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Chapter 15: Coma and Confusion! They rhyme!

Alice moaned as she reluctantly opened her heavy eyelids. White light that she didn't find enjoyed flooded through. It gave her a bigger headache than what she already had going on. With a moan she attempted to shield her face with the covers that she had over her, but the second she attempted to move her arms a sharp pain executed in her stomach. "Ugh…" She groaned out while rising up though it only resulted in giving her stomach more pain.

Her eyes scanned over the room tiredly still attempting to function what was going on.


Of course, the very first thing she had to hear was the rabbit's voice…

Peter practically jumped on the bed in order to encase the still drowsy female in an embrace.

She grunted while his shouts were in her ear on her wellbeing and she could only only endure his close proximity because of the fact that every time she moved her arms it became sore.

Growling, she gave him a glare, "Get off!"

This shocked the White Rabbit for a second as he pulled away from the hug, "But Alice!" He whined right before her fist collided with his cheek powerfully.

Alice stared down at him dully, "Get away from me!" She then gave a hiss of pain that came from her abrupt action though she tried to conceal it as Peter rose up once more with sullen expression on his face.

"I already told you I don't hate you! I thought you weren't mad anymore?" Peter pouted sadly, "You said you loved me, Alice! I thought I was your Peter-chan!"

The brunette's eyebrow gave a twitch, "My Peter-chan? What are you going on about now?" Rubbing the side of her head she found herself getting more annoyed with his usual tirade, "And I don't love you, how many times must I say that?"

Her words put the White Rabbit at a halt and realization struck his eyes while he looked at her, "How old are you, Alice?"

"I thought you loved me. Shouldn't you know the answer? I'm not a child. I shouldn't go around telling my age for everyone to hear." She deadpanned as Peter watched her continue with a blank expression.

"What am I doing in here anyways? I could have sworn I was just outside picking apples…" She trailed off before she held her head in her hands tiredly.

Peter's ears twitched and his face immediately became alert before he stammered out an answer, "Well, you fell from the tree… And you hit your head… You were… In a coma for a while! Now you just woke up!" He smiled at the girl who frowned.

"A coma? Yikes… How long was I out?"

"Days…" He answered stiffly, his eyes moving away from her gaze.

"Wow… That must have been a nasty fall… Does everyone else know? Ah, whatever, I'll just go now, besides my head I'm fine." Alice stated now getting up and as she removed the covers, she saw a tiny pink whale at the foot of the bed sleeping.

She tilted her head to the side as she looked at the animal that shared her bed, "What is that?"

"Erm… I found it with you when you just fell from the tree." Peter shrugged as Alice went closer to it. The second she poked it, it immediately woke up. Upon seeing Alice it began making squeaking noises and moved closer to her.

Alice blushed, "It's so cute…" It hopped in her arms as she kept it close to her chest.

"That's my spot…" Peter sulked.

"I'll call her, Hana-chan…Since she has a ton of flowers on her head." Alice mumbled to herself as she began walking into the bathroom ignoring Peter while Hana chirped happily.


Boris sat under the tree with a sigh as a breeze blew over.

He couldn't get Alice's words out of his head since they'd last seen each other. She was only five so the words 'I hate you' shouldn't be making him think so seriously. It had to have been the way that she said it that had him so thrown off… When she said it, it wasn't child-like at all; it was almost like the normal Alice had told him off. He couldn't shake off the bothering feelings it left him with.

"What did I do to her…?" He mumbled, "I was nothing but nice and kind… I even took all her abuse!" Frustrated, he simply fell on his back to the grass and looked up at the leaves that moved with the wind, "Women are so confusing." He concluded simply before closing his eyes.

He considered the different things he could do to get back on her good graces.

She liked cute things, so maybe he could let her play with his ears or something similar.

Just as he thought that, the image of Alice and her ice cold glare came back to mind and he had to wince.

"Ugh! How exactly can I please a five year old that hates me!?" Boris cried out right before he heard a squeak.

Blinking, he looked up from where heard the noise.

Alice peeked her head from the other side of the tree looking down at the cat curiously, "Hey Boris." She smiled down at him kindly.

