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Okay, last chapter ended in a small cliffie, but anyone knowing Harry and his love for speed will know what Pokémon I picked, especially if you think of all five Grass types that he could pick from. I could have withheld one of them to let you know who Harry's Pokémon was, but I already had that cliffie in mind, so no can do.
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Harry's POV

I love seeing the shocked faces of my future mother-in-law, my father and my true love as my own special little partner jumps from one wall to the next, almost too quick for any of them to see, but after years of being a fantastic Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, am I easily able to see my friend and confident myself.
A long dark green leaf growing out of his head just above his eyes and bowing down to his hips, one leaf growing at the back of each leg, three leaves attached to one wrist each, a green skin all over, a pink front with green belt around hip height, two toes on each foot and circular yellow eyes shaped like a glare.

Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokémon jumps around quite a bit before suddenly jumping down and ending in front of me, standing up with his eyes closed and a smile on his face as he says: "Grovyle, Gro." Which I have come to recognize as his way of saying: "Hey there." And I smile as I say: "Hey yourself, Grovyle."
I then reach my arm out and say: "Look at this, my dad – who adopted me – his mate and my true love all have their own Pokémon." Instantly the Wood Gecko smiles widely and my own smile widens as my heart is still in strong contact with his, quite like the Emotional Bond between two Magical Creature Mates.
Snivy is then the first to step forward and Draco takes him in his arms as he walks over and extends his hand with a tentative smile on his face as he says: "I'm Draco and this is Snivy. Pleasure to meet you, Grovyle." But Grovyle doesn't take the extended hand and only says: "Gro." As he nods with his eyes closed.
I smile and say: "Don't worry, he did the same with me when he was just a stubborn little Treecko. He's just a really independent and fast moving Pokémon and that's why he and I work so well together." And Grovyle makes the same motion as before, showing he agrees with me, which makes the others smile.

I then wink at my friend and say: "To be honest, I think I can now show you something else I learned about the Pokémon world. Something I think you will like very much, Draco." My dad's mate looks intrigued and I say: "Let's head outside. I think we can best show you this in the open air." And we all leave the room.
Arriving outside, I let Grovyle stand in front of me and I say: "Let's show them, Grovyle." And Grovyle nods again, this time with his eyes open. I then raise my hand and say: "Use Leaf Tornado!" And Grovyle jumps up high, spinning on his axe with amazing speed, which causes for hundreds of leaves to float around him.

Everyone looks shocked at the display of my partner's attack and I say: "Great, now use Solar Beam straight up!" And the leaf on Grovyle's head starts to glow as he holds his arms up high above him, a ball of bright energy growing between them before he bends them down and throws them back up, a beam shooting out of the ball.
Instantly the leaves fly everywhere, most of them vaporized by the amazing power of the Solar Beam and everyone looks in wonder as the twinkling lights of what were once the many leaves now let Grovyle's green body shine with grace and power and I smile at this as I say: "Okay, let's finish it, Leaf Blade Twist!"
And the Wood Gecko nods, saying the first syllable of his name yet again as the leaves on his arms merge into one each and grow while turning neon green before Grovyle jumps and starts to turn on his axe yet again, this time the neon green of his arms showing and hiding the rest of his lower body in a constant swirl on neon green lines.
My friends look absolutely gob-smacked and I smile as I see this before saying: "Okay, Grovyle, that's enough. Good job." And the Pokémon lands back where he jumped, the leaves on his arms changing back into two regular colored leaves before I turn to my friends and say: "And those are moves used in a Contest."

My friends look confused and I say: "A Contest is one of the many things a person can do with their Pokémon and is really all about showing the grace, style, power, elegance and other amazing attributes that make your Pokémon special and unique. The one who wins these contests wins a ribbon and 5 ribbons means a chance at the Grand Festival.
There Pokémon Coordinators – as people who perform in contests are called – can really battle for the Title of Master Coordinator and of course for a very, very nice trophy." I then turn back to Grovyle and say: "To be very honest were Grovyle and I planning to travel to Jotho once I finished Hogwarts and then try our hand at it."
This makes my father, beloved and father's mate smile and Sirius says: "That sounds great, Harry. Would you mind if we tag along?" I shake my head and say: "I'd be delighted if you'd come along. I can always use some people cheering me on when I'm at such a contest and definitely if I can make it to the Grand Festival."

