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"The Jellicles are planning to attack very soon, master," Reja stated.

Macavity smiled (though, one could really simply not call it a smile; it was more of an evil time-to-kill-innocent-cats grin.)

"Very good, my dear. Do you have any other information?"

Reja internally shuddered. She hated Macavity, hated Voldemort. But she was bound in slavery to Macavity until he died. She could not wait until she could get away from the bastard.

"There are about 20 wizards who will be joining them. They are from some organization. It was the Order of the… Peacock?" Reja had forgotten what the hench cat had told her.

"I do believe it is the Order of the Phoenix, Reja. You are excused," said a raspy, yet creepily (A/N: Is that a proper word?) authoritative voice.

Reja looked back at the deformed human. "Yes, sir," she said quickly.

Macavity looked cross. "I was speaking to her!" he snarled.

Voldemort gazed out the window of Macavity's tower. "And I excused her. I needed to speak with you," he drawled, almost as if he were indifferent towards his ally's mood.

"And what is that?" Macavity demanded. He hated feeling like the weak link; like the one who really wasn't in control, following the footsteps of the other.

"I have to kill you," Voldemort stated, as if he were commenting on the time of day, or the weather.

"Wh-what?" Macavity sputtered.

"I have to kill you," Voldemort repeated, this time being more assertive with his words.

"Why? After all that I've sacrificed for you? All the opportunities I opened up for you?" Macavity exclaimed, almost desperately. He truly and sincerely did NOT want to die at the moment.

"Oh, please stop with the drama. This is starting to sound like a lover's quarrel," Voldemort said airily. He really couldn't give a damn about the cat in front of him, so why should he be in his holy presence?

"Lord, please-"

"Avada Kedavra," Voldemort said, smiling. He felt accomplished when he saw the limp body lying on the floor. He discarded the body by blowing it up into smithereens, ("There really is no use to keep him around, anyway. He'll rot.)

Now it was time to kill all of those dreadful half-beings and traitors coming to attack him. Those fools had no clue what they had gotten themselves into.

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