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The Date


Isn't it beyond funny that a twenty three year old woman, whose been on countless dates with older, more experienced, richer, and hotter guys, would get the most severe case of nerves in the history of nerves about a date with a nineteen year old? I don't think it is, but my friends think otherwise. In fact, they were laughing their asses off for fifteen damn minutes when I told them! Rose, Alice and I have been friends since middle school. We met in the most conventional way. There was only one table left in the cafeteria that wasn't full, and the three of us ran for it all getting there at the same time. We sized each other up, checking out strengths, weaknesses, and personalities just from that one sweeping look. We all sat down, and we all started to eat as if nothing was amiss. I hate to say we've been inseparable since then.

Alice is ubber short and pixie like with short black hair that sticks out in all directions. Her elfish face is always joyous with some new fact of life, and her personality could light a dungeon. I sometimes wonder if she isn't on crack with the sheer energy she puts out. If we hooked cables up to Alice, I swear she could power North America for a few years. She'd be the new clean energy source, they'd call it Human Energy... But I digress, getting back to her personality. She is extremely fashion conscious and is always critiquing everything that Rose and I wear. It doesn't seem to matter that she picked out most of both our wardrobes, and put together most of the outfits we wear. We've learned to just go along with it, or suffer her infinite wrath! Trust me, it's not worth it.

Rose on the other hand is the bitch of the group. A blonde bombshell with big blue eyes, she has the body to pull off all of Alice's fashion picks and do it with style. Just being in a room with her takes your self esteem down a couple notches. It's almost unfair to the rest of the female population for Rosalie Hale to exist, but at least she's not easy to get along with or we'd all be fucked. Rose is a complicated person, loyal to those she cares for, but a complete bitch to anyone else, which makes it hard for her to make new friends despite her looks. She loves kids and wants to take her modeling career to the big time. Highly driven and brutally honest, she's the rock for Alice and me. Whenever something's wrong or someone hurts us, she just holds us and asks, "So who's ass am I kicking babe?". We love her like a sister just like she loves us.

But back to my friends and their laughing asses, I wasn't feeling the sisterly love right now. In fact, I was feeling rather depressed that they weren't taking this seriously by not helping me get over my nerves. No, they were content to laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

"Okay, ENOUGH! I get it!" I shout, "It's funny, so let's stop laughing and help Bella out please!" I huffed out indignantly.

Appraising me as they stilled against the headboard. They finally stopped laughing and rolling around on my bed like deranged people.

"I'll deal with clothes." Alice chirped cheerily.

"And I'll do her hair." Rose said while she looked at said hair in it's frizzy mess from me running my fingers through it.

"And we'll both do her makeup." They said together.

When I had asked for help, this was not what I meant. Makeovers were a most dreaded torture that both my friends love to inflict on me at any opportunity. I backed away from them slowly as they got ready to pounce.

"Guys, no really, I can pick my own outfit and the other stuff! You don't have to.." I said frantically before being cut off with an oomph, as I was pressed into the floor. Suddenly, I was hauled bodily into the bathroom where Alice stripped me down while Rose got the shower ready. They shoved my naked form in while grabbing my strawberries and cream shampoo set and body wash.

You see, I had a thing for scents. I liked to wear a different scent for a week by using shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and perfume in that scent. I had warm vanilla sugar, strawberries and cream, sweet pea, cinnamon bun, and green tea with white gardenia and ginger. I used the scents to correlate with my moods. So when Rose and Alice picked the strawberries and cream set, I was happy because that is what I'd been wearing all week. If they had changed it, I would have just felt off for the whole night.

