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I awake in the early morning, with the sun barely above the horizon. I hold on to my mother, and smile. I don't know what I would do without her by my side. I love her, no matter if she neglected us or not. Katniss doesn't understand. Her husband had just passed, of course she needed some time to mourn, and keep to herself. As did I.

With Katniss on my mind, I notice she has already left. I smile, because she has taken my gift to her on Reaping day. A goat cheese with basil leaves I assembled yesterday while she was out hunting. I made the cheese with my mother's help from some milk I got from my goat, Lady. I'll never forget the day Katniss brought her home with a pink bow. I love Katniss with all my heart.

I sit up and gently shake my mother's shoulder to wake her up, and I watch as she slowly lifts her eyelids. She rolls over to face me, and softly brush my blonde hair away from my face and kisses my forehead.

"Alright, Primrose, I'm up." She smiles and takes my hand to get out of bed.

Throughout the day, my mother and I get ready for the big day that was about to come. I clean the house, and polish my father's old mirror. She cooks a thick stew made from the tessera grain Katniss received last month. When everything was done, it was time to get ourselves ready for the Reaping. My mother came to me and handed me a navy blue polka-dot skirt with ruffles, and a top to match. I recognize it at Katniss' first Reaping outfit. It's a little big, but I don't care. It hasn't been worn in four years, so it's a little dusty, but I like it. It feels like home.

I was surprised to see my mother had laid out her old blue dress from her days when she worked at the apothecary. A dress that was really special to her. She once told me the story of when her friend Maysilee had given it to her. Maysilee died in the Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games were horrible. They involved sending one boy and girl from every District in the country of Panem to fight each other to their deaths. It sickened me. I didn't even like it when small bugs died, let alone human beings. I hope someday they will finally end.

That's what the Reaping is for. To choose the boy and girl tributes, as they were called. And today, I'm even more scared than I usually am for Katniss. I'm scared for myself, too. Being twelve years old, I have one entry. The chances are slim to none, but I can't help but worry.

I'm startled when Katniss comes in from hunting. She sets down her game bag and the food she got for tonight's celebration we have annually with Gale's family.

Gale Hawthorne is Katniss' best friend. They go hunting together all the time. They are so much alike, inside and out. I really like Gale. He is so good to Katniss, and I can't wait until they get married one day. Of course, Katniss never admits it, but I see her blush everytime her comes to our door. I know she has to like him, at least a little. But Gale, I'm sure he loves her. The way he looks at her, it's just how my father used to look at my mother.

Katniss takes off her boots and glances at the dress, unsure.

"Are you sure?" Katniss knows the importance of the dress, too.

"Of course. Let's put your hair up, too." Katniss washes her hair in the tub that I washed mine in, and puts on the dress. I am simply stunned.

"You look beautiful." I tell her. I mean it with every fiber of my being.

"And nothing like myself." Katniss laughs. She jokes around with me, but I know she is worried too. I don't want her to. I'm twelve, I can worry about myself. But I appreciate everything she does.

"Tuck your tail in, little duck." What? Oh, my shirt tail! I realize it sticks far out, but Katniss smoothes it in for me. I joke back with her,


"Quack yourself." We both laugh, and Katniss stops it with a light kiss on my forehead.

"Come on, let's eat."

After we have a light breakfast, we head out to the square here in District 12. Its crowded with twelve to eighteen year olds, with their heads low and sweaty hands clenched in fists. I separate my hand from Katniss' and walk to the back, and Katniss goes toward the front. After about fifteen minutes, the mayor, Mr. Undersee, comes on stage and reads the history of the Games, but I don't listen. My nerves are finally working their way into my head, leaving me trembeling.

Effie Trinket, District 12's escort hops on stage with her ghost while smile, and bright pink hair. She annoys me. I notice that Haymitch, the District 12 mentor is already up on stage, looking as drunk as ever.

"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!" Effie says with her odd Capitol accent. I almost laugh because I know how much Katniss hates it.

But the thought is lost when I hear Effie announce that she is calling the girls name first.

No, it can't be me. It just can't. One slip in thousands!

But it's too late. Effie has called that one slip in thousands.