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Her Ivory Tower

Chapter 1

"Fuck Cullen how is it that you have a king size bed and I still end up on the damn floor when I wake up?" Damn does she have to yell so loud? I feel like penguins have been tap dancing on my eyeballs all night. I guess that's what I get for trying to go shot for shot against Bella. I don't know how a woman that tiny can hold that much alcohol. It just goes against nature. I groaned and looked over my bed to see Bella sprawled out on my floor looking severely pissed.

"I don't know Swan maybe if you didn't sleep like a fucking hippo taking up my entire bed I wouldn't have to kick your ass out of it in the morning." I was met with a grunt from Bella and a pillow to the face.

"You better get up sunshine your sister has been calling your phone for the last half hour. I believe you were supposed to meet the family for brunch today at eleven-thirty. You're about an hour late and I suspect the tiny tornado to roll in here any minute to beat your ass."

Every third Sunday of the month Alice put together brunch for the family. I normally didn't mind going but I just wasn't in the mood today. My hangover was bad enough without having to deal with my family issues too. I looked up to see Bella walking out of my room wearing nothing but a tank top, her scrumptious ass just peeking out. I know it might seem weird for Bella to be in my room wearing very little, but I can honestly say that we were nothing but friends. No matter how hard I've tried to make it something different.

I decided that a cold shower would do me a world of good. After I got out of my shower it was already one and brunch would be over by now so I decided to get ready and to head to the club to get some work done. I would incur the wrath of Alice later but I was used to it so I tried to convince myself she's only a little scary, but I know that's a lie. She's actually a lot scary for being 5'1 and a buck ten at most. I just figure I can give her my famous smile or buy her something nice. The latter was probably the best idea so I'd have to head to Nieman Marcus on my way to work. As I was heading over to my closet to get dressed I felt a gust of cold air as I turned around I saw Alice busting through my door.

"Edward Anthony Cullen....Oh my god my eyes! My eyes! Hurry someone get the bleach....oh please god I'll forego fashion week this year just please take the pain away...."

"Whoa, Alice, what the hell?" Just as I was going to put my towel on, Bella ran through my door to see what Alice was screaming about. Now normally I wouldn't care if Bella just ran into my room when I was naked because, well, I have nothing to be ashamed of, and she's probably seen my junk more times than I could fucking count. Just the hazards of being roommates. I'd like to blame it on us having copious amounts of sex on every surface of our apartment, but alas that was just in my dreams. I had enough sexual frustration due to Bella, and her eyeing my manhood wearing nothing but her little pink boy shorts, a tank top and some bunny slippers just wasn't helping my situation if you know what I mean.

Bella was just staring at me, looking all innocent and sexy rolled up into a perfect package, and I really wanted to ask if Alice could leave so I could bend her over my couch and do unspeakable things to her body. However, I'm pretty sure I'd get nut punched by my sister and Bella so I settled for the next best thing: I flirted.

"Like what you see?" Bella's eyes snapped up from where she was blatantly staring and I gave her a little wink.

"Oh get over yourself Cullen it's not like I haven't seen a dick before. Believe me, yours is nothing special." She almost hurt my feelings, but the slight pink blush that crept up on her cheeks gave her away so I know she didn't mean it.

Alice was still standing there with her hand clamped tightly over her eyes mumbling something that sounded like brain bleaching. I quickly wrapped my towel around my waist and turned to go back into my closet. I threw on my favorite pair of dark blue jeans, a black jacket and my chucks. I walked back into my room, and it was empty again so I headed for the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee, praying that Bella was feeling generous enough to make me pancakes.

"Well, ladies, this has been fun but I've got to head over to the club and get things set up for tonight, any chance I can get some chocolate chip pancakes to go B?"

I sat next to Alice at the island in the center of our kitchen and gave Bella the best puppy dog eyes I could manage. It was one trait the Cullen clan has mastered, and not many could deny one of us when we had that face on.

"Sorry, Cullen, but Alice and I have to head into the office so you'll just have to suffer with a cup of coffee and some cold cereal today." Alice and Bella are the owners of a premiere lingerie store in Seattle called Sinful. Bella manages the business and Alice is the designer. That's actually how I met Bella four years ago.

I had just opened a second night club with my Best Friend Emmett McCarty called The Orchid Lounge. We had been open for two months and business really couldn't have been better.

