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"Goodbye, gentlemen. I can honestly say we're sorry to see you go." We were preparing to leave, at last, for home, and Jack and Conner had come to see us off. "Thank you, Doctor." He turned to me. "I've never been sown up so nicely." He grinned, then addressed my friend. "Thank you, Holmes."

My friend nodded absently, and Jack moved on to Gregson. "Watch out for the Inspector, or he'll have his arm open again in no time."

Gregson laughed. "Don't I know it." Lestrade rolled his eyes.

"Make sure you tell his wife he was injured." Jack added, receiving a glare from his father.

Jack merely grinned. "Give the woman my love." He said to the Inspector. Lestrade nodded, and that was it.

The Inspector turned to Conner and warned him not to let Jack get himself killed.

"I'll try." Conner promised, this time it was Jack who rolled his eyes. "It's been…an honor to meet you, sirs."

The two detectives turned to leave us. Jack hesitated, and turned. "Holmes?" He said lightly, coming back to stand before my friend.

Lightning quick Jack threw a punch, and it connected solidly with Holmes' jaw. Holmes staggered back, and Jack grinned. "Brilliant idea having Lestrade pretend to be me." He said. "But it nearly cost him his life. I owed you for that."

"Of course." Holmes mumbled, rubbing his jaw.

"Bon voyage, gentlemen." Jack said to us, and turned away once more. He quickly disappeared into the crowd, Conner not far behind.

"Pay up." Lestrade said. "I told you he wouldn't let that go."

Gregson grumbled and reached into his pocket. "I'll be glad to be home, I'll tell you that much." He said as we boarded the ship.

Indeed, it would be good to return home to London.

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