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I shout and Umbridge laughs as she says: "Indeed killed!" I look at her shocked and ask: "How – how can you kill Legendary Pokémon? Some of them – some of them created this entire world!" The students gasp, but Umbridge just gets a glorified look on her face that makes me want to puke my dinner right back out as she says:
"Ah yes, Palkia, Dialga and Arceus. What my family wouldn't give to find and kill those disgusting creatures. Then we can finally rule as we deserve." This really confuses me and I ask: "Rule?" The woman smirks and says: "You don't know it, of course, I made sure of that, but your family – and mine – are royal, little Potter."

I look shocked and confused, but stand before Suicune as Umbridge stands on the Head Table and she says: "Your mother was the direct and last female descendent of King Arthur himself and my family, joyfully, comes from the Noble line of King Mordred, Arthur's illegitimate son and the one known as the Tiran King."
Suddenly it all makes sense and I say: "That's why you've been pushing so hard for Werewolf, Merepeople, Centaur and other Magical Creature Restriction laws. You want the same war as your ancestor caused." The woman laughs and says: "Not even close, I just don't want filth to ruin my chances for the crown."

She then glares at me and hisses: "Filth, like you and your mother. Your mother fell for your father because of that ridiculous Potter Curse. I was so sure she would just ignore him, but like every weak little Mudblood before her she too was too weak to resist the ancient heritage Magic of a Powerful Ancient Family.
She found your father and fell for him and I knew that if Potter had been able to get your mother after several years of her fighting the Potter Curse, that that very curse would be strong enough to break the bloody spell that kept your mother's line from birthing male heirs, the only heirs with a legal right to the crown I desired.

I knew I had to act, especially when I sensed that your mother had produced child. Someone as powerful as James Potter, no chance the child wouldn't be male. I had to act, but I couldn't be seen as the culprit. So I followed the one man constantly keeping a watchful eye on them and their safety, Albus Dumbledore."
I look at my grandfather and the man seems shocked at this. I turn back, but for some reason notice how Snape seems to get furious as Umbridge goes on: "Lucky me for doing that, lucky me indeed. Dumbledore, on the same day your mother discovered she was pregnant, had a little interview – with Sybill Trelawney."
I look at my Divinations teacher and wonder what she has to do with it as Umbridge goes on: "I also knew that Snape, spy of Voldemort, was constantly watching Dumbledore like I was and when I spotted him spying on Dumbledore's interview, I seized my chance." This confuses me, but then grandpa gasps and says:

"You! You made that prophesy! Sybill was never supposed to create that!" The woman smirks, while I wonder what my grandfather is going on about and the woman says: "Very good, you old coot. I created the prophesy, made sure it had the brat's month of birth in it and that it gave off a little hint of his mother's power.
Voldemort saw it as a threat, even if he was only told half, and he targeted the only family standing in my way for the crown.""WAIT A SECOND!" I suddenly shout and go on: "Voldemort killed my parents because of YOU!" The woman growls and says: "Yes, and he was supposed to have killed you as well, you little runt!"

I decide to ignore this and ask: "So after he failed to kill me, what did you do? Because I don't believe for a minute you have been planning to go work here for fourteen years." The woman smirks and says: "Smart, and you're right, I didn't. You see, when Voldemort was destroyed, but you weren't, I did the only thing I could do.
I took the one person from you that loved your parents so much he would let you research and honor your family lines, both father and mother, and would – through that – let you discover what I have been keeping from you for all these years." Instantly I realize what she means and ask: "You? You locked Sirius in Azkaban?"
Gasps go around the Great hall and the woman smirks as she says: "It was incredibly easy as well. The day Black had his trial, Karkaroff was supposed to confess to the names of Death Eaters that he knew off. I knew he had information that would keep Crouch busy, so I took the man's place and forged the entire trial.
I used a special Polyjuice Potion that allowed me to use the Black-Crouch feud, used it to sentence Black to Azkaban and then forged a fake trial report that I showed Crouch before hiding that and the real trial form in two books I loaned from the library here. Of course, I made sure to pick 2 specific categories for those books."