This club was different from the first one we opened for many reasons, the most important being that this was purely my baby. I had come up with the concept and design. It was my dream, and if it failed that meant I failed, and I had done enough of that to last me a life time.

The Orchid Lounge was settled in downtown Seattle. An old two story building that Em and I had completely renovated to suit our needs. The bottom floor was the night club that had one long bar going around three of the walls, and up behind the bar sat fifteen glass boxes where we had dancers that performed every night. Now this isn't a strip club all of our girls kept their clothes on and we had the rooms lit specially, so that all you could really see was the d├ęcor in the room and the silhouette of the dancer. It was one of my favorite parts of the club, and it was sexy without being raunchy. The bottom also held the DJ booth and the dance floor.

The top floor of the club was the lounge part where we had long bench seats along the wall with tables and another small bar. The part I liked most was that you could look down at everything on the dance floor and enjoy the music without having to be in the mix. This was for our V.I.P. guests and you could only access it with a key card that was only given to our most high end clients.

I was at the club earlier than normal today because Em and I had agreed to close the club for the night so that my sister, Alice, could hold a launch party for her new line of Lingerie and the new store she was opening with her partner Bella, whom I had never met. Being the great big brother I was, I promised to over see the setup of the runway along with other minor details Alice needed taken care of.

I was kneeling behind the bar checking inventory on all the liquor when I heard a beautiful voice start yelling. "What the fuck! What idiot put this runway together? Don't they know that it's fucking warped in the center? How can models walk down a damn runway that's warped without falling flat on their ass? Who the fuck is running this place?"

I put my hands on top of the bar and lifted myself to stand and I was met with a slim brunette with gorgeous brown eyes, pouty lips and legs for days. She had a fire in her eyes that made my dick instantly hard, and I really just wanted to throw her over my shoulder and take her to my office to show her exactly who was boss.

I put on my best Edward Cullen smile, a smile that has been known to make girls drop their panties without hesitation. " That would be me beautiful. What can I do for you?" I saw something cross her face it almost looked like a mixture of fear and lust but it was gone before I could really tell.

"Listen, Don Juan, I don't have time for bullshit we have a launch party in five hours so I would really appreciate it if you could please run along and find someone to fix my fucking runway."

I wasn't sure if I should feel pissed that this chick had just bitched me out not even knowing who I was, or completely turned on from hearing the word 'fucking' escape from her beautiful lips. I have to say, the lower part of my anatomy was going with the latter. I wasn't sure if I could get any harder than I was at that moment. Just as I was going to make my come back Alice, aka Tiny Tornado, walked in the doors holding a bunch of boxes that were almost taller than her.

"Hey Edward can you please come grab some these boxes and put them in your office.....oh hey, Bella. I didn't realize you were going to be here this early. I thought you had to find another model since Amanda canceled. I see you've met my lovely older brother Edward." Bella whipped her head back and forth between Alice and I with a slight blush on her face.

"Well fuck me sideways." I really wanted shout hell yeah and take her on my bar, instead I just chuckled and stuck my hand out for her to shake.

"Bella is it? I'm Edward Cullen Co-Owner of The Orchid Lounge and big brother to the tiny tornado over there."

"Umm....uh yeah hi, Edward, Bella Swan it's nice to finally meet you." As she put her hand in mine, I felt a small spark travel up my arm. It wasn't bad just really unusual. "Sorry about my little outburst there, I'm just a little stressed with everything going on for the launch."

After Bella and I had been formally introduced I spent the rest of the day doing anything and everything that Alice told me to. I didn't get to see Bella at all the rest of the time, much to my disappointment.

At seven-thirty the show was getting ready to start and we had quite the turn out. Over a hundred and fifty people showed up for it, including my parents, which wasn't really a surprise as they were always very supportive of Alice. I sat up front with them and watched as models paraded along the runway in the lingerie Alice had created. I have to say that she had a real talent for what she did. There wasn't one piece I didn't like.

The host announced the last piece for the evening and when I looked up I was met with the beautiful sight of Bella Swan walking across the runway. There were no words to describe how she looked in a deep blue number. She just radiated confidence, and as she got to the end of the runway she blew out a little kiss and a wink to the audience and turned to make her way back up the runway to the dressing area. I knew right then and there I had to make Bella Swan mine, and I didn't care what it took. Little did I know that was going to be an up hill battle I wasn't sure I would ever win.

A year later I could call Bella Swan my best friend and roommate, but I was no closer to calling her mine than the first day she called me Don Juan.

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