This little story was written by me after the idea came up during a msn conversation. I was asked the crucial question 'how do you kill a jedi master?' and naturally I had to write a guide to that. ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own star wars and I certainly don't make any money on writing this. Wish I did, but alas, no. This belong to GL, save for the idea to write this little guide.

How to kill a jedi master – A guide on the most effective ways to get rid of a jedi nuisance.

The methods presented here also work on knights. It should be noted that most of the methods presented work best when used together with other methods.

- Separate the master from any other jedi or other help that might be present. And we mean any other help. Even droids.

- Use traps. And make sure they are difficult to get out of or away from. Unless you use one trap to lure the jedi into another. Remember: jedi masters are very difficult to trap and even if you do manage to trap them, they usually have a way of getting free fairly quickly.

- No speeches! You got a jedi master trapped, don't waste your time on speaking. He/she will probably use the time to master their escape. So, just get it over with right away!

- Don't make a public execution. It's wasting time and you'll be very embarrassed if the jedi then make his escape. And don't make it a game either; the jedi will win.

- Have backup. A lot of it. The more the better, but make sure it's good backup. You don't want your backup to freeze when they see a jedi charging with a blazing lightsaber.

- It is often a good idea to simply catch the jedi in a violent crossfire, where this is no way to avoid or block all the incoming bolts.

- You can use droids to fight the jedi. Make sure they won't simply come apart by a little Force push and that they can stand some fighting. Droids with shields are practical.

- You can also use cortosis to protect yourself(or your droids) from lightsabers. If you wear armor then a cortosis finish on top will keep the lightsaber from cutting through, since the cortosis will short circuit it. That have the added advantage of the lightsaber being non usable for a moment.

- Wear the jedi out. Many traps, expendable fighting droids and servants and the like can all be used to tire the jedi out before you ever get near him. That way your odds for surviving and winning will improve. Remember: a tired jedi makes mistakes.

- Poisonous gas can work if you have the jedi locked in a room/trap. Though you should make sure it is a strong poison, since they can fight off a great deal of poisons.

- Smashing them into the walls is not a bad idea either.

- If in space expose the jedi to vacuum if at all possible. Jedi need air to breathe. (With very few exceptions).

- Use long range weapons. Always avoid getting into close combat with a jedi since they have the advantage there.

- Having cover can be very practical. We strongly recommend some good cover that can keep you from getting your own blaster bolts send back at you and some that can keep the jedi away from you.

- Keep the jedi from getting backup. We have said it before and we will say it again; make sure the jedi have and get no help! This is vital to your plan succeeding.

- If you fight with a lightsaber then make sure to outnumber the jedi master. One on one you are likely to lose if you are not a master yourself. The more lightsaber wielding persons, you have on your side, the greater are your chances of defeating the master.

- Cut off the jedi's escape route. If the jedi sees that there is no or little chance of winning, he/she will probably run to fight another time. Make sure this isn't possible.

If the methods here don't save you then you didn't do it right. Hopefully you(or someone else) will do better next time. :)