"And what are those?" I growl, while mentally trying to tell Dobby to send these books to Madam Bones and the woman answers: "Godfathers and their Bonds and The Security of Fidelius. The two books that could have revealed just how it couldn't have been Black that betrayed you or your miserable little family."
I growl myself, trying harder and harder not to give in to her insults and I say: "So you kept me away from my rightful fortune and kept Sirius away from raising me the way my parents would have wanted. And what then?" The woman smirks and asks: "How many bruises did you suffer last summer, little Potter?"

And instantly I whiten as I can barely believe what she just asked. The screams of my pain, the welts on my back, the humiliation of the last three years, everything uncle Vernon did and was arrested for comes back to the front of my mind and grandpa gasps: "Dolorus, tell me you didn't." But the woman smirks and says:
"And why should I? I hated the brat's family line and so did that fat useless Muggle. Then again, I only started when I started to notice how that filthy werewolf was trying to get close to Potter junior here and I knew my best way to keep the werewolf away was by paying that filthy Muggle to go all out on the brat."

This causes me to hear an animalistic roar from behind me and I quickly turn around, trying with all my might to keep Lupin from attacking the woman. I try to reason with him and while he tries to push me away, I turn my face to Umbridge and ask: "And the last few years? My school years? You play a role in them as well?"
The woman smirks, as if glad she can finally reveal everything and suddenly it all falls into place and I snap: "Of course you played a role. You caused a fake heist on the Philosopher's Stone, drawing Voldemort's attention to it and making grandpa fear for it to fall in the wrong hands, which made him move it to the 3rd floor corridor.
You convinced Lucius Malfoy, after months of planning and discussing with him, to give the Diary to Ginny Weasley and caused the fear and terror that the Chamber of Secrets brought upon us all that year. You were even the one to convince Fudge about stationing the Dementors at Hogwarts when Siri escaped Azkaban.
And when those monsters came on the train and tried to attack me, you decided to use that in your favor. You send them out during the one time no one can see me properly, during a rainy Quidditch match. You just didn't count on Dumbledore to save me before your little demons could suck my soul right out of me.
And then you used Hagrid's trial as reason to believe that I would go out, meaning Sirius would come out and thus you ordered the Dementors to hunt us down, only for me to save both my destined love and myself. But how do you play a role in last year, huh?" The woman had been furious the more I revealed her plans, but now she smirks and says:

"Simple, little brat, I was the only one who knew of three important facts. That Fudge would be holding the Tri-Wizard Tournament at Hogwarts. That Dumbledore had hired Alastor Moody as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. And last but not least, that Bertha Jorkins was aware of both these little facts."
I stumble back in shock as I realize what she is implying and whisper: "No, you – you wouldn't." But the evil witch smirks and says: "I did. I knew Black escaping sentence meant that he had failed to prove his innocence and I knew that was his reason for escaping, so I could only assume that Pettigrew was returning to his master.
And, like that little grandfather of yours, I knew that said master was hiding in –." And I whisper: "Albania, where Bertha Jorkins has an aunt living. You convinced an innocent woman onto a trip to her own death bed. You orchestrated the entire disaster of last year. How could you? And why am I even asking that question?"

I shout in the end and then glare at the woman and ask: "Let me guess, you made sure Barty Crouch could get Moody and when it came time for the Third task, you convinced him to convince grandpa to let him set the Cup in the middle of the Maze, allowing him to curse it and ultimately leading to Cedric's death."
The woman smirks and says: "Half right, little runt. I did lower the wards around that Paranoid freaks house and I did make sure his eye was somewhere only Crouch junior could find it, but after that your entrance to the Tournament almost brought all my plans crashing down as Fudge wanted to change the Third Task."
I look shocked and ask: "He wanted to change it? Into what?" And the woman growls: "A Dueling Tournament." I gasp and shout: "And you stopped him? DON'T YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS? YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR CEDRIC'S DEATH ! HAD YOU ALLOWED THE CHANGE, HE WOULDN'T HAVE DIED!"