Handing me the stuff they closed the curtain and told me I had 20 minutes before consequences would be enacted. I quickly washed and conditioned my hair, leaving the conditioner in while shaving and washing my body. Finally rinsing off everything, I stepped out and grabbed one of my fluffy white towels. I still had five minutes left before the deadline, so I used that time to brush, floss, and use mouthwash. When I was done, I stepped back into my room to find my friends waiting for me. Clothes were laid out on the bed, with my lotion and perfume sitting next to them. Alice went into my living room while Rose went back into the bathroom to set up the stuff to do my hair. Since neither of them said anything I turned my attention to the clothes sitting on the bed. There was another set of dark blue lacy underwear with matching bra, also a little silk black dress with spaghetti straps. I threw the towel to the aside, and pulled on the lacy boy shorts. I rubbed on some lotion, then put on the bra and dress. I dabbed the perfume on all my pulse points, then sprayed some in the air as I walked through it. I went to the full length mirror to check myself, trying to be objective.

The dress was a midnight black and went to mid thigh with little ridges going horizontally all the way down. The neckline was cut to reveal just enough to make one hunger for more. The straps emphasized my collar bones and the creaminess of my skin. Plain brown eyes stared back at me with my damp brown hair hung around my oval face. I looked okay now, but I knew I would be stunning when Rose and Alice got through with me. On that note, I turned from my reflection and stepped into the bathroom to face my doom.



Getting ready for my date with Bella was hell. I couldn't decide what to wear and I was really nervous about what seeing her again would be like. My heart told me it would be fine, but my logical mind kept throwing horrible scenario after horrible scenario at me. I finally decided on a green button down shirt over a gray wife beater and some black skinny jeans I had never worn before, but my mother said would look good with the shirt. Yes, I still lived with my mom and dad. They had insisted since I was going to college so close that I continue to live with them. I don't think Esme ever wants me to leave. Esme Cullen is my mother. Beautiful and talented, she works as an interior designer at her own firm. She didn't start working until Emmett and I were a teenagers so she could stay home and take care of us, but now that she's started up again, she's a hit.

My father is Carlisle Cullen; Doctor Extraordinaire! He is the best surgeon in the Olympic Peninsula and proud of it. Though modest and kind, he was the stern father figure to Esme's pure mother hen. They balanced it out well and in the end I had two extremely loving parents who both weren't quite ready for me to leave the nest, or mansion as I should say. To say we were well off would be an understatement; with both parents rolling in the dough, not to mention dad's old family money, and all the investments we had. We could probably never work a day in our lives and my grandkids would be able to live comfortably. Although that never meant Emmett and I were spoiled. Far from it, and dad made sure we worked for everything we got. Thinking about my parents made me wonder what they would think of Bella, and suddenly the nerves were back.

I quickly walked over to the nightstand and put on the Rolex I'd gotten for my birthday. Looking at it apprehensively, it was almost time to go and pick up Bella. I looked around the room to see if I'd missed anything. I took in the soft golden color surrounding me and was calmed slightly. My favorite color had always been gold, although now it seemed to be changing to a sensual chocolate brown. The walls were a bold golden yellow with black velvet curtains around all the windows and the door to the balcony. The carpet was a soft beige that complimented the dark mahogany of the bedposts, dresser, desk, bookcase, and nightstands. One entire wall was filled with a bookcases that contained mostly music, but also a few books. A high tech stereo sat in one corner next to my desk that housed a laptop. My dresser had a few photos of friends and family over which hung a flat screen with a PS3 hooked up to it on the floor. There was a walk-in closet with mirrored doors next to an en suite bathroom. All in all, I loved my room.

Looking at the watch again, I walked out of the room, into the hallway and down the stairs in two seconds flat. Quickly deciding to go for sexy and flashy, I took the keys for my baby off the key ring and headed for the garage. No one was home right now except for me. Mom and Dad were having a date night and Emmett was at a practice for his college football team till nine. Opening the garage door, I went to the back corner and removed the tarp from my baby. A black Audi R8 I had gotten for my seventeenth birthday. I'd driven only her once since. I loved her like a child and didn't want anything to happen to her, so I only took her out for special occasions. Impressing Bella was one such occasion. Part of me was squirming and uncomfortable with the fact that after only one meeting I already cared so much about what she thought about me. The other part was begging for more intimate encounters with her, and yet still another part was nervous as hell and totally confused about all my feelings.

