Radachi tried desperately to get warm. It was one of those horribly cold nights that would keep you up. Radachi yelled in irratition. Tired of trying to get warm. Though, That wasn't the only thing that was bothering her. Zuko, her now boyfriend was negleting her alittle. She wanted to feel his warmth again. She kept quiet of her lonliness because she knew he had to rebuild the world with the Avatar. She didn't want to be the pathetic, Selfish bitch. But it was hard to say she wasn't missing Zuko's company. She sat infront of the fireplace, Finally getting some sucsess with the warm feeling she wanted.

Radachi had been stuck in the palace with other servents, Who taunted her, Making her think that possibly Zuko didn't want any part of her anymore... And she actually started to belive that. Radachi tried to push the thought away. When she thought about it, Where was Zuko at the moment? Radachi heard the door open, She turned around hopping for it to be Zuko himself, But it was Katara. She smiled and noticed how dissipointed her friend looked when she walked in.

"Expecting somone else?" She asked. Radachi chuckled abit before answering her.

"Yes, Have you seen Zuko anywhere?" Radachi asked. Katara fought back a smirk.

"Ohh.." She trailed off. "That.." She was hesitant to tell anything to crutial. "He's waiting for you in your room. You better get going" Katara Said, In a rather seductive manner. Radachi raised a eyebrow in curiousity. But despite that it was more important to her that she see Zuko. She left the room.

Radachi found the room that Zuko and her shared, Hesitating to open the door. She opened it and saw that the room was lit by candles, And the bed sheets had been removed and replaced with beautiful sliky sheets instead. Radachi found it hard to see much because of only the lit candles to help. She then saw a figure step out from the bathroom and crossed it's arms.

"I'd been wondering when you showed up" A farmilar voice said in a rather smooth voice.

"..Z-Zuko?" Radachi choked. Zuko smiled in the mild darkenss surronding them both. He walked over to his lover and gave her a loving kiss, Grabbing hold of Radachi's soft pink hair as he did so. Radachi moaned in delght as she took hold of Zuko. He pulled apart moments later. Zuko backed up and removed his robe, Revealing that he had nothing under.. Radachi couldn't resist looking him up and down with pure lust in her eyes.

"So is this what you we're planing to show me?" She asked in a seductive voice, moving closer to Zuko subconsiously, Not taking her blue eyes off his golden ones. Zuko pushed Radachi onto the bed gently, Getting ontop of her, Holding her face once again as he brought her into yet another deep kiss. Radachi wrapped her arms around him and moved her leg so it was around Zuko's back. Zuko moved his hands to unbotton Radachi's fire nation uniform. Zuko felt the valley inbetween her breasts. Removing her upper clothing revealing nice fleshy breasts. Zuko then moved on to remove Radachi pants and underwear. And gently played with her clit, Yearning a moan from his lover. Radachi turned him over and went down to suck him off. Held his erection in her hand, Gently licking the tip as pre-cum drips down his cock. Zuko growled in pleasure as Radachi took him all in her mouth. Zuko gripped the bed sheets tightly, Slightly tearing them.

Radachi quickened her movements on Zuko's cock licking the tip, Swirling her tongue around it.

"Ohh..Yes!...Keep going Radachi AH!" Zuko moaned in ectasy. Radachi did as she was told and engulfed him again, gently nibbling on him. Oh how Zuko just wanting to shot his cum into that mouth of hers. But he had to wait. Radachi gently caressed his balls, Sqeezing them.

"Oh! yeah! Radachi! i'm gonnaAH!-Oh God yes! YES!" Zuko yelled, Just as he was going to cum she let him go. Zuko slammed his fist on the bed in irritation.

"Why'd you stop!" He asked breathlessly.

"What i'm going to give you will be better." Radachi replied. She positioned herself ontop of Zuko, And slammed herself down on him. The impact was so intense, Zuko felt like he could cum right then, But it wasn't enough. Radachi began bouncing herself on him. Moaning like a maniac. She reached behind her to massage his balls. The small beads of sweat on their faces we're turning into large dots. Zuko reached up to cup her breasts.

Oh it was so close.

Orgasm was fast approaching. Zuko got ontop of her and began to jam himself into her.

"AHHH! Zuko! oh my god! YES! please oh..Don't stop! whatever you do don't stop!" Radachi begged. Zuko stopped moving.

"What do you want?" He asked.


"To what?"


Then Zuko began to thrust into her again and again, Over and over. Until relief finally hit them. Zuko exploded inside Radachi. They annonced their powerful orgasm.

"AHHHH!" They both screamed.

Moments of heavy breathing passed by. Until Zuko spoke.

"That was wonderful, but i think we could do better."

"True, You know i've been trying all day to get warm. Thanks for helping me." They both laughed. Then Something came to Zukos mind.

"You know you could've warmed yourself all this time. Your a firebender."