Boris hopped to his feet immediately and Peter White now approached the two, panting about how Alice needed to slow down and wait for him. Alice held Hana-chan in her arms as the Cheshire Cat looked into her eyes determined and without warning Boris enveloped Alice in a hug that she widened her eyes at.

"Alice, I'm so sorry for whatever it is that I did to you! I swear, I didn't mean to do it! To make it up to you, I'll play tag, dress up, anything… You… Want…?" Boris said slowly as he looked at Peter who was signaling for him to stop desperately out of Alice's view due to the hug.

"Huh?" The foreigner questioned confused as Boris pulled back.

"Erm… Don't you remember? Before you slipped into that coma…? I accidently cut off a piece of your hair…?" He tried out while he watched Peter mouthed excuses to him.

Alice narrowed her eyes at him before she gazed down at her hair, "I don't remember that."

"The coma probably suppressed some of your memories." Peter claimed causally while holding onto her shoulders, "Now will you please come back to Castle!? You're still weak!"

Alice ignored the rabbit's cries and looked at Boris, "So, in the time I've been out what's anything exciting happen at the Park?"

"Not really… Without you it was a bit… Overwhelming… But, I'm pretty sure the Old man will be delighted to see you there after so long. How about we go now?" He offered her.

Nodding, Alice turned back to the White Rabbit, "Peter, if you go back to Castle now with Hana-chan, I'll sleep over there tonight." Without another word, the white haired male was already running back with the whale in his arms.


As Alice and Boris entered the Amusement Park everything seemed the same from Alice's memory. Except for the fact that the workers were all dancing, skipping, and singing.

"Ding-Dong the tortures' gone! Which torture? The Boss' torture!" All of them were sync with their dance movements as Boris and Alice walked passed them, though Alice was a bit confused, while Boris looked bored.

Soon they made it to the back of the Park and as Alice continued to follow Boris sobs were heard the farther back they went.

At first Alice figured someone had been shot, but now her teal eyes gazed at Gowland, who was kneeling down on the dirt above a tombstone. However, that wasn't what made her tilt her head in shock.

It was the fact that he was in all black and wearing a widow's veil that made her do a double take.

Gowland sniffled as he wiped his eyes with a tissue, "My precious babies… Why!? Why!?" He sobbed, "Why didn't they take me instead!?"

Alice looked at him afraid and too shocked to go closer.

"Hey, hold on for a second, I wanna be sure to tell the Old Man that you're here, okay?" Boris said putting out a hand to stop Alice from advancing before he continued on up ahead.

With his words Alice found herself becoming a bit more stumped as to how everything strange going on at the park was normal to him…

Boris tapped the older man on the shoulder and began whispering things to him that was out of Alice's reach. The man turned around and under the veil gazed at Alice with a form of relief that made Alice even more confused than she originally was. Boris then said something else to him that was inaudible to the foreigner, and then out of nowhere, Gowland's eyes suddenly turned angry making the girl sweat a bit.

"THAT STUPID BLOOD DUPRE!" His voice shouted nearly blowing her over as Boris ran over to her, "I think I see the twins over there!"

Sure enough the two solider dressed boys had easily spotted the cat and foreigner, "It's big sis!"

"Hey, guys." Alice greeted them with a slight wave as the two boys sized her up and down suspiciously.

"Are you sure this is the right Alice?" They asked Boris and Alice raised a brow in bemusement.

Blinking, she watched at them, "Right Alice?"

"Yes. This is the right Alice. I mean she just woke up from a coma. So of course she's the right one." Boris stressed the word with a hidden gleam in his eye that the twins nodded at in understanding with wide eyes.

"Yay!" The two Tweedles chirped before rushing to hug her at the same time, "Big sis is really back!"


"Ding-Dong the tortures' gone!" The workers continued as they went on with their dance number again as Alice, Dee, Dum, and Boris all sat under a table with shade.

"We're so happy to have you back, big sis!" The twins smiled at her kindly causing her to blush with a small laugh, "Thanks, it doesn't feel as though I ever left though…"

The three role holders all shared glances that made Alice cock her head to the side.