Ignoring the inner monologue, I got into my baby and started her enjoying the low purr. Hitting the garage opener, I pulled out, and drove down our road. I didn't know what the night might bring, but I hoped everything went well.


General pov

Looking in the bathroom mirror, Bella had to admit that Rose and Alice were geniuses. She looked gorgeous. Rosy red lips, smoky eyes that seemed to smolder, and warm mahogany hair that curled softly down her back completed the look.

"Walah! You are se magnifique!", Rose toted gleefully.

"Yes, yes, I admit you guys are amazing. This is impressive.", Bella replied.

Alice giggled as she looked at the clock in the bedroom. "And just in time to get picked up! I can't wait to see the guy who's got you so in nerves. Especially a younger guy!" She tittered excitedly.

"Oh no!" Bella warned, getting up from her seat on the stool they had brought in from the kitchen. "You are not meeting him yet! You'll scare him off! He seemed nervous when he called and you guys are bad enough on the confident guys!"

"Fine." Rose placated an anxious Bella. "Alice and I will just look through the window!"

The doorbell rung and Alice and Rose ran to the bedroom window which overlooked the front yard. Bella got up to answer it grumbling about annoying peeping girlfriends. All Alice and Rose could see was Edward's profile, but from what they could see the young man was gorgeous. They pressed their faces closer to the glass as Bella open the door.

Edward was standing on the porch of Bella's apartment waiting for her to answer the door and thinking about what he would say when she opened the door. His Audi was fast so he stopped by a store and got her some Calla Lilies. He was still thinking on what to say when the door opened and his mind was wiped of all thoughts by the most beautiful being in existence. Bella was standing in the doorway framed by the low light of the hall light. She looked like an angel and Edward had a moment of awe before he shook himself out of his stupor to see Bella's confused face.

Hitting himself mentally Edward struggled to say something poetic and came out with, "Wow."

Bella's breathing hitched slightly. The quiet awe filled 'wow' was more than any cheesy compliment she had ever gotten. In fact she had this urge to say the same. Edward looked positively delicious and she could feel her body heat up under his eyes, which was confusing. Her libido had never been particularly active and she had just had sex four days ago. Hot, amazing, mind-blowing sex, and that should have kept her sated, but it suddenly wasn't enough. Shaking off the strange thoughts, deciding to just go with it she smiled at the gorgeous man on her porch and finally noticed what was in his hand.

"Ooooh! Are those for me?" She asked.

Edward finally seemed to get it together, because he offered her the flowers while sheepishly rubbing his neck. "Yes, I didn't know what kind you liked so I picked the ones that most reminded me of you." He blushed and looked at the ground.

Bella giggled, he looked up, shocked at her reaction. "Well then you're in luck, because Lilies are my favorite flower. How did they remind you of me?" She asked, beckoning him into the hallway and then the kitchen where she pulled out a tall vase from an overhead cabinet before filling it with water and placing the flowers inside.

"Well.." Edward stuttered, not expecting her to ask that question, he slowly answered "They are beautiful, but strong. It is very hard to break the stem of a Lily. They also somehow look pure, not innocent so much," He said when he saw the look on Bella's face, "but peaceful and calm." Edward just stopped talking after that, afraid he would insult her or say something stupid.

Bella was flattered. She had always loved Lilies, ever since she was a kid. They just seemed so beautiful, so enduring. They were like hope. "Thank you."

Edward nodded, embarrassed. Jesus he was corny. Spouting off poetry like some modern day Romeo. Shaking himself of the thoughts going round in his head, he looked down at his watch. It was almost time to go. "Hey Bella, I placed reservations for us at this nice little Mexican place for six. The movie starts at 7:30, so we should probably get going." Sheepishly looking up at her, she had a blank face as if she had forgotten they had somewhere to go.

Meanwhile Rose and Alice were behind Bella's bedroom door trying to eavesdrop. They were quite successful and approved of this new guy Bella was involved with. Hopefully he'd be good for her.

