She was walking through the front door of the club. Music was blaring. Some people were dancing while others were standing around with drinks in their hands. She smiled and walked through the crowd. Everyone made a path for her as she walked through the group until He appeared looking at her. A smile came to her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss.

"Cut!" the director yelled. "That was great, Marissa! You're able to go home!"

"Thanks, Barry," Marissa said. She walked out of the studio happy as can be. She was the lead female in a music video for Justin Timberlake. She had a wonderful boyfriend. She had a wonderful family. She loved her life. She approached her trailer when the door opened revealing her boyfriend.

"Bradin Baby!" she yelled jumping into his arms. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, we made a date this weekend with your family, remember?"

"Yeah. I'm so excited for you to meet them!" she screeched as she hugged him again.

The couple sat in their seats on the plane and just talked about Marissa's family. "I just hope my sister has changed. When I left for the big time, she wasn't too thrilled."

"I know that feeling," Bradin said takingher hand, "My entire family had doubts about my surfing fame. Now, they're all happy as can be."

"I know. But, she's not anywhere near the rest of my family. She's always by herself when I come home. I try to talk to her but she won't talk back."

"It will be different this time. I'm coming. I'll get her talking."

"You always get people talking," she said giving him a kiss.

Their taxi pulled up to a three story, light blue house. They drove through a gate that opened for them. They pulled up to the front door that was double doors with a gold knocker on the front. Marissa and Bradin stepped out of the taxi, went to the trunk, and grabbed their stuff before closing the trunk. Bradin paid the driver and the driver was off. As they turned towards the door, it opened.

"Marissa! My baby!" a 40-something year old woman yelled running up to Marissa with her arms open.

"Hey mom," Marissa said hugging her back. When she pulled away, Marissa said, "Mom, this is Bradin."

"Oh... the Bradin."

"Mom," Marissa whined. "Bradin, this is my mother, Clarise."

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Francis."

"My pleasure, Bradin. Come on in. Everyone was waiting."

WIthin seconds, Clarise pushed the couple inside the house where everyone was gathered waiting for them. Marissa made her way through everyone as Bradin sat very uncomfortable at the door. When Marissa walked back up to him taking his hand, he felt better. She introduced him to everyone that was there.

"Where's your sister?" he asked.

Marissa looked around and could not find her younger sister anywhere. She turned towards her mother. "Hey ma. Where's Lacey?"

"She's out. She's been gone for a few hours. I don't know about that girl these days. At least four das a week she disappears."

"Have you tried calling her?" Bradin asked.

"No need, dear. She always comes home."