As a moment of silence passed over them and the faceless' singing appeared to grow louder, Alice cleared her throat, "So, Boris…" She began quietly when the employees came pretty close to their table with their dancing.

The Cheshire Cat stopped biting his cotton candy and looked at her, "Yeah?"

"Erm… Why are the workers singing 'Ding-dong the tortures' gone' in a dance number and everyone here at the park is seeing it as normal?" The foreigner slowly asked when she came to observe that the other faceless attendees at the park were just walking around as though nothing was out of the ordinary.

Boris stopped for a second as though contemplating on an answer before he shrugged his shoulders, "It's because the Old Man won't be playing his instruments anytime soon, I suppose."

Alice nodded, "Yeah, speaking of Gowland… Why was he wearing the widow's veil and crying about his 'precious babies?'"

Immediately after her words the twins gave a bark of laughter and Boris shrugged once more, "No clue. Cotton candy?" He offered as she reluctantly took a piece.

"When big sis was gone, everyone was more edgy than usual." Dee exclaimed taking a sip of juice. Dum nodded, "Now that she's back everything will be calmer."

"Dum… Why does your cheek look a little swollen?" Alice questioned the little boy whose hand flew to his cheek while his gaze trailed to floor as Boris chuckled and Dee flinched. When no one answered, Alice sighed in frustration.

"Aren't those two little boys' employees for the Mad Hatter?" A faceless woman inquired rather loudly as she walked by with her friend.

It was obvious to Alice that everyone at the table heard her but chose not comment, though she herself perked up curiously at what they had to say.

"Yes… Isn't he the one that just came out the closet?" Her friend replied back just as noisily.

The twins and Boris all stifled their laughter while Alice's eyes widened at the news.

After she did so, Gowland made his way to the table, "I apologize for the scene I gave you not too long ago, Alice… But to put us back on a good note, it is nice to see you're back." He stated with a grin her way while he took a seat.

"Thanks… Hey, do you know what's up with people talking about how Blood is… Gay?" She curiously questioned with a hand to her mouth skeptically.

It had to be a rumor… Blood seemed like such a womanizer… There was just no way…

Gowland put a smirk on his face, "Oh, that right. You were in that coma. Well, you see, when you were away a five year old girl witnessed the Gay Hatter attempting to seduce Elliot."

The twins nearly choked on their drinks and Boris gave out a loud laugh.

Alice felt her eyes pop open in shock. "What!?"

"Yes… The poor hare has been looking extremely stressed nowadays. I bet he can't even sleep without his gun close to him." Gowland shook his head in pity as Boris leaned down towards Dum, "Isn't Elliot stressed because of what Alice was doing while she was five and you both were encouraging her?" He whispered to the boy who nodded with a grin.

Alice couldn't even find proper words; the twins did say everyone was stressed, so Elliot being like that made sense… Now, Blood being gay was very possible. She just couldn't help but feel sorry for the five year old Blood probably slaughtered, "That poor little girl!" She frowned, "Ah… I still can't believe Blood is gay!"

Dee grinned as he joined in, "That's nothing! After all, he did molest that five year old."

"HE WHAT!?" Alice screamed, almost falling out her chair in shock.

"Yup, he's one dirty pedo Hatter." Dum nodded.

"Such a depraved soul." Gowland sighed.

"He has my prayers." Boris stated.

It all made sense even if she didn't want to believe it. She wasn't homophobic by any chance and she accepted him as he was, though she couldn't help but be surprised at the fact he was batting for the other team. Elliot she felt bad for… He probably felt uncomfortable with Blood's advances, poor him.

Sighing, Alice put her hands on her lap, "This is going to give me some dirty thoughts for a while."


"That was pretty fun! You should come to the mansion now, big sis!" The twins exclaimed as dusk began, they all had walked to the Park exit after the four of them spent a majority of their day on rides.

Alice found herself sweating a bit.

All day she'd been trying to keep herself from having dirty thoughts involving Elliot and Blood. It'd be so awkward to look him the eye after she already came up with a scenario of him seducing Elliot in mind.

"Erm, sorry guys, maybe another time?" She smiled softly causing them to frown, "Aw! Come on, just for a little while so Boss and the newbie hare know your okay!"

