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Not A King?

Chapter 1- Please go find my son…

"I'll name him Fredward," Marissa said smiling up at the nurse. "…after his father's grandfather."

"Welcome to the world little Fredward Benson," the nurse said, as she took her from his mother. "Now Ms Benson, I urge you to get some rest now-you'll see little Fredward when you wake up."

Marissa took a glance at her new born son and sighed as she slowly closed her eyes drifting into sleep.


"So brother we meet again for the last time," said a tall, rich looking man.

"I wouldn't say that Harold," Prince Phillip said, with a challenging look.

"Phillip, Phillip, Phillip," Prince Harold said in a 'tsk tsk' sort of way and then gave a hollow chuckle. "You have a wife and son who both need you. Back out now so I don't have to bear with the guilty pain of torturing them with your loss."

"They know my duties to this country and the people," sneered Phillip and the two men started circling each other like lions dominating their pride.

"You left them to suffer," hissed Harold. "I was the one who helped them through the famine…"

"Yes, you helped them die of starvation," Phillip said, his tone icy.

"So there were some deaths," Harold said casually waving his hands as if shooing a fly. "At least I was here while you were, God knows where."

"Seattle," Phillip said, angry. "It's a beautiful place which I hope to return to someday, once I have straightened out this whole thing."

"You don't seem to understand brother," Harold said, now with an evil smile plastered across his menacing face. "I'm going to kill you…"

"You're my brother," Phillip said shocked and backed into a hoard of guards who grabbed him, he struggled.

"Oh I know that," Harold said, walking towards the terrified man. "Don't worry, I'll make it as slow and painful as I possibly can for you, Phillip. Take him to the dungeons and leave him there to starve."

"What is it with you and killing people using starvation?" the struggling brother demanded as he was being hauled away.

"What is it with you and wanting to take over the throne?" replied the evil Harold with a small wave as if dismissing him.


"Phillip, your highness," a voice said in the darkness.

Phillip thought he had reached the peak of insanity, as he noticed the face of an old but much younger friend.

"Quentin," Phillip said, wincing because his hands were in chains. They rattled slightly as he craned to see the boy. "What are doing here?"

"Rescuing my friend," said Quentin, grinning in spite of the horrendous situation they were in.

"Impossible," the older man said and hung his head.

"There must be something I can do… anything…" Quentin said but his voice was shaky.

The prince thought for a moment and then remembered his wife who had been pregnant at the time of his leaving. He needed to tell her he loved her dearly, and always had, that he was sorry for leaving her in such a hurry, and before the birth of his one and only child. Marissa had written him a letter explaining that his child, Fredward-named after his (Phillip's) grandfather much to his delight. It had been sixteen years since that letter. He needed to see his son. Hold him close like any ordinary father would do, his son. He thought and gave a small smile until his thoughts snapped and his eyes lit up suddenly.

"What is it Phillip?" asked Quentin, looking worried for the man.

"My son," Phillip said quickly. "I need you to go to Seattle and find my wife and my son…"

"But Seattle is…" Quentin started but saw the pleading in his dear friend's eyes. "Okay, but what do I tell them?"

"Tell them I love them both and wish I could be there," Phillip said, feeling the tears stinging in the corners of his eyes.

"Yes your highness," Quentin said.

"You need to bring Fredward, my son, back with you," the prince said slowly. "I'm not going to make it, no matter how strong I may be… he needs to protect my, our people against my brother's evil plans…"

"So, you want your son to avenge you?" asked Quentin slowly and saw Phillip nod with a solemn look.

"It's the only way to save my kingdom," Phillip said, softly. He was already getting weak after one day of no food or water, there wasn't much time left.


Fredward Benson woke up with a start, he had had the weirdest dream about his father, being held prisoner. He shook the thought out of his head while he got out of bed, got dressed and headed into the kitchen where his mother was sipping her morning coffee. She was against drinking caffeine in the morning so she always drank decaf.

"Morning mom," he said and made his way over to the toaster and popped two slices of bread in it.

"Son," his mother started, and looked a little nervous.

"What is it mom, you gonna start dating again? Coz, I told you I'm ok with it now…"

"No it's nothing like that," Marissa said wringing her hands now. "We're having a friend of your father's coming to stay with us for the week."

"Why his friend? Why not him?" he demanded looking frustrated.

"Well, that's probably something this friend of his could tell you," his mother said quickly.

Fredward looked down at his watch, and found out he wasn't wearing one but all the same, he shoved the two slices in his mouth and headed for the door.

"Fredward Benson!" called Marissa in a shocked tone. "Let me cut those slices of toast into soilders for you!"

"Mom, it's fine!" he yelled back and slammed the door behind him.

"S'up Fredweird," a familiar voice startled him.

"Oh it's you," he said to a girl with amazing blue eyes and golden like hair.

This is the reason he had fallen in love with her. That and her ability to just say what was on her mind, very talented, and under the aggressive and obnoxious exterior there was a caring and nurturing soul inside just waiting to be revealed-he knew it. Sam was a complex individual and their relationship was one of friends mixed with love and hate. It always depended on the mood she was in, today it seemed like it was a 'love' type of day. She reached up on her 'tip toes' and pecked Fredward on the cheek which made his heart flutter.

"I saw that Sam!" Carly said, exiting her apartment and shutting the door.

"You didn't see anything Carls," Sam said poking her tongue out at her giggling best friend.

"Hey Freddie," she said turning to Fredward. "You guys ready for another day at school?"

"A wasted day if you ask me," Sam said under her breath. Fredward chuckled and walked with his two best friends towards the elevator.


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