They went to the movies. Bella spent almost an hour on her appearance, which wasn't like her. But for Edward, she would do anything.

This time she kept him waiting, and was about 10 minutes late. Edward didn't mind though, and greeted her with a hug.

The date was… interesting. Bella was surprised at how little fun she was having. He just talked about himself. And during the movie, he talked about himself. Halfway through, he finally stopped talking. Bella sighed with relief, and looked for her bag. Then she noticed, with a start, his arm had found its way around her shoulder.

She looked at Edward, who looked back. "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

Bell hesitated. Yesterday if he asked, she would probably sob with joy. Now, she wasn't so sure. "Um… yes. Sure, Edward, that'd be great." She smiled, and he did too, but she couldn't fight the feeling of impending doom.

A bit of a twist.