Alice couldn't fight back as they began dragging her away.

"Well, you know the Amusement Park is open for you at anytime." Boris winked at her and she nodded, "Bye, Boris." She said as she was pulled away.


"Big sis is back!" The twins announced after they entered the mansion.

Blood, who just so happened to be walking by stopped and turned towards them.

Everyone was silent for a moment. The twins were nervously looking at Blood while he was staring at Alice intently as the girl kept her gaze at the floor firmly.

"Hi, Blood…" She murmured lowly, trying her best to free her mind of Blood and Elliot doing things with another out of her head.

"Leave us." Blood ordered suddenly. His voice rang through Alice's head shocked as she watched the twins walk away and even without gazing at the Hatter; she could still feel his penetrating stare on her being.

It gave her chills.

Dum looked at his twin, "Think we should have told him she's back to normal?"

Dee shook his head, "Nah. He'll find out on his own." Both nodded at each other before running off to their room.

Gulping, Alice turned her head towards Blood; her heart skipped a beat when she saw the stern expression he held on her.

"I'm still waiting for my apology." He told her while walking closer and Alice sucked in a quick breath as she looked up at him.

An apology for what?

She didn't remember doing anything wrong to him.

"Apology? What did I do to you?" The brunette arched a brow his way.

Blood glared at her, "I'm a heartless idiot remember? I wouldn't know."

"Heartless idiot…?" Alice repeated, clearly not understanding.

"Alice! I'm so happy to see you're back to normal!" Elliot's voice called out, this snapped the two away from each other.

Blood grunted, obviously knowing what he meant and he took a step back from the bewildered girl.

Alice smiled at the Hare as he approached, "Normal? It was only a coma."

"I guess you're right. But we missed you so much!" He blushed while rubbing the back of his head.

The moment she saw his blush, the thoughts of Blood seducing him came straight to her mind. Her eyes flew to the Hatter who was looking at Elliot in a way that could make anyone uncomfortable. Slowly, her face turned red and hot as bad thoughts appeared in her head. "Erm… I… Uh… Bye guys! I promised to be… Somewhere else right about now!" Alice stammered out before she ran to the exit ignoring Blood's bored gaze and Elliot's confused one.


She supposed it was more concerning to see Blood as a pedophile than gay, but she couldn't help but keep her thoughts on the later. It was weird to think of him as gay when he pushed himself onto her so many times…

Unless that had all been a cover?

Sighing, she tried to shift her thoughts as she walked inside of the Clock Tower.

She still didn't know what he meant when he called himself a heartless idiot… She honestly couldn't remember anything related to that.

Right then she opened the door to Julius' office and her eyes instantly widened as she came to the sight of Peter and Ace at the verge of shooting at each other while Julius screamed at them to stop.

The second they noticed Alice step in, as if by magic they both hid their weapons.

Peter leapt forward to give Alice a hug and for some reason the girl felt compelled to allow him the hug for once. It made her want to bite her own head off… But it was an instinctive reaction on her part.

"Oh, Alice! I came here so you can spend the night at the Castle like you said!" Peter exclaimed as he rubbed his face into her neck.

Alice blankly watched at him, "Don't push your luck. Get off."

With a pout he obeyed as Julius cleared his throat, "So I see you're back."

Alice smiled at him, "Yeah, it feels good, I guess. But for some reason, I don't think I ever left."

"That's because you didn't!" Ace pitched in causing the other two role holders to look at him harshly, "Technically, you were still here."

Alice nodded slowly, not fully understanding before she turned back to the blue haired mortician, "Must have been pretty wild without me around, huh? I bet you threw a house party and everything." Alice teased Julius as she poked him in the arm.

"It certainly was less peaceful…" Julius murmured before he fixed his jacket with a light blush on his face. The look on the Clock Master's face immediately reminded the Knight of something,

"By the way… Am I still invited to the wedding?" Ace questioned Alice who raised a brow, "What wedding?"

"The one you talked about in your coma! You said you and Julius were getting married!" The brunet grinned at the pair when both Alice and Julius turned red and awkwardly shuffled apart from each other without looking at one another.

