Bella-Edward AH drabble.

Bella came home from school, exhausted to the very depths of her core. He'd bailed again last weekend; it was the second date in a row he'd skipped out on. It wasn't like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Bella had only gone on one date with Edward. But God, she wanted to be with him.

Everyone told her it was a terrible idea. He wasn't worth waiting for. They said she'd deserved someone who would make time, someone who would be there. But he was there. His "good morning" texts with the little less than three thing, when he IMed her, asking how her day was. How he would listen to her, and how she would listen to him. Not face to face, of course, but what was the difference?

Bella's friends, of course, saw a difference. A difference that they had to brutally point out every five seconds. She hated to fight with them, but they didn't understand. "Have you ever seen that movie He's Just Not That in to You?" one of them asked.

She plopped down on her bed, and opened her laptop. She signed into AIM, and opened up a window for Microsoft Word. Changing her status from "Gah, tired. -.-" to ":'(", she typed her heading.

A little orange window flickered on the bottom right of her screen.


"What's wrong? D:"

If she only had the guts to type, "You."

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