Bella smiled at Edward and simply said, "Lead on." Following him out the door and into his car. Inside the car, she admired the beautiful leather interior and Edward smirked when he saw her.

"This is my baby." He commented softly, stroking the dashboard lovingly.

"Does she have a name?" Bella asked curiously, looking at him with wide chocolate brown eyes.

Those eyes, he thought. They will be the death of me, or the life. They made him want to kiss her, devour her whole until they were one being. He wanted to protect her, to provide for her and give her anything she wanted. He was pretty sure in that very moment he would have died for her or killed if it was her wish. He made a vow to himself that he would do anything to protect her. Which was silly of course, she was a fully grown woman and could take care of herself. Nonetheless, he would hold to that vow forever no matter if they didn't work out.

He came back to himself a moment later to see Bella's confused face. "I'm sorry, what?" He said, flushing beet red at the thought of zoning out and missing anything she had said.

"I said, does your car have a name?" She asked again.

"No," he replied completely confused, "Why would it?"

She gaped at him. "You always name your car. It's just something you're supposed to do when you get one."

He flushed again, "Oh." He turned from her to look at the car in thought. What would be a good name for his car? It had always just been his baby.

"If it helps, my truck is called 'The Thing'." Bella said.

Edward laughed hard, "That old, dilapidated red truck is yours? The name is fitting!" He laughed harder as Bella glared at him.

"Hey," She said sharply, "Don't knock my truck! It's reliable, and safe!" She huffed and turned from him pouting slightly when he laughed harder.

"Oh God! Reliable! Wooh. That's funny! Ha!" Edward started the car and drove them to the restaurant still chuckling lightly.

When they reached Don Jose's, Edward turned the car off and got out in record time walking to Bella's side opening the door for her. Offering her his hand, helping her out of the low car, he admired her beauty in the low outside light. She still looked like a dark angel. Avenging, divine retribution came to mind when he looked upon her. When they got inside, no one was at the podium so they walked further inside and chose a booth in the corner slightly more secluded than the others and sat down. In seconds a female waitress came over and took their drink orders, setting down a bowl of chips and salsa while she was at it. Bella got a Strawberry Daiquiri while Edward just got some coke seeing as he wasn't old enough to drink yet. Bella snuck him some sips of her drink as they went through the menu together.

"Oooh, that looks gooood!" Bella exclaimed, pointing to a picture of two cheese enchiladas with all the fixings.

"Then get that Bella. You can have whatever you want." He said softly, she blushed at the look in his eyes when he said that. She went back to looking at the menu already knowing she would get the enchiladas.

"Hmmm, I think I'll get the Carne Asada Tacos." Edward said firmly and signaled a waiter. He gave his order and Bella gave hers. The waiter left and they were alone once again. Neither seemed to know what to say to the other and an awkward silence descended. Bella fidgeted and messed with her dress, while Edward fiddled with his silverware. Finally he burst out with, "Oh bloody hell!"

Bella looked at him, part amused and part curious. "Bloody hell?" She asked confused. Edward flushed and took a sip of his coke before answering.

"Ummm yeah," He muttered embarrassed, "My dad's British and my mom's American so I picked up his curses since my mom doesn't curse." He chuckled softly, "All my friends think it's strange."

"I don't think it's strange. It's cool! I've never heard that before." She told him reassuringly. He was about to say something back when their food arrived. Bella took a bite and moaned in pleasure, "God, that is so fattening it's sinful!"

Edward's eyes were fixated on Bella's mouth and as the moan escaped her lips he almost groaned back. He shifted in his seat to relieve the pressure on his erection and simply said, "I don't think you need to be watching your weight. You're beautiful as is."

Bella beamed at him and continued eating, but Edward was too curious about the gorgeous creature in front of him to focus on his food. Organizing all the questions he wanted to ask her in his head, he decided which one he wanted to know first.

