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Summary: What happens when Alice in a klutzy moment ends up hurting herself? And in this moment she hits her head, hereby expelling her thoughts to that of 5 year old temporarily. Let's see how everyone in Wonderland reacts shall we? AliceXEveryone.

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Chapter 1: An Apple a Day Keeps Your Memories Away!

"Can you not worry? I'll be fine, geez." Alice huffed as she glared down at the annoyance that was Peter White who stood at the base of the tree she had climbed up. The rabbit was extremely stressed out about having Alice up so high doing something that he considered quote extremely and oh-so dangerous unquote.

"But Alice, you'll probably end up getting hurt! Please come down! I'll catch you!" Peter shouted up to her, his eyebrows furrowed downward and the concern in his bright red eyes evident.

On her fours, Alice extended her hand a bit higher to pick up another apple. "Calm down! I'm only picking apples. How dangerous can it be?" She sarcastically question with a small huff beneath her breath.

"Be careful!" He called up with a persistent frown on his lips.

Rolling her eyes, Alice sighed, though she could understand that he was only worried, she couldn't help but feel he was being way too overprotective, "I did this a ton of times back in my world. Climbing trees isn't that extreme."

She was only getting the apples to make a dessert for most of the role holders in Heartland. The only exceptions that she held in her mind at the current moment would have to be Blood and though she promised herself she'd be nicer… The White Rabbit.

"But what if—"

Alice threw an apple down that hit him in the head with thump. "I know what I'm doing! Don't you have work to do?"

Rubbing his head where he'd been struck, he offered her a nervous smile, "Yes, I do. But I rather spend this time with my dear Alice." Peter answered dreamily while holding his face.

Making a face, the brunette cringed before her usual excuse flashed to mind.

With a shrug to her shoulders, she lazily began searching upward for another apple to pick, "That's too bad… I like guys who work hard." She remarked bluntly and instantly, the White Rabbit froze.

"I'll be off then. See you later, Alice." The male stated quickly before he began racing off.

Alice chuckled as she dropped a couple more apples to the ground. One of the only ways to actually shake the fruits loose was for her to give it a hard grip and just start tugging on it. It ended up giving her several long scratches on her arm that bleed a bit, but she'd live.

"Oh! That apple looks pretty good." Alice whispered to herself as she saw a pure red slightly plump apple circle against the wind at the end of the branch she clung to. Steadying herself she began to crawl carefully towards it.

"Ah!" Alice cried painfully as her left palm slid on the rough branch. The unbalanced force of gravity began acting on her body as she tilted over a bit to the left and went falling toward the ground, head first. With an 'oof' Alice's green and red colored vision turned black slowly.


"Damn it." Boris cursed at himself lowly as he limped towards a tree. Despite his promise to stay out of harm's way for Alice's sake, he was out playing his 'game' once again and got more hurt than he originally intended. Not as much as before on his previous trips, but enough to make him sure to never cross Alice's path for the time being.

His ears perked up the instant he heard a childish cry in the exact direction he was headed in. His cat-like curiosity aroused greatly and both of his ears twitched a bit. A few sniffles were heard along with cry occasionally but otherwise the voice was entirely miserable.

It was obviously a little girl, but what exactly was a little girl doing in a forest where dead body sightings were pretty common and other predators were known?

Walking ahead more, he found himself blinking at the sight of the dozens of apples that were scattered on the grassy ground. Now very close to the origin of the cries, he peeked his head around the tree trunk in order to see who was pouring their eyes out all alone.

His surprise when he spotted Alice rubbing her eyes while letting a huge wail out of her mouth every couple of seconds was unbelievably high. It only took the witty little girl a moment to realize she wasn't alone. Looking up at Boris with water filled eyes she sniffed her nose a bit before speaking words that made the Cheshire Cat question his own sanity,

"Have you seen my mommy?"

"Y-your mommy?" Boris asked with his voice pitching slightly higher in surprise at the normally emotionally strong girl's unusual behavior.

Alice nodded, only a few tears leaking out of her eyes now.

Not convinced over her wellbeing, he frowned, "Are you feeling alright?" He questioned before bending down to her sitting level in order to feel her forehead.

Feeling it with the back of his hand, it seemed as though the temperature was normal so she wasn't sick from a fever or anything.

However, now that Boris was at Alice's height the brunette was given a clearer view of the top of his head and when she saw his vivid colored ears her eyes practically turned into mini hearts of wonder, "Ah! So cute!" She squealed, her earlier tears forgotten before both of her hands shot out to grab his ears.