Peter glared at Ace. "Shut up." He sneered.

The Knight went on, "You also said I could be best man."

Julius coughed stiffly, signaling him to stop.

Ace snapped his fingers, "And then you went looking for my pink snake!"

Alice's face turned into that of horror as she looked at the smiling knight, "W-what?" She asked afraid. Julius bit back a growl and Peter's hand remained on his clock that was at his side.

"Hm… Do you want to look for my pink snake again?" He questioned her with a smirk before Peter began shooting at him.

"Die!" The White Rabbit seethed.

Alice held her face a heavy blush still on it, "I DID WHAT!?"

The Clock Master slid a palm on his face as the gunshots, shouting, laughter, and taunts continued on.


Alice sighed as she as lead down the Castle halls with Peter. Why she had agreed sleepover was something that still rattled in her head in a questioning notion.

"Okay, to be clear, I'm sleeping alone with Hana-chan tonight, so don't even ask." Alice bluntly stated with a raised hand in his direction and he dropped his ears in response, "I miss her already…" He murmured.

The foreigner scowled as she opened the door to her room, "Who are you even talking about?" Though the sentence was left mostly to herself, "God, everyone's been so secretive today."

"Please Alice! At least let—"

"No." She responded as she walked over to Hana-chan that was already awaiting her on the bed.

She began squeaking the second she saw Alice. Smiling at the cute animal Alice, put her on her lap.

Peter immediately pouted before he transformed into his rabbit form as Alice sat down on her bed. "Please?" Peter repeated looking up at her with his big red eyes. Alice blushed before nodding in defeat.

After sometime, Alice lay in the middle of the bed, with Peter sitting at the right and Hana-chan already asleep to her left.

"Everyone was acting extra weird today for some reason." Alice accidently blurted out sleepily.

"Is that so?" Peter replied while looking off to the side.

Alice nodded, "Like they were hiding something from me… Even you…"

"Whatever it is that I'm hiding, I promise you don't have to worry about it." Peter smiled at her causing her to sigh, "I guess. But I'm still confused…"

"It's the coma! You're just a little thrown back." He reassured.

Alice closed her eyes with a yawn, "A little? Maybe a bit more…" With that she fell asleep.


"So… Did you have a good day, Alice?" Nightmare asked her, a grin cracked out on his face while he floated above her.

Alice sighed while crossing her arms, "I guess…"

Nightmare let a chuckle escape him, "You sure don't sound sure. What's wrong?"

"Everything. Everything's wrong." She deadpanned causing him to smile nervously.

"I see…"

Alice glared up at him, "You know perfectly well… It's like something strange happened when I was in my coma."

"Something strange? We are in Wonderland." Nightmare answered as Alice rolled her eyes, "No… Something stranger... Everyone was on edge, Blood being gay, Gowland's instruments destroyed, Ace… is more perverted than usual… It all doesn't make sense!"

"If you weren't in the coma it'd make more sense." He teased, "But if they tell you to not worry, why do so? Don't you trust them?"

Alice huffed, "So if I tell you don't worry, going to the hospital won't hurt, will you trust me?"

Nightmare paled as he floated away from Alice a couple of inches. "Those are two totally different things…"

"Not really. Now shut up before I make you go." She threatened him as he made a whining noise, "You're such a bully! I liked you better when you were five!" As soon as that sentence escaped his mouth, he covered it nervously.

Alice cocked her head to the side, not sure if she heard him right, "Come again?"

"Oh, it looks like Peter White is calling me. See you next time, Alice!" Nightmare anxiously said as he began disappearing.

"Hey! Come back! What did you say!? Nightmare!" Alice flailed her arms as Nightmare winked at her, "Sweet dreams, Ali."

Alice felt her heart skip a beat at the nickname was used to in her childhood. She hadn't been called that since she was like six or so. But for some reason unknown to her, a warm blush spread on her face as Nightmare finally vanished, his echoing laughter still in the atmosphere as a small smile creeped itself on her lips. Maybe that was just something a child should worry about… It is nothing but a childhood wonder to her after all.





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