out and a separate vault will be created just for that identity. Good luck, Lord Potter. Your potions are waiting at the main desk as well as instructions on when and how to take them. Please feel free to drop by once in a while to see how things are going." Harry nodded and stood, holding his hand out. Goldsmith looked shocked and then shook the offered hand.

"Goodbye, Goldsmith; may your enemies fall before your blade," Harry said as he left the office. He stopped wondering why he said that.

"Goodbye, Lord Potter; may your vaults fill with gold," Goldsmith said with a smile.

Harry walked down the corridor into the main entrance. Walking over to the desk, he found a small package with his name on. The goblin handed it to him and said goodbye. Harry walked to the main entrance and out into Diagon Alley. Stage 2 of his plan, gain all the books he could get and new set of clothes.

Hours passed. Harry walked down the alley, going into most of the clothes and book stores. He got himself new robes and some of the small selection muggle clothes that the stores had to offer. He also got several training robes, these were charmed to increase the weight of them over time, to help build up stamina and speed.

He went into the bookstores and second-hand stores; he asked the manager for a copy of every book. After finishing in the alley, he had books on anything he wanted to know that Hogwarts didn't have. Beginning of blood magic and rune magic, which he got by accident in a second-hand store near Knockturn Alley. He bought a book on magical theory as well as advanced books on all Hogwarts subjects. And some books on some of his blocks gives.

He decided to go to Hogwarts and stay in the Room of Requirement to get the blocks off and start his training. Smiling, he walked towards the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron. The pub was packed, patrons were drinking laughing. In the far corner, he spotted the first Order member. Snape was standing in the back corner, looking for someone—him, probably. Snape spotted him as he moved towards the entrance. He advanced on him steadily.

Harry walked fast towards the entrance to the Muggle world. Once he made it to the main street, he hailed the Knight Bus. "Hogwarts," he almost shouted. After dropping a few Galleons into the driver's hand, the bus disappeared from the street.

A few seconds later Snape ran out of the pub looking around, but he couldn't find Potter anywhere. After a quick search of the nearby street he gave up. Angrily, he Apparated to the new headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, Hogwarts.

Harry arrived at the gates of Hogwarts half an hour later. He walked steadily up to the Shrieking Shack. Once he made it to the basement, he removed the floorboards with hidden the secret entrance to the school. He walked along the passage way slowly, making sure he made little sound as possible. Once he reached the Whomping Willow, he put on his Invisibility Cloak. He pressed the knot and started walking to one of the lesser known side entrances he had found while hiding from his former friends.

After twenty minutes of navigating with his map around the school, he made it to the Room of Requirement, where he found all of the stuff he left in the same place. He set the rooms up for the next day and another month after. He placed his new book of the shelves in the library, their names added to the large ledger on a pedestal near the door. He placed his clothes in the wardrobe. It was late evening when he got ready for bed, took the first dose of his potions and went straight to sleep.


Two hours earlier

Snape stormed into the Headmaster's office. Dumbledore was currently conducting a meeting with the members of Order of the Phoenix. Several of them looked around to see who had entered. Snape ignored them and looked directly at Dumbledore.

"Would you care to tell me why I saw Potter leaving the Leaky Cauldron, when he is supposed to be at his relatives'?" Snape asked with a sneer. The look of shock was brief put noticeable by Snape.

"Harry is at his relatives' home; he can't have been at Leaky Cauldron." Just as Dumbledore finished those words, the fireplace roared to life and the head of Alastor Moody appeared.

"Dumbledore, Potter didn't arrive with the Dursleys. I have questioned them; they said they dropped him off in the middle of a highway out of London. He gave them some money and told them to go out for a mealn, to prolong their return. I checked the location; Potter's long gone. His trunk is here, but it's full of rubbish and rat droppings," Moody said. The Order started shouting about going to look for them. Moody was almost giddy with delight; that boy was very clever to prolong their return so he had an hour to get to where he was going.

"I want everyone to look for Harry; he must be returned to his relatives' place before Voldermort finds him," Dumbledore ordered. That bastard brat ruined my holiday again. When I find him I'm going to place some better charms on him, Dumbledore thought.

"I tried to follow him, but he disappeared once he got to Muggle London," Snape snarled. He was thinking of ways to make the Potter brat's life more miserable.

The Order members spread out throughout London. They sought out all of Harry's known friends and hideaway places. But he was nowhere to be found. The tracking charms were not working, which indicated that they were either removed—impossible, Dumbledore thought—or in a heavily warded location, places like Hogwarts ofr old family manors.

None of the members slept.

In the meantime, the boy they were looking for started the most important stage of his life.

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