In his current condition, the force and grip Alice held over one of his most sensitive parts of his body was proven too much and he was sent toppling onto her lap while she continued pulling at his ears painfully. "They're so fluffy and cute!" She exclaimed, and in the midst of her mood, she took her face and began rubbing her cheek against his hair excitedly.

"What's wrong with you, Alice!?" Boris screamed as Alice tugged at his ears harder while giggling.

Suddenly Alice stopped with wide eyes, "Hey, hey, Kitty, how do you know my name?" She asked curiously tilting her head to the side cutely.

Boris rubbed his ears in pain while looking at Alice surprised, "What are you talking about Alice? I'm Boris…" He slowly stated though when it didn't appear to be getting through to her, his golden eyes watched her in obvious discomfort.

Putting a finger to her lip, the foreigner watched back at him happily, "Bo-ris? That's a funny name!" Alice giggled before she began watching Boris' tail swish in front her face with predatory eyes.

Knowing he'd have to figure out the source of this, the Cheshire Cat took a pause and began observing their surroundings as though it held the answer somehow. When his eyes glanced around at the abundance of apples on the ground, he turned his attention back to her carefully, "Alice, were you picking all these apples?"

Alice clapped her hands together once with a sweet smile on her lips, "Yup! I planned on giving them to my big sister later on so we could make sweets! But then I fell and hurt my head… I feel better now that you're with me Boris!" She said happily.

Boris blushed with a frown while he managed to make his way back to his feet, "Your big sister?"

He could recall hearing a couple stories of Alice's older sibling, Lorina… One in particular was how when Alice was about twelve or younger, she had often picked fruits in order to make desserts with her sister.

Going out on a limb, the male grasped at her wrist and attempted to help pull her to her feet though it didn't go over too well, "Say Alice, how old are you?" He asked suspiciously.

"That's easy! Alice-chan is five years old!" Alice answered while holding up five of her fingers proudly.


"And that's what happened." Boris explained with a sigh as Alice hid behind his back shyly.

It was hard enough for him to carry his own weight, much more carry Alice who at first had trouble even standing, but when they finally made it to the Clock Tower, Boris didn't hesitate to explain what happened to Alice to the Clockmaker.

Julius crossed his arms while narrowing his eyes at Alice critically as the foreigner peeked at him from behind Boris' fluffy boa curiously.

A moment of silence reigned over them and in that moment the Cheshire Cat cleared his throat loudly, "I have to go now," Boris said nervously at the tension.

In response, Alice clutched onto Boris' back tighter and dug her face into his back, easily indicating she didn't want him to leave.

Unable to stop himself from chuckling lightly at her clinginess, Boris turned around to face her with a kind smile on his lips, "It's okay, Julius won't hurt you." He reassured her sweetly, "He's really nice!"

"Do you promise?" Alice asked with her bottom lip jutting out while her eyes clearly showed how nervous she was.

"Pinky swear!" Boris exclaimed with a grin as he held up his pinky finger.

Wrapping her daintier pinky around his the two shook on it before the foreigner reluctantly released him, "I'll be over to play later!" Boris said before walking out with a wave.

Alice stared at her shoes meekly as Julius continued to stare at her. "Um, big brother, is it okay if I call you Julius?"

"It was never a problem before." Julius remarked turning away, "Follow me, I'll show you to your room."

Alice scurried after the mortician, frantic to catch up as she stumbled clumsily.

"Stay in here for the time being, okay? You're not to leave this room unless I get you for today." He stated.

But Alice seemed off in her own Wonderland as her eyes sparkled. "Ah! I get this room all to myself!?" She asked amazed as she ran into her room and looked at it while circling a bit. "No one to share it with!?"

"That is correct." Julius confirmed shortly, "This was after all your old room." He muttered.

"But where will Julius sleep?"Alice wondered aloud, before he could start, Alice continued, "You can sleep with me if you want!"

As soon as those words escaped her mouth Julius was already out the door.


Alice slept soundlessly on her bed as a faceless doctor continued inspecting her while Julius stood watching over the two of them from a distance.

"A temporary case of amnesia, her head seems pretty damaged." The doctor declared after he ceased probing at her head. He returned his attention to clipboard within his hand while he began scratching a few words off on it.

The blue haired mortician's lips scowled dully, "Amnesia? Is that really the proper name for it? She believes she's five years old." Julius said with irritation lining his tone.

The doctor nodded, not at all fazed by his attitude, "The cause of that is because whatever she was doing right before her brain was injured was something that triggered her five year old mentality. So for about two to seven days until the part of the brain that was hurt becomes healed once more, this young lady will be as she is now."

"I suppose it can't be helped." Julius grumbled walking out the room with a chilling aura following him.


That was fun to write :D Hope you all liked it as well. I'll update when I can.