Hi, everybody! I'm obsessedwithstabler, and I've just gotten into Everybody Loves Raymond. It's a very adorable show, and I absolutely adore Debra. So I decided that my first story would be about her, and this came to mind. It's a drabble from her POV, and it takes place in the show's finale, when the nurse tells her that they're having a hard time waking Ray up. Enjoy, and please remember to review!

Disclaimer: Not mine!


I could barely breathe as I heard the nurse speak. They couldn't wake Ray up. His blood pressure was dropping… Oh, God, no…

Vaguely I could hear his family behind me, and I grab his brother Robert's arm, hoping to steady myself. I'm falling apart, and there's nothing that can really stop it.

I'm losing him, and I can feel my own sanity slipping away as images flashed through my mind.

The first time I met him. Our wedding day. Ally's birth. His joy when I told him we were having twin boys.

Hot tears are rolling down my cheeks as I try to form a coherent sentence. I'm losing my husband, and there's nothing that I can do to stop it.

I would give my last breath if it meant that he would be okay. I would die right now just to be able to hold him in my arms one more time.

Robert is holding me close and trying to reassure me, but it's not getting through. He can't know that. He can't promise that Ray is going to be okay.

He just can't.

God, please let him be okay.

The End.

A/N: Poor Debra. I always feel so bad for her in that scene. I hope everyone enjoyed my first Everybody Hates Raymond fic, thanks for reading and please remember to review!