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Arthur was not a romanticist. Or so he thought. He wasn't even a closet romantic. [Which, truth be told, was a lie. You do not want to know all the romantic novels he had, half of which had Fabio on the cover.]

He didn't consider it romantic when he had sent Alfred a bouquet of roses and a thirty dollar gift card to McDonalds on his birthday. He certainly didn't find it romantic when he picked Alfred up after he'd been kicked out of the same bar for a third time that week. It was just him being a gentleman. Perhaps it was romantic when Alfred and Arthur walked on the beach, possibly holding hands. Of course, Arthur couldn't remember that far back.

But Arthur wasn't gay, don't get confused there. He liked breasts and shaved legs. But hadn't he been rather with cuddly Alfred recently? No it was more so Alfred. Of course, denial is the first step of overcoming things.

Well, there was that one time he might've let Alfred hold his hand during a movie, and that time Alfred kissed him? Well, he might've kissed him back, but of course it was the alcohol that made him do it. But he digressed.
No, Arthur Kirkland was not a romantic fellow, and was without doubt, 99.99% sure, not gay. At all.

"I've already been there." Arthur yawned over the phone.

"To the one in France! Who wants to hear the ghost at the Haunted Mansion ride screaming at you in French? That's not scary at all!" Alfred had a point, listening to everyone speaking French just aggravated the Brit.

"I'm not sure Alfred, I have to speak with my boss…"

"No, no, no, I already talked to her! She said to take pictures! Come on! I'll even pay!" "

Why don't you ask Italy or someone who enjoys those types of things?" Arthur waited as the other line was silent.

"Because Arthur, I want to go with you."

Arthur could feel the heat rise to his face. "Fine you bloody bother, but you have to pay for everything!"

"Awesome! This is just awesome! I'm so excited! Pack your bags Iggy! First we're going to Space Mountain, and then we'll go on the teacups, I'm sure you want to ride that, can we go to Splash Mountain, too?!"

'Oh god,' the Brit thought. 'What have I gotten myself into?'

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