"Then it's deal. We finish school and then we both try our hand at these Contest things." Draco says and I look shocked before I say: "But Draco, contests are only held once a year in certain towns and they always only have one winner. I don't want to end up against you – at least not until the Grand Festival."
This makes Draco shrug and he says: "Fair enough, then we just make sure we visit ten towns within a year and do each of them one at a time, first one you, second me and so on. How's that sound?" I nod, thrilled with the idea to see my future mother perform and say: "That sounds great, I knew I'd get you excited for Contests."
I then turn to all of them as a group and say: "Okay, the first thing you need to know about a Contest is that's it's divided in two parts. The first round is where you show how amazing your Pokémon really is by using moves that accentuate it, whether in beauty, style, grace, intelligence or otherwise. The second part is battling."
This makes me turn to Draco and I say: "I'll go and call another grass type of a lower level than Grovyle as lots of battling, grinding and training allowed it to evolve, so it obviously has years of advantage over your Snivy and then we'll do some battle-practice to make sure you're ready for the second round of the contests.

The first round you'll have to figure out by yourself as every Pokémon can be shown off differently." Draco nods and I turn back around, closing my eyes and clasping my hands as I whisper: "Now transcend the confines of Time and Space." And I feel my mind closing off as my heart is filled with the beats of all the Pokémon hearts.
Searching the grass fields and some of the more gentler trees, I suddenly find one and whisper: "Swing to my aid, my flowery friend." And after a few minutes does a yellow flower-like Pokémon that really looks like a Venus Fly Trap appears, with three green spots above its rounds eyes, one leaf on each side and small vine above its head.
Draco looks shocked and I say: "Weepinbell is actually an evolved form, but I think he will pose as an excellent opponent for Snivy, especially seeing the many moves it has where Snivy will really have to depend, not just on its own speed, but on your ability to evade them as well. Good bonding training as well, I do believe."

My future Mother in law nods with a smile and says: "Bring it on." To which I say: "Better if we do this in the Room. I can create a good room for our battle there within a sec." The group nods and a few minutes later have I created a true arena room with large rectangular shaped arena and two boxes for us to stand in on each side.
Draco takes his place on the left as I do on the right and Snivy takes his place on the left side of the field as Weepinbell does on the right and I say: "Okay, the first thing you need to know about Pokémon is that they have energy. This energy we call Hit Points, or HP. Their Attack also has points, but we call this Power Points, PP."
Draco nods and I say: "Currently, both Weepinbell and Snivy have four attacks. Each of these attacks have Power points, meaning we can only use these attacks a certain amount of times. If we overpass this amount, we won't be able to use the attacks anymore. Do you follow me so far, Draco?" The Slytherin nods and I say:

"Good, now as I said, training, grinding and battling allows for a Pokémon to evolve, but each and every Pokémon needs a certain something to evolve. For Snivy that is a certain level. His current level is lv. 10, meaning he knows the moves Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip and Wrap. It's up to you to decide how to use these moves in battle."
Draco nods and I say: "Now, my Weepinbell might have a higher level, I think – 20?" Weepinbell nods and I go on: "But so far does it only have one offensive attack and three special attacks. Special attacks are either attacks that are based on a Pokémon's nature, like Vine Whip for Snivy. Offensive attacks speak for themselves."
Everyone nods and I say: "As I said, Weepinbell's attacks will really help you bond to Snivy because he will have to depend on your ability to avoid my attacks. If you can learn that, Snivy will be able to battle much better and I'll stand more of chance of losing. Do you get what I just said or are there still some questions?"

