My Immortal: The Return

Have you ever heard of a fan fiction by an authoress named Tara called "My Immortal" that appeared here in 2006 (name taken from an Evanescence song)? It gained popularity as the Worst Fanfiction Ever, and there is reason for this- it was.

The authoress, Tara Gilesbie, based her characters around herself and her friends, and her favourite bands and singers. She made no attempt to preserve what is known as grammar in this world, and she made no attempt at hiding the fact her character was herself.

She insists herself to be "goffik" and the entire plot revolves around dating revamped Harry Potter characters, her favourite bands, and how she's perfect in every way. It may not be the first Mary Sue but it is in fact the most famous.

I have decided to post the chapters here one by one and see what people say. I'm pretty sure it's been reposted here before but I want to see a wider range of reactions from those perhaps unaware it existed. I leave in the chapter written when her account was hacked and I leave in her angry notes in each chapter directed to those who flamed her at the time.

Read on, and see what you think of the legend that is "My Immortal."