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Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are in their sixth year at Hogwarts. Mistofelees, Victoria, and Jemima are sixteen, the same age as the Hogwarts students.

I am a supporter of Hermoine/Harry, so this is before Ron and Hermoine kissed or anything, and Ron and Hermoine have no *special* interests in eachother. It is really Hermoine and Harry who have hidden feelings, but only Ron knows that.


"Hey Ron, where's Hermione? She was supposed to be here five minutes ago!" Harry said. Ron and Harry were in the common room, waiting for Hermoine so they could go to Hogsmead together.

"Don't ask me, Harry, she's probably reading or something," Ron said. Honestly, he didn't see why Harry just proposed right there and then, it was way too obvious.

"Maybe we should go without her..." but Harry was interrupted.

"RON! HARRY!" they heard a familiar voice shout. Hermoine was running into the common room, panting.

"What's wrong, Hermoine? Why were you late?" Ron said arily.


The boys looked at eachother. Cats? Had Hermoine gone nuts???

"Have you ever seen the musical called CATS?" she said, catching her breath.

"Er...no, I haven't..." Harry said, bewildered, but a gleam in his eyes.

"Well, CATS is a play created by Andrew Lloyd Weber, which is based off of poetry by T.S. Elliot. Jellicle cats are cats that have human forms, it is to believe, and Muggles think they are a myth. Well, since we are wizards, we know that the Jellicle tribe is very real. They are a very fascinating tribe, and I've learned about each and every one of them," Hermoine exictedly said.

"Okay, um, but what does that have anything to do why you are late?" Ron said.

Hermoine smiled. There is a rumor that a Jellicle was seen roaming around in the dark forest. Someone said the cat looked male, a tabby that was silver and black. According to the stories I've read, this cat they saw was probably Munkustrap..."

"Hermoine as fascinating as this sounds, we have to get to Hogsmead before McGonagall decides to leave without us..." Ron cautioned.

"Okay, I'll tell you when we get to The Three Broomsticks, I'll tell you all about it!"

They just rolled our eyes and followed the students who were jsut leaving. On the way to the bar, they saw Fred and George.

"'Ey, mates! 'Ow school?" Fred or George (Only Ron knew which) asked.

"Like you care!" Ron muttered.

As the duo walked to the bar, Hermoine was drabbling about the video version and how it was the best version of it ever.

"And the actors! Oh, the actors! There's John Mills as Gus the Theater Cat, John Partridge as The Rum Tum Tugger, and Elaine Page as Grizabella, she has a wonderful voice! There's also-" Hermoine drabbled.

"I thought you liked reading better than watching TV," Harry said, after taking of the butterbeer that he had ordered.

"Harry," Hermoine sighed exasperately. "This isn't TV. This is a movie, a masterpiece, a play, not TV!"

Suddenly there was a rap on the glass right in front of them. There, with her nose pressed against the glass, was Miranda McGonagal. She beckoned them to come.

The three got up, not knowing what was in store for them.

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