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Ouch. I touched the gash above my eyebrow where he had punched me. Well that's gonna make a mark, just like all the others on me. Its been four long years since my sister Daisy and I have been abducted and kept in an old abandoned barnyard to what seemed to be in the middle of no where.

You see I always had hope that a miracle would happen and we would be saved but that seemed to disappear … especially once our brother died.

2 Years Ago –

"Ivy I need you to take Daisy and sneek in the car while I distract him." It was a blazing hot summer day when Conner, our 15 year old brother, told me this.

Daisy was 5 and I was 13.

"I can't leave you here with him wh-what if .." tears pricked my eyes and Conner's eyes softened.

"Everything will be fine- I will always love you guys, never forget." He gave me a hug and kissed Daisy's forehead.

"Here…" Conner took off his dog tag necklace and put it on me. It wasn't necessarily his, he found it in a our special meadow where we used to go when we needed space back then and ever since then he never once took it off.

The door banged open and my stomache tightened. Mason's eyes hardened, full of hatred and Daisy woke up from her nap letting fear take over.

"Go. If anything happens I will always be in here…" he touched his heart and gave a small reassuring smile. I tried smiling back but I couldn't, I don't think I will ever smile again. I wanted to run after Conner and tell him to go with Daisy and have me face the man himself but I knew I couldn't.

"Come on Daze." I moved the desk to face a hole we once found and pulled her through.

"Where are we going? Where is Conner?!" Daisy started to panic and I squeezed her hand "I'll explain later but we need to hurry."

After what seemed like forever, I finally found the keys and got the car started. My heart soared. Finally! God we can finally get out of here .. I wonder how mom and dad will react .

I kept thinking about mom and dad freaking out when they see us until my worst nightmare came alive.

"Where are they?!" the man slurred.

"I told you I don't know!" Conner yelled hoarsely.

"God damn it boy!" and a 3 gun shots were soon followed by a blood curdling scream.

Everything was quiet as I looked around.

Daisy was crying and I was too in shock to move. I couldn't get up, my body wouldn't budge… it's as if the world stopped.

Next thing I knew was being pulled out of the car by my hair and beaten up and yet I still wouldn't react . I felt numb.

I heard Daisy's screams and turned my eyesight to the door where Conner was supposed to run out from, but all I found was blood splatters on the windows .

That's when realization hit me.

My brother was never going back…


I wiped the tears away and pushed the memory out of my head. I couldn't sleep, I was too bruised and swollen, I couldn't even move from where I was raped again. Ever since Conner died the man started to rape me, I begged him not to hurt Daisy and take me instead and so he did.

I heard the door open and Daisy came in with tears spilling down her face. She kneeled next to my half asleep body and started to help fix me up. Once she was done I could barely see but I knew her face was swallowed in tears and it made my heart break to see her like that.

"Beautiful angels shouldn't cry ." I whispered and fell unconscious.

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