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Goodbye Forever My Only

By; Angel-feather-keeper

I thought it was forever, my darling.

I thought it was pure and true.

I thought I could stand by your side,

Protect and save you.

But now I see I was so wrong,

As I stay on hands and knees.

My glowing eyes pour down sad rain,

My throat tearing out please.

You lay motionless before my eyes,

Eyes dull and full of pain.

Anything I did for you,

Would now all be in vain.

I miss you my one and only,

I know this to be true.

Every where I look it seems,

I'm reminded of you.

I wish, Sam, I had let you know,

Before you left me there,

That the love you said you had for me,

Was some thing that we shared.

I wish you would wake, and it would all be okay,

And all just one bad dream,

I wish you would open your bright purple eyes,

And they would still hold their gleam.

But I know that will never happen,

That it could never be true,

Oh how I wished I could have said

Just how much I loved you.

Wow, that was depressing… please review this sad poem before I have a mental breakdown (again)!