"Sooo... I already know where you work, but how did you get into that kind of business?" This was the question he truly wanted to know. Her profession bothered him slightly. The thought of his angel with anyone else turned his stomach and made this ugly feeling rise up in his chest. Jealousy he realized. He was already claiming her in his head. I mean sure, she had agreed to be his girlfriend but that didn't make her his. Not yet.

Bella looked up with a smile and told him about college and how she wanted to become a writer before going into massage. She told him about her whacky professor and his strange teaching methods and the joy it had brought her. When she got to the part about loving her job, her face became a bit sad and she sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than him.

Edward interrupted her mid sentence. "You don't enjoy it anymore, do you?" He asked softly, gently. Bella's face looked startled for a moment before seeming to come to a decision.

"No." She said wearily, her shoulders slumping. "I don't." She let out a sigh and looked down at her plate, her fork playing with her beans and rice.

"Why not? I mean, you sounded like you enjoyed your training?"

"I just, it's just not going the way I thought it would. I was supposed to have my own practice by now, and it's just not fun anymore. It's lost it's meaning to me. No one I help is grateful for it and I feel like a whore sometimes." Bella quickly covered her mouth. She hadn't meant to say that much or to let her eyes water the way they were. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to unload all of that on you." She apologized.

Edward rushed to reassure her, reaching over the tabletop and taking her hand. "No, no! It's okay I swear. I like you confiding in me. I'm sorry that you feel that way about it." He gave her hand a squeeze. "Why didn't you ever write like you wanted?" He asked, trying to change the subject slightly.

Bella looked at him gratefully and told him she never thought she'd get published.

"Do you have anything written?" He asked curiously.

She nodded and said, "Yeah. I have written three novels, but never tried to publish them. It's a series." She smiled at the thought of her books.

Edward smiled mischievously, "May I ask what they're about?"

She smirked back and told him bluntly, "Sex and vampires."

Edward blushed a spluttered for a moment before regaining his composure and saying, though his voice still managed to sound a bit squeaky, "Vampires? Sex and Vampires? Really?"

Bella laughed outright and looked back at him her eyes sparkling, "Yeah, maybe I'll let you read them sometime. Hahaha!"

Edward decide to change the subject again before his erection became even more painful thinking about Bella writing about sex. "So, what do your parents think about your profession and your writings?" He asked desperately.

Bella's face fell for a moment. "Well," she said, "My father never speaks about it and tries to encourage me to write whenever I'm around him. He always says 'Bella, you should quit that job and write. I'd support you sweetheart until you've sold something', but I've always wanted to be independent. My mom thinks it's a phase and doesn't really care otherwise. She's more interested in her new husband." She said rolling her eyes.

"Oh." Was all he could think to say. "No siblings?" He asked after a while.

"Nope!" She replied. "What about you?"

"I have a brother named Emmett. He's huge, but he's more of a big teddy bear." Edward smirked lightly and continued. "As I said before, my father is British. He works at the hospital in Forks as a Cardio Surgeon, he and my mom, Esme, have been in love since the beginning of time." This time he rolled his eyes. "They had Emmett, then after me my mom started an interior design job and now heads the firm."

Bella's mouth gaped for a moment. "Wait, wait, wait." She said shaking her head in disbelief. "Your mom is The Esme Cullen? Greatest interior designer in the history of the United States?"

Edward chuckled briefly, "Yes, that's her, she'd probably blush to hear you say that." Looking down at his watch, he muttered, "Maybe you'll get to meet her sometime. But for now, are you finished with that?" He asked pointing to her half finished plate.

"Oh!" She looked down startled. "Ummm yeah. Yeah I am."

"Okay good, because our movie starts in 10 minutes so we need to leave if we're gonna catch it." He replied.

Bella was to dazed to notice when he got up and paid for their whole meal. Too busy fantasizing about meeting the great Esme Cullen to protest as he pulled her out of the restaurant and into the car. Pretty soon they were driving off to the movie theater, Edward's full plate forgotten.

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