But Draco smirks and says: "Snivy, use Tackle." And the little snake instantly runs for my plant, making me smile as I say: "Weepinbell, wrap Snivy up." And the vine at the top of Weepinbell's head grows immensely fast as the Venus Fly Trap Pokémon moves his head to Snivy and with that throws the vine the Snake's way.
This shocks Draco senseless and he mutters: "My ability to avoid. SNIVY, DODGE IT!" And just when the two powers seem to hit, does Snivy jump back, amazingly well avoiding my wrap. Weepinbell pulls his vine back and I smile as I say: "And that's what I mean. Every attack can be avoided – but there are other ways."
Draco looks interested and I say: "Draco, Snivy also has Vine Whip for an attack. Allow Snivy to use the Move and I'll show you how you can use another Pokémon's move in your advantage, something that is a big plus during the second round of Pokémon contests." Draco nods at me and shares a glance with Snivy before he says:

"Snivy, use Vine Whip." And from the collar on Snivy's neck do two thin, dark green vines grow before the little Snake makes them attack Weepinbell with his mind. To this I smile and Weepinbell glares at the attack, ready for it and showing me he is as I say: "Okay Weepinbell, grab that Vine Whip and hold it tight."
And Weepinbell slaps the ends of the vines between his leaf-like hands just before Snivy can make a hit, shocking not just Draco, but Siri and dad as well. I smile and say: "Turn, Weepinbell, turn on your axe." And the Plant starts turning, causing for Snivy to go flying as my Pokémon is still holding onto his attack.
Draco looks horrified at this and I say: "Let go." Knowing I could have made Snivy super confused with this technique, but not planning to go too expert-level on my mother just yet. Weepinbell releases the vines and Snivy slides over the arena floor on his side, obviously hurt before he comes to a stop just inside the arena.

Draco hurriedly runs his way and asks: "Snivy, are you okay?" And I answer: "I'm sure he's fine. He might have had his own attack used against him, but Grass type attacks don't really affect a Grass Type Pokémon." I then turn to dad and add: "Or Fire Types like Charmander for that matter." And the man looks down in his lap.
I then think deeply and an orange and red spray appears in my hand as I do. I softly crouch down and gently let Snivy lie on his other side as the Pokémon has yet to move from where it fell and I softly whisper: "This will sting, but it will make you feel better a whole lot quicker than if you were to learn Synthesis, okay Snivy?"
And the little thing scrunches up its face, proving me its durability before I softly press the button of the spray on the wounds and Snivy lets out a soft moan, not loud enough for the Grass Snake to say his own name, but enough for Draco to wince as if he's under the painful spray instead of Snivy, something that makes me smile.

Then, after spraying the medicine on all Snivy's wounds, do I put the spray back in my pocket, smiling widely as Snivy instantly jumps up and smiles at me, thanking me softly. I nod and then suddenly hear the flapping of wings not far away. Looking to the right of the wall and envisioning a window I see an owl.
Yet, looking at the owl confuses me and shocks the others as it's not a Barn Owl or Snow Owl, but a Noctowl and even a Shiny Noctowl, the coloring quite different from the usual dark brown Noctowl I find when connecting my heart with that of the Pokémon. This makes me wonder who could be using a Shiny Noctowl for mail delivery.
I open up the window and see that the Owl has an official looking letter in its right paw. The owl flies in and flies a few laps around the room, its single, long eyebrow lighting up as it seems to scan the area and I feel the scan go over me as well before the Noctowl stops and flies down, gently landing on my shoulder with its other paw.
Quickly taking the letter out of its right claw, I barely even feel the claws of the Noctowl dig into my shoulder ever so softly as I see the stamp that looks like a slightly tanned man with grey hair that stands up to the right. This shocks me greatly and I say: "It's a letter from Professor Oak." To which Dad asks:

"Who's Professor Oak?" And while opening the envelope, do I say: "He's one of the best Pokémon researchers in the world. He lives in Pallet Town and gives new trainers their first Pokémon – well, those that live in Kanto, that is. I wonder why he wrote me, we barely ever write each other as he knows of my origins."
"He does?" Draco asks shocked and I nod, while my eyes scan over the letters on the paper and I say: "He thinks Pokémon are magical and because they live together with humans and because he cares for those that Trainers send him when they already have six Pokémon to travel with, did I decide to tell him what I can do and all."
Draco nods, but then my mind catches up with what I'm reading and I shout: "NO WAY!" Making everyone gather around me and while Dad and Siri each hold the letter with one hand, does only one sentence on the whole letter register in my mind. "I am pleased to announce that the Kalos region has revealed to us its own native Pokémon."

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Harry just seems like the kind of guy that would rather show off his Pokémon than fight with them and the whole Connect your Heart with that of the Pokémon fits more with a Contestant than a Trainer in my eyes. If you feel different, just let me know. I won't change the story, but I do like to hear other opinions.
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