I'm BACK! Yes, angel-feather-keeper is back with yet another Peter Pan poem! Yay! But, this is a dark poem, and it contains suicide. Oh nos! Well, here you are!

Alone and Forgotten

I look down at the sharpened spear,

And let out a long sigh,

I'd thought of this for a long while,

I couldn't even cry.

My one beloved had left me,

And decided to learn and grow.

Didn't she see the tears I shed,

Didn't my feelings show?

I wanted to be together,

I wanted to be free,

I wish she would of stopped to think,

How happy she was with me.

But nothing can change what happened,

No one could heal my heart,

So I took the spear in my right hand,

And cut my sadness apart.

I smiled as the crimson blood,

Flooded down my wrist.

There was nothing to mask it,

I truly wanted this.

I wouldn't be with Wendy,

Who stole what love I had.

I would be forever blissful,

Enjoy the good and bad.

I felt my eyes close slightly,

Life leaving my being.

I passed with a happy smile,

I was finally free.

That was REALLY depressing. I hope I didn't make any peter fangirls/boys cry with my gothicness. You see, as a Goth, this was natural, but sorrowful for the easily saddened. Review!