The entire Hall gasps and I feel tears falling down my cheeks as I spat: "All year I felt guilty and all year I've tried to convince myself what happened to Cedric was not my fault. And all this time, your big-headed bigotry was the whole cause for him being murdered. You wanting the crown killed an innocent teenager!"
This seems to be the last thing of evil news that Suicune can take and he roars loudly, opening his mouth and I see a bright ball of energy with the many colors of the Aurora Borealis shining inside it, but before I can realize that I am in the line of fire and jump out of the way, does the creature shoot off a beam coming from the ball of energy.
I try to jump away, but am not fast enough and while the blast is enough to throw Umbridge through the window behind the Head Table, do I feel the blast tearing through my robe, shirt and the upper layer of my skin, deep enough to hit and tear apart several blood veins, which causes me to scream out in pure agony.

Suicune instantly stops and I see pain appear in his eyes as he sees me collapsing on all fours. He then closes his eyes and to my shock winds blow around his manes as he seems to focus on exactly them. They blow the Silk-made nets away and off of the creature and once he's freed, he quickly runs at me and lowers his head.
I try not to scream in pain as he grabs my robe and shirt with his teeth, lifting me up and, gently, trying to throw me onto his back. Stretching my arms to help him almost cause me to faint from excruciating pain, but I bite my lip and weakly instead and hold onto the purple manes as Suicune turns and runs out of the Great Hall.
He runs for the Black Lake and I suddenly remember that Suicune is the Legendary Pokémon of the rivers and lakes and that he has the ability to purify any lake or water he touches along with the rumor that he can actually walk on water. But this is either proven false, or Suicune has a different purpose as he allows the water to surround him.

Deeper and deeper the creature walks, but I can tell that the mighty Pokémon has his Purifying ability at full force. Then my ankles get soaked and while I fear for how the salt water will feel on my rapidly bleeding back, do I gasp in shock as the water doesn't hurt my wounds at all, instead I feel them healing up slowly.
I feel the water reaching all the way to my shoulders, but only pay attention to my mid back and feel the bleeding stop, the veins repair themselves, the skin on my back multiplying skin cells and causing for a large crust of a healing wound to appear on my back, before the crust is soaked off and fresh new skin is revealed underneath.

No longer feeling weak, hurt or drained by blood loss, I want to get off of the Mighty Legendary Pokémon, but Suicune roars and I see him looking at me as he breaths in deeply. Understanding that he wants me to close my mouth, I nod, take a deep breath and use my thumb and forefinger to press my nose closed as well.
The Water Pokémon nods and dives underwater, where I feel his Purifying ability reaching my scar, causing tremendous power to reach into it and I can almost feel it tearing into the powers attached to it. Closing my eyes, I try to envision the powers like the knots and ties I found this morning and focus on untying them all.

As I do so, I feel new powers being fed to the powerful web that represents Hogwarts and feel other abilities weaken, meaning they were never mine to begin with. Allowing for this to happen, I somehow feel that my need for air doesn't worsen and realize that Suicune must have helped me with this little issue before diving under.
After about a quarter of an hour, the Pokémon and I rise back from the surface and Suicune proves that the other rumor about his abilities is also true as he stands on the water surface with just the tips of his paws, jumping and landing on the surface elegantly and only causing for small circular ripples to appear where his paws land.

Back on the grounds, I slowly slip off of the mighty Creature's back and pet his long mane, whispering: "Thank you for all you've done, noble Suicune. Your appearance will cause for our world to go into better, better times." And the creature roars softly, the sound warming me up from the inside and making me feel as if he approves.
I smile at Suicune and watch as he turns, jumps onto the water and disappears into the distance between the forest trees. I then turn around and see my grandfather and Sirius looking at me worriedly, but turn my back and drop my robe, showing them my healed back. This makes them all sigh in relief and I